My Superman

You are a huge One Direction fan! You and Louis Tomlinson fall in love. You make a cute couple. <3


1. The Hotell




       You are walking down the street on your way home then all of a sudden there is a huge mob of people crowding next to you. "Whats going on over there" You think to your self, All of a sudden you feel somebody crash into you. You fall to the ground."owwww!" you grown, you hear a sum what familiar voice "Oh my god! Are you ok?" the person asks. You pass out because you hit your head on the fall. You feel yourself being carried. Someone is speaking to you softly, "please wake up! Please wake up! Please wake up!" they say. Another voice cuts in, "nice job Louis! You made a girl passout!" the voice says. Then a third voice, "wouldn't be the first time!" they say. You are frantically searching your mind to find out where you know these people. You begin to open your eyes but you feel yourself being pulled into a car or van. You open your eyes to find that the five boys of One Direction are all sitting in the van with you. You notice instantly that your head is resting on Louis's lap. You hear Louis "Hey babe!" he shouts, You can't help but smile and blush. "Louis Tomlinson?" You ask trying your best not to fan girl. "the one and only!" Louis replies, "where am I?" you ask, You look around to find that all of the members of One Direction are looking at you and Louis. "what are you staring at us for" You think to yourself. You finally realize that you had changed into a small shirt that showed your belly button and short-shorts for the trip to the water park. "ummm... Ouch." You grown. The pain of your head is killing you. "I have to go" You say "No!" the five boys said almost at the same time. "stay at our hotel for the night? Please? It is the least we can do. I kind of ran into you. Please?" he asks almost pouting "Lou! You don't even know her name yet!" he Harry says. "My name is (Y/N). "beautiful name (Y/N)!" the boys say.

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