My Superman

You are a huge One Direction fan! You and Louis Tomlinson fall in love. You make a cute couple. <3


3. Nandos





Louis looks at Liam. "Liiiaammm!" Louis says "What? I'm Daddy Direction! It's my job!" Liam replies. Liam winks at Louis. "Lets go to nandos." you say. "I agree!" Niall shouts from the other room. "he heard me?" You whisper to Louis. " he always hears you if you say Nandos." Louis replies. Everyone gets in the van to go to Nandos. You head once again on Louis's lap. You arrive at Nandos. "awww! I was getting comfy there!" You say to Louis. You make a puppy dog face. Louis kisses your lips that were pouting. "We have all the time in the world left babe." Louis replies. He winks at you. ;) "awww Lou!" you say. "lets eat!" Niall shouts. You find a table big enough for six.  "Niall, How do you NEVER get sick of Nandos?" Zayn asks. "I don't know Zayn, I just don't know." Niall replies. "are we quoting movies?" Harry asks "Keep the change you filthy animal." Harry says. All the boys laugh.

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