My Superman

You are a huge One Direction fan! You and Louis Tomlinson fall in love. You make a cute couple. <3


2. Louis Bed





"I guess I could stay for ONE night." you say "Yay!" Louis replies over joyed "Where is she going to sleep?" Harry asks, he has a cheeky small smile on his face. He stares at you. "she could sleep in my room, I have two beds." Zayn suggests. You know Zayn is just a friend. Louis gives Zayn the death stare. "never mind, that beds old any way." Zayn adds. "she's sleeping in my room! Yay!" Louis says "awww." Niall thinks. You smile, You can tell Louis likes you. You start to drive to the hotel. "Woah. My head is still on Louis's lap." you think. You look up at Louis's face slowly trying not to disturb him. "(Y/N) sleeping with me! She's sleeping with me! She's sleeping with me!" Louis thinks. He looks down to you in his sexy Louis Tomlinson grin. "Im hungry." You say, Niall smiles at you " You read my mind!!" Niall shouts. " I htink we should eat at home" Liam replies, "other wise known as Nandos!" Niall adds. " I could eat. What about you Lou?" Harry asks. "Im hungry for carrots" Louis says. The boys all try not to laugh. the is an obvious joke but you don't get it right away. "OMG. He said he likes girls with carrots!" You think. You suddenly get the joke. In other words Louis is hungry for you. "Lou!" You shout. "what?" Louis replies "I really do want yo-- Carrots!" he says. He was about to say he wanted you! His face turned red. Harry whistles  and makes a heart shape with his hands. "Awww Lou!" You blush. You all get to the hotel. 

You go into the hotel. Louis guides you to his room. "Umm... Lou?" you ask "Yeah, Love?" he replies "there is only ONE bed..." You say "your point is...?" he asks, He smirks at himself. You smile. "(Y/N)?" Louis asks. "will you go out with me?" he adds. " Oh my god!" You think. "Yes! Of course Lou!" You say. Louis celebrates by picking you up by hour waist and spinning you around. You shreak because your getting dissy. "Lou! Put me down!" You tell Louis. He sets you on the bed. "any time babe." Your faces slowly come closer together. Your lips meet and you kiss. "Louis! Don't go all PG 13 on the first day!" Liam shouts. "Daddy Direction." You think.

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