My weekend with Harry

Seventeen year old Natalie Chambers is looking forward to going to New York to see her all time favorite band one direction. But when she gets lost from her parents at the airport. Natalie meets one of her all time crushes. Together Natalie and Harry try to make it back on time to the concert, but they keep getting lost on the way. An unexpected friendship may soon turn into something more...


1. Lost in LAX


I couldn't believe it, I was finally going to New York, and to see one direction. Tomorrow was going to be the start of the greatest week of my life.I mean this is one direction,they're like the biggest thing since the Beatles. This was going to be epic. It was two o'clock in the morning, finally only four ours til we depart. I'm having trouble deciding on what I need to pack. Luckily my sister was having a bit of confusion as well, so we decided to pack together.

"I can't believe we're going to see one direction.....craziness right?"Iris said I think my sister was even more excited for this than I was.  "Yeah. I know when we get there i'm going to find Niall and marry him." I said with excitement. "Oooooohkaaaaay." my sister laughed. She will see I will one day meet the boys. We continued to go through our clothes. Adding and throwing out clothes. We finally decided on some of our favorite outfits. After tearing apart my closet. I grabbed my medium monogrammed louis vuitton suitcase. It was classic and chic. I threw in colorful jeans, blazers, a few dresses I ordered from forever21,and my favorite prada bag."Hey Natalie I think I hear mom calling" Iris said.  Four hours later packing complete. Everytime when we had to go go the airport we always arrived late. But today we arrived two hours earlier than needed. So while my parents and sister looked around the gift shop. I decided to do a quick skpe with my friend Lily.

I sat off in a far corner and got out my trusty old macbook. I've never really felt the need to upgrade. I logged on and sure enough she was there,sulking. "Hey Lily hows it going?"I asked her. She scoweld a moment before answering. She really wanted to go to the concert but couldn't come, bad grades.  "Nothing much, just hanging with the most beautiful lads in the world." She seemed to chirp when she spoke in an off beat english accent. She was born in Oxford, and moved here to California when she was five. I think she was slowly begining to loose her englishness. I couldn't help but laugh  at the screen because she had some how managed to pile a collection of one direction dolls in her arms. "Gross Lily I love the boys too, but what's with the creepy figurines?"I asked her "Bugger off, these figurines are genuine replicas modeled after the boys likeness. For their fans to adore." she said proudly. "Hey Natalie, I think my mums calling from downstairs. But before you go If you somehow meet one of the boys." she paused for a moment. "Causually take Harry's jacket off his body, proceed to run away and as you are doing so yell my name,number,and tell him of my undying love." Strangely, I could see she was serious and this wasn't a joke. "Will do." I waved goodbye trying to hold back the laughter. "Right O, have a good time and bring me back everything I asked for, later babe!" Lily said. With that and like a flash she was gone. Lily Monroe was one crazy british import. So I decided to go trek out and find my family. I went to see if I could find my dad first. He would more than likely be found in the food court. It was unsually crowded today. So as I got shoved around it took a bit of a moment to get there. I made my way to my dad's favorite pizza place but he wasn't there which is odd. I was starting to think I was left behind. I started searching all over the place, still no one was still to be found.  I looked up and notice that the seven o'clock plane to New York had departed fifteen minutes ago. How could my family forget me. Now i'm stuck at LAX and i'm going to miss the concert. I thought nervously to myself, what could possible happen next? I sat at the nearest table I could find and dialed my mom. I waited more than six minutes,but there was no answer. It was probably on airplane mode. Lost and confused I didn't notice when a strange guy dressed in black sat beside me. I turned slightly to see what he looked like. The guy was was wearing a black hoodie and a pair of black raybans. I could have sworn I have seen those curls before slipping out of that guys hoodie."Excuse me, do you know when the flight leaves for NewYork?" the stranger asked. I've seemed to have had it bad because his deep english voice seemed so familiar. "No sorry, I missed the same flight."I replied The stranger stared off into the distance as I began to spoke.  "Oh that's alright would you like a taco?" he held out two plastic wrapped tacos. Who was this weird person." No thanks big breakfast." I told him. Never would I ever except food from a stranger, and on top of that a stranger in the airport. He took off his sunglasses and that's when I realized who it was. Oh my goodness, it was him......Harry Styles. I couldn't help but stare,like a mindless idiot. "Are you sure you don't want a taco?" he asked with his lovely accent. I couldn't talk at that moment. All I could do was shake my head no. "Oh okay, my name is Harry by the way." Harry said while flashing off his gorgeous smile. I pulled it together long enough to say my name." Hi, i'm Natalie Chambers." I said while reaching out to shake his hand. "Nice to meet you Natalie" he said. He shook my hand like a god. I felt like I was cheating on Nialler,my irish darling. " I'm supposed to be at you guy's concert in two days." I told him. He beamed a brilliant smile my way.  "Yeah so am, I seemed to have lost the lads along the way. Bit of a pickle i'm in now." Harry said sadly. I just shook my head in agreement. To be honest I didn't process one word he said. I just kept admiring his amazing head of hair.  "So we're both kind of lost?" I asked him still in awe of his presence. "Yeah I guess we are new friend." Harry said like he was still trying to process what just happened. We sat in silence for a moment. 

"This is going to sound completly random, but I can I get a picture with you?" I asked him hoping he would say yes. "Sure, anything for a fan." Harry said. We scooted a little closer to each other and I still couldn't believe I was this close to Harry Styles. He grabbed my iphone and snapped the picture. After we took the photo. He starred at the picture for a brief moment. "Your very pretty Natalie." he said still really close to me. I could feel myself starting to blush and I think he noticed it too. " I have a plan." Harry quickly  shouted while waving his hands around. "What?" I asked curiously. "Since we both have to be in NewYork. I can ring for one of simons private jets to come pick us up, but are you up for the adventure Natalie Chambers?" he asked. I shook my head like a crazy person. Harry pulled out his iphone and stepped away for a minute to make a phone call. I couldn't make out anything he was saying. He was talking on the phone for at least ten minutes. "Aparently the lads where looking for me too." he said making his way back. It will be here any minute now til we can get a jet." Harry  said. "That's fine, thank you by the way." I said still not believing this was happening to me. "So tell me where are you from?" he said staring directly into my eyes. Was he trying to kill me? "California" "So your a fan of the band?" harry asked "Yes." I said it so loud it sounded like a scream. "So come on, who do you fancy the most?" he asked me while grinning really big. "Umm well I love everyone but it's Niall." I laughed out nervously like a weirdo.  "Oh, Niall he's a good lad" Harry said with pride. Suddenly Harry's phone started beeping. He reached in pocket and checked his phone."Jets here" he chirped. He stood up and held out my hand. I got up and my hand met his and they locked. We headed towards tunnel that let to the jet. All while we where walking I couldn't help to think that there was more to Harry than meets the eye and I was ready to find out. For a second there I thought he could read minds because he turned around and smiled at me.  

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