Sparks Fly

Georgia Riley is a contestant on talent show "The X Factor" along with boyband, One Direction. Will she resist the charm of fellow contestant and housemate Harry Styles' and risk her place in the competition?

Credits to the original author


9. Chapter 9

In the car on the way to the studios, I sat in silence looking out the window; thinking about this obsessive One Direction fan situation. It was bugging me that just cause Harry pushed me slightly to get into the car, those girls who were asking me for autographs, probably hated me now. I know I shouldn't care about haters, but I can't help it. I take things to heart too much. Even if I don't like to show it. 

I felt a hand gently squeeze my knee; making me snap out of my deep thoughts. Harry raised his eyebrows at my startled response but gave me a caring smile, his green eyes glowing kind warmth overpowering his usual cheeky grins. I smiled back appriciatively and he tucked his fingers into mine; the first kind of gesture he'd shown that wasn't suggestive or flirty, just....sweet. One little move that made me see the other side to Harry for the first time.

We got to the studios and I kept silent, thinking it over in my head. It was only a couple of harsh comments and name calling, but that wasn't what bothered me. It was the possibilities for my place here, you have to be likable to get votes. Somehow i've managed to stay in each week without landing in the bottom two but if crazy girls spread rumours or paps made a story, I was out of here. Half the votes go to either Matt or One Direction; and they are probably all from females. 

I pulled the long strap of my bag over my shoulder and headed up the concrete steps to the doors behind everyone. I felt a hand softly gripped my shoulder, stopping me walking forwards. I turned around and it was Louis. He gave me a small smile.
"I know your worried about those girls, but don't let it get to you" he said. I wanted to take his advice and knew it was the right thing to do but it's not easy to get rid of paranoia once it's there.
"Hm, i'll try!" I replied in a more cheerier tone. Louis gave me a cheesy smile and held the door open for me. I thanked him and we headed down the red carpeted corridors to the main stage. 

Brian Friedman stood in the centre of it, chatting to directors and producers with ear pieces and clipboards. He spotted us heading through the double doors and headed down the steps. Niall threw a bouncy ball down the side of the stage and it rebounded of the wall, flying straight past Brian's face at high speed. He looks shocked and gave Niall a stern look. Niall frowned but smirked also at this; his facial expressions are hilarious.
"Okay everyone!" Brian shouted, clapping his palms together to get our attention "Eyes this way guys, you wanna know what your theme is this week?" he asked in his American accent, putting a hand to his ear as if he couldn't hear us.
"YEH" Liam shouted lazily followed by a few nods and a cheer from Wagner.
"Don't sound too enthuasiastic guys!" Brian said, putting his hands on his hips
"OHMYGOD BRIAN TELL US THE THEME!!" Louis screamed suddenly, making us all jump out our skin; Liam and Niall cracking up in laughter.
"Okay settle down Louis" he said patronisingly "Your theme this week is....Elton John!" - Everyone cheered and some looked alot happier than others. Bellamie squealed excitedly, Mary and Matt had big grins plastered over their faces.
"Ah right, that's more like it" Brian said, watching everyone responses "Now you can try and predict what songs you've all got" he said walking off backstage.
"Aiden your up first today, stage in ten minutes please. You'll be practising choreography before vocals today" a director ordered. Aiden puffed his quiff up with his hand and propped his collar as he prepared to get on stage, making us all laugh.
"Georgia Riley, I want you in the singing room first please" Yvie Burnett said walking past me and pointing her finger to the door.
Since it was Elton John week, I had the song Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word. It took about 2 hours to familarise myself with all the lyrics before I came out.
"Hey what song you got?" Zayn asked as I came back to the main stage room
"Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word, what about you?"
"Something About The Way You Look Tonight" Niall replied. I knew the song but not very well. I assumed Liam would have a long solo and the rest would harmonise, as that's how it seemed to go each week.
"Harry in the centre please!" Savan ordered. 

Harry bound up the steps and took a place infront of the middle microphone. He ruffled his hand through his chocolate curls and looked up at the stagelight beaming down on him. It just highlighted the flawlessness of his skin and the glimmering emerald of his deep orbs. He did already look good in his black t-shirt and low slung jeans, the band of Calvin Klein boxers peaking over the top of them. The song began playing in the background and the boys hummed along the tune to familiarise themselves with it. Zayn swayed a little to the slow melody and Liam scanned the other's faces to agree they liked it. I found myself drawn to watching Harry though. He looked straight forward and slightly upwards with a face as if he was watching something captivating. He bit down on his bottom lip, nodding his head ever so slightly to the tune. 

I didn't realise I was smiling until someone came and sat next to me.
"As much as I can see something....I don't think you should go there" a voice spoke. I turned and Aiden was sitting beside me, a patronising expression on his face. He raised his eyebrows high so deep lines embedded into his forehead. I stared blankly at his creamy skin and chocolate eyes darting away from mine; he was so awkward sometimes but he seems to know how to read my mind. It's just like me to deny it though.
"I don't know what your talking about"
"Don't be headstrong Georgia, i'm not blind"
"What? I have no idea-"
"-Don't deny it silly I can read you" he joked poking my cheek with his finger "It wouldn't be a good idea to start messing about with Harry"
"Messing about? What the fuck are you on, Aiden" I muttered, feeling my mood suddenly darkened. I knew he was right and everything but I didn't like hearing it.

"Fine, suit yourself" he said, getting up and walking off; leaving me with a guilty feeling in my stomach. I suppose that was a bit harsh to him when he was only trying to help. 

When One Direction had finished, they stepped down of the large platforms they stood on and headed off the stage. Liam went and sat on a seat nearby, getting out his phone and tapping away. Harry grabbed a drink and chat to Niall whilst Zayn did some of his daily flirting with a couple of dancers. Harry met my eyes for a second when he looked up and he winked, making me blush and turn away. I heard my name being called and got up onto the stage, the smokey purple background and surroundings making me feel as if I was walking on a lonely planet. Just me, and the stage. 

Through the glaring spotlights, I saw Harry walking through the audience seats to find one, right in the centre. He sat himself in the middle, isolated, a crowd of empty chairs surrounding him. I squinted and put my arm infront of my face to block the blinding lights. Harry put his thumbs up to me and gave me a cheesy smile from the distance. He continued to watch me with a deep concentration as I did a run through of the song, his eyes locked on me I could feel them. As I finished Liam and Katie gave me a quick clap, Harry grinning from the distance, his dimples faintly visible from distance away.

"Good one George! Your gonna be amazing on Saturday!" Katie said as I stepped off stage. I smiled thankfully and headed back for a seat, where Liam sat with the rest of the boys. Liam was still tapping away at his iPhone, Niall sat against the wall with his knees up talking to Louis, and Zayn watched as Wagner got up on stage.
"Oh god. I'm not looking forward to seeing Wagger's version of Circle Of Life" Zayn said
"I know man that was like my childhood, The Lion King, now all i'm gonna think when I hear it is Zee Ciiiiircle ofz Liiiiife" Louis said
"I know, we should sing that song" Niall said
"Why the fuck would we sing that?" Zayn scouled
"Because we'd make it better"
"But we wouldn't get the laaaaadies with that" he said, wiggling his eyebrows at Harry who laughed at wiggled his back as if they'd spoke about this with each other before
"Oh come on" I said "You's could go out in binbags singing Ba Ba Black Sheep and you'd still get all the girls votes"
"That's cause we're irresistable" Liam said his eyes still locked on his phone screen and we all looked at him surpised at his lack of modesty
"Who do you think you are eh..Zayn the vain?" Niall asked
"What? I'm just readin that from a tweet here. The usernames @Ilove1D4evaa, and they said we're irresistable"
"Well it is least I know I am" Harry said. I shot him a look, he cheekily grinned back at me and I rolled my eyes.
"Hmm what do you think Georgia?" Zayn asked "Are we uh, irresistable to you?" he winked and I struggled not to smirk. I'm sure i'd done a pretty good job of 'resisting' all of them....well four out of five so far, but I was working on that last one.
"Definatley" I said sarcastically, standing up to go get a drink "I just can't keep away from ya!"
"Where you off?" Niall asked
"I'll go get a drink in a sec before I die of dehydration"
"Get me some, it takes work to look this good. My skin's breakin out a bit since Saturday" Zayn said, stroking his cheek as he examined himself in the reflective case of his phone
"It's all the makeup you wear Zayn" Louis said, Niall chuckling.
"What the fuck you on about, I have naturally clear skin. Just got a couple of blemishes over the weekend that's all.." he said examining his face even further
"Maybe you should keep your face off Geneva's then and you won't get get foundation pores"
"Fuck off, I went nowhere near her"
"Whatever mate, we saw you attatched to her cheek. No innocence" Niall said
"Her cheek? And what?"
"It didn't end there though did it, don't think I didn't see you in the corridor later on" Liam teased
"For like a second. Your just jealous mate, i'm gettin places and Sophia aint gettin on you"
"I dont give a shit. I'm a bit more concerned about the competition actually?" Liam shot back and Niall laughed
"And you Niall? When did you last get some eh?"
"None of your business" he protested in his thick irish accent
"Suit yourself, i'll predict that answer myself" Zayn said turning away from him again "Well this is fun, we know Louis's with Natalie so how about you Hazza?"
"How about me what?"
"Got a lucky number?" Zayn grinned. 

Harry paused, narrowing his eyes and smirking at Zayn for putting him in an awkward situation. I looked at Harry questioningly but smiling all the same, hoping he'd give an answer. I kind of wanted to hear it, but part of me didn't aswell.

"What can I say Zayn...celebate aren't I?" he joked and Zayn cracked up in laughter
"Hmm yeah, I can believe that. Harry, being celebate? You must be joking" - This made me face drop a little as I realised he was insinuating that Harry had been around alot. I'd already assumed immediatley when I met him that he had experience but I didn't like thinking he had been with dozens of girls. I just didn't wanna be another one of them that he played.

"Course I am. But uh why don't you tell us what your number is Malik? Since your so keen to know everyone elses" Harry asked, folding his arms
"I'll leave that to your imagination"
"Ew no thanks" Niall said in disgust
"I really need somethin to drink" I said walking back where I headed originally. I pulled my hair out of its bun as I walked, letting it fall messily over my shoulder, feeling the freedom the lack of tight hairbands gave me. I sat down on a table nearby the hot drinks machine. Harry walked past a second later, grabbing a clear blue plastic cup and filling it up. He sat himself opposite me.
"Mind if I join?" Harry asked, his looks make it hard to say no in any circumstance; not that I didn't want him to sit with me or anything. He sat down anyway before I would have answered.
"Course not" I replied in a usual cheery tone. 

I wasn't exactly annoyed or anything about the whole 'number' thing, I didn't know him before X Factor. He was just another normal boy. Just the same as the boys in my year at school. He's obviously not a virgin or anything but I don't want him to be. It's easy to tell he knows how to get any girl he wants. He knows just how to make me want to give into temptation. That boy only needs to smile and a thousand girls scream. But I still felt weird about it for some reason.
"Still havin their innocent conversation down there are they?" I asked laughing
"Ha, Zayn's moved on to talkin about one of the dancers. He seems to think i'll agree with everything he says about them"
"Like what?"
"Just how fit they are, and how much he'd like to......well you know Zayn"
"I do, and I can guess what he says haha. Why does he think you'll agree?"
"I dont know. I guess i'm just the person in the band most likely to talk about girls like that with him makes me sound so shallow"
" does" I replied bluntly. Harry looked up from staring at his water, and gave me a serious look
"I'm really not all like that Georgia" he said sincerely "I don't want you to think of me like that, despite what they say"
"I don't"
"Although I may have given you reasons to think that before..." he said, taking a sip of his water. His fingerprints leaving clear marks on the cup as the icy water created condensation around the outside.
"What do you mean?"
"Well...i've, I mean...all we've really done is.. I just, I don't want you to think that's all i'm interested in you for"
"Okay..." I muttered, tracing my finger around the rim of my steaming mug, my palm becoming damp as it rose onto my skin
"Besides, you've got alot of time left in this competition! Judging by your rehearsal and if we get any luck we'll still be here over the next few weeks"
"Of course you will, your fans vote like crazy. Did you see how many people were outside for you earlier?"
"Yeah well, some of them are a bit...insane" he said with a deep chuckle
"Yeah I noticed" I replied. Harry tapped his fingers on the table, looking right at me.
"...Don't take any of it to heart. They would have shouted stuff at anyone. If it was Niall talking to Mary they'd call her a slag!" he said and I laughed.
"Means i'll definatley have to keep away from you now Styles, don't want the fans getting jealous when your standing within 5 metres of me"
"To be honest Georgia" he started, holding his cup between his hands "I really don't give a shit if they think i'm dating you"
"Well I do! It's not you who's gonna be voted out as a result of it!"
"Your not going anywher-"
"Come on Harry, no girls are gonna vote for me if they think i'm with you"
"But your not"
"Exactly, that's the worst thing"
"What do you mean by that?"
"No I just mean..the worst bit is i'd be voted out over something that's not even true"
"The worst thing is...if that's the case I wouldn't get to see you anymore" - I smiled as a response and he raised the corners of his mouth into a little smile back
"And you know you'd miss seeing me..naked in the mornings" he said with a grin, leaning back in his chair and putting his arms behind his head; revealing the band of his boxers and a strip of tan skin.
"Oh you wish!"
"Don't try and hide it. I can see you undressing me with your eyes right now" he winked and my cheeks flushed hot. I laughed and got up out my seat to put the empty mug on a tray. Harry mirrored this action, binning his by mistake

We sat together at the back of the hall with the rest of the boys, Katie and Aiden as we saw Matt, Bellamie and Rebecca rehearse. Aiden was sat next to Katie and was talking to the boys a few seats away, so I sent him a quick text hoping his phone he had clutched in his hand was on vibrate

- "sorry i snapped earlier :( forgiven? (a) =) Xx"

I watched it buzz in his hand and he scanned the screen. A small smile formed on his face and he gave me a subtle thumbs up. 

It felt like we were back seat at the cinema because Harry kept leaning in all the time to make comments as we watched them perform, making me laugh. His breath tickling and lips lightly skimming my ear, making a shiver run down my spine. A curl lightly brushing my cheek, and the smell of his cologne tingling in my nose. He was showing me something on his phone at one point, our heads almost touching and just laughing with him like a friend felt natural enough to know I couldn't pretend I was fine with not being around him.

"One Direction, second rehearsals up please" Brian Friedman called from the stage
"That's us come on" Liam said standing up for a stretch
"I think we know it's us when he says One Direction Liam" Zayn replied as they got up out their seats. Harry turned to me before he stood up to go, lazily playing with my fingers.
"You going to watch?" he asked giving me a smile
"Yeah i'll be sitting right here" I smiled

They all got onto their high risen platforms, Niall and Louis on the left and right hand sides, Zayn and Liam seconds in and Harry centred right in the middle. As the music began, Liam's strong lead kicked in, his voice without any fault as usual. Niall and Louis just stood there and looked good basically. Zayn did a bit of harmonising while Liam continued his solo verse. 

I was caught off guard when unexpectedly a new husky voice began projecting through the room, a rocky tone to it that I recognise to only be Harry. He sang
"I need to tell you, how you light up every second of the day" showing such a voice that would have girls melting from their bedrooms this Saturday night. As he continued through his solo and the rest of the song, his voice waving through different pitches, I caught the passion in his eyes as he sang. 

His voice gave me butterflies. My heart was beating faster in my chest as I watched him, and only him. The others were just background to me as Harry took the lead.
He had such an effect on me that I couldn't deny at all anymore
However inconvienent it is, and how I didn't think i'd be one of those girls going crazy for him
He just looked absolutely perfect
It might have took me longer to realise
But I was finding myself...falling for him more and more every second.

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