Sparks Fly

Georgia Riley is a contestant on talent show "The X Factor" along with boyband, One Direction. Will she resist the charm of fellow contestant and housemate Harry Styles' and risk her place in the competition?

Credits to the original author


8. Chapter 8

It wasn't that Harry was doing anything wrong. We were nothing. We weren't even together, we weren't even telling each other how we felt; but that didn't stop a tight lump forming in my throat at the sight of him snogging some dancer. 

I budged past the people infront of me and headed out the door, slamming it on the way out. My emotions were hard for even me to understand. It was like I was watching myself reacting to this and not knowing why.

Did I really expect Harry to hang around? Did he expect me to hang around? Female fans are constantly after him, screaming his name at the studios everyday, some even crying because they're so desperatley in love with him. He'd have no trouble whatsoever getting a girl.

I didn't realise I was crying until a hot tear fell down my cheek, bringing my heavy eye makeup off with it as it stang my eyes. I hate wearing tons of makeup but it's essential for being on stage with dozens of cameras on you. I put my head down and walked into the toilets, catching the sight of myself in the mirror. My cheeks were glowing pink through my foundation and my eyes watery. Grabbing some tissue, I took a deep breath in and wiped my eyes carefully.

It's only Harry after all? Why should I care? Despite our feelings, he's nothing more than a friend...or just a fellow contestant. It would have been easier to think of him as that from the start. It was so stupid, crying over a boy.

I avoided Harry the rest of that night, I thought if I went to speak to him like usual i'd just get annoyed with him. And the dancer, who I found out was named Amy, was strutting around winking at Harry every so often but he'd just act casual. Which was helpful to see, otherwise i'd have felt worse if he was all over her. I tried to figure out if it was a momentary kiss or something more but I was just irritating myself going through it.


The next morning I tried to abstain Harry's eye contact in the kitchen, but my attempt to be subtle was a fail. He was dressed in a dark chinos and a dip neck t-shirt, showing off his slightly tan chest and prominent collarbones. He was leaning against the corner where the two countertops met and eating a slice of toast. 

I grabbed a mug from beside him and felt him looking at me but didn't respond. I knew if I looked at him he'd manage to twist my mood by smiling or something and I didnt want to just forget what I witnessed last night. I saw him frown out the corner of my eye at the lack of attention I was giving him. 

Mary got everyone quiet so she could read out an announcement left for us, but I felt Harry's eyes locked on me the whole time; making me feel very uncomfortable. I had to make some kind of response so he would stop staring at me, so I glanced up and met his gaze for a second, keeping my face set like stone. I didn't want to get into a conversation about it or actually let him know I saw anything; but I didn't want him to think everything was normal between us.

I took my mug of tea and went upstairs to get changed into some comfortable clothes, since it was Monday which meant we'd only be finding out our songs and trying them out. I pulled on some leggings and a two long layered vest tops, tugging my hairband out as messy waves fell over my shoulders. After i'd applied mascara to my lashes and a bit of blusher so I didn't look so drained, there was a knock on my bedroom door. Great. I could take a wild guess.

I answered it to Harry, who had tired undereyes and bed curls. Quite a distraction. I would usually crack under those soft green irises or cheeky dimples but diverting my thoughts to last night just made me want to make this harder on him. It's his fault for making me think he liked me.

Harrys POV

I hesistated but bashed my hand on Georgia's bedroom door, hoping she'd answer it. She pulled open the door and blinked at me, her face just..straight; no kind of emotion. I shoved my hands in my pockets and rolled back onto the heels of my feet awkwardly; I hadn't planned what I was actually going to say. She brushed straight past me and headed to the bathroom

"Georgia" I called after her, but she ignored me, shutting the bathroom door in my face.
"Georgia Riley, are you in a mood with me?" I shouted, banging on the door. 

I knew this probably wouldn't help and i'd be drawing attention to myself but I couldn't go about my day if I knew she was mad at me for something. It felt horrible knowing i'd done something to upset or really annoy her.

I leant my back against the door, continuing tapping on the wood annoyingly so she'd answer it..and it worked. She pulled it open suddenly and I stumbled backwards. She wasn't easy to please today and pulled a serious, angry expression. She raised an eyebrow at me impatiently and I couldn't help but smirk

"What are you smiling for?" she demanded with an attitude that was annoying, but kinda sexy.
"Do you wanna tell me why your ignoring me?" I asked firmly. She sighed and folded her arms. I caught a hint of sorrow in her eyes and knew immediatley something real was wrong and she wasn't just being tempermental.

I couldn't tell if it was my doing but something in the back of my mind I knew what it could be down to.
I stepped forward towards her and she tensed up, her eyes glancing between mine and the space between us. I frowned in hurt at how she winced slightly and rejected contact when I touched her arm.

"Babe what's wro-?" I started but she cut me off
"Don't" she said firmly "Nothing, just..." she started, putting her hand to her temple "just....leave me alone" she said and went to step past me. 

I shut my eyes in frustration and rubbed the back of my neck trying to think what I could do to fix this. She's clearly pissed off with me and I can't stand being around her knowing that. I groaned as I dragged myself off the spot and down the landing back to her bedroom.

"Please just let me in George" I sighed, resting my head back on the door and exhaling when I heard her slump down on the other side. She might be stubborn and usually I can't be arsed with this but I can't just let it go when it's her.

And the fact I had some idea in the back of my head what this may be about made me a dickhead if I didn't sort it.

Georgias POV

I slumped down against the bedroom door, knowing Harry was on the other side. I heard him sit down too and rolled my eyes; he obviously didn't hear me when I said leave me alone. I heard him tapping his foot and start humming Kids In America to himself, the song he'd sang this weekend. Something told me he'd be sitting there until I gave him a clue. 

I stood up quietly, twisting the doorknob and saw Harry shoot up suddenly, looking hopeful. Through his eyes, it was the first time i'd seen any kind of proper emotion towards me than flirty or sexual ones. I held open the door, gesturing him to come in. He only took a step so he was inside the room and I shut the door, giving him the hopeful look now. He looked down at the floor and shuffled his feet in his high tops

"Is this about last night?" he muttered
"What exactly are you referring to?" I asked, folding my arms. Harry looked up, his eyebrows close to touching at the tone of my voice. There had been tension between us before but never negatively.
"You tell me!" he exclaimed, throwing his hands up for emphasis and running them through his hair. He took a deep breath out and turned away, resting his hands on the window ledge, and looking out to the morning sun shining over the frosty landscape of London
"I was an idiot last night" he mumbled "I did something stupid after a few too many drinks"
"...kissing that dancer?" I said quietly under my breath. Harry shut his eyes for a second and put his head down. His arms strong and straight as his hands held onto the window ledge. Funnily enough, when we'd got some time together, it wasn't okay between us. There wasn't the usual chemistry happening.
"It wasn't....I...." he stuttered searching for excuses "I'm...Sorry"
"Harry, you don't have to be sorry. It's not like you're not allowed to get with other girls" I pointed out. 

He looked at me, his expression rigid and a hard concentration on my face. His eyes looked emerald today, green with dashes of blue mixed in, they held so much within them he could have burnt two holes in my face.
"Can I ask you something?" he asked and I nodded slowly
"What is this?... Whats going on with us?"

This made me feel uncomfortable as I didn't know how to answer the question I wanted to know myself.
"You tell me" I replied, picking at the paintwork on the wooden ledge with my nails.
"I just...." he paused, tightened his lips and took my hands in his, pulling me over to sit down on the edge of my bed.
"I hate that there's these rules and consequences and we can't act around each other like we both want to" - At least he'd had guts to say what we both thought.
"How do I know you want the same thing as me?"
"Trust me...I do, Georgia" he said, his voice laced with sincerity.
"Then why were you kissing that Amy?" I asked, breaking the first good moment we'd had today. He snapped his held gaze off me and looked down at his knees, a look of guilt on his face.
"I was....drunk. Believe me, she would not have been my first choice at a kiss last night!" he looked back up at me and spotted my frowning. He relaxed his similar tense expression and turned himself to face me fully.
"You have no idea how much I wanted to kiss you whe-" he started
"-I do, trust me" I cut in. I noticed the corners of Harry's mouth twitch slightly as if to smile but he kept himself serious.
"Well then?" I asked
"What are we supposed to do about this?"
"Tell me, are you gonna stop ignoring me now?" he asked, a smile creeping across his face, making me powerless to say no.
"I guess so!" I said poking him lightly in the side.
"After all, there's alot more you should learn about me...if we can still be friends"
"Of course we're friends Harry, and like what? I'd say I know you pretty well Styles"
"Go on then" he grinned, leaning onto his side and resting on one elbow "Prove your knowledge"
"Okay...your names Harry Edwards Styles, your from Holmes Chapel in Chesire. Your birthday is in February and your turning seventeen next"
"...Keep going" he smiled, waving his hand for me to continue
"You.....originally wanted to be a lawyer, you fancy Frankie Sandford and like eating haribo, sweetcorn and mandarin segments!" I laughed making Harry chuckle, a dimple dotting each cheek
"Well you know Georgia, there's alot more you could know about me than that"
"And there's alot you could learn about me!" I said, pulling myself into a cross legged position.
"Like what? I think I know you very well indeed"
"Oh yeah? I'd like to hear this"
"Okay, your name is Georgia Elizabeth Riley, you live in a three bedroomed house with your mum and stepdad, you have one step sister that you barely see, your favourite food is pepperoni pizza, you are a keen artist and you wish you were two inches taller"
"Okay, you know alot more about me than I do about you!" I said, actually impressed that he'd remembered the slightly more personal facts about me, and not just silly things I knew about him
"That's not everything. I know your definatley not a girl who wears their heart on their sleeve, and that you hold back from what you want cause your worried about your place in this competition due to...hmm reasons"
"....reasons... as in what?"
"Things your worried will stop you getting votes from girls. Because, they'd be jealous and hate" he said, and he spoke nothing but the truth. This was all real thoughts that had gone through my mind.
"Well, I might not be one to speak my feelings, but you don't tell me yours either" I said, looking at him hopeful for a response. He paused and a small smile formed on his mouth.

"Let me show you then" he said, leaning forward and putting a hand on the side of my face. My stomach felt like it imploded with butterflies as he pressed his soft lips against mine. It was like fufilling the need for what i'd not done since the first time he kissed me and had been desperatley fighting the urge to grab him and kiss him everyday since. 

Our lips moved in rhythymic motions for a minute or two, before he pushed me back gently so he was on top of me. The weight of his body rested comfortably on mine as we continued to kiss, him moving a strand of hair out of my face with his hand. I felt him smile slightly through it and did the same myself as I slowly slipped my hands up the back of his t-shirt feeling the warmth of his skin radiating in there. He smirked into the kiss as the feel of my palms on his skin and his eyelids fluttered slightly. I felt his thumbs stroke my lower stomach as he played around with the hem of my top, his fingertips occasionally brushing my receptive skin and making me shudder.

"HARRY!" Louis' voice snapped from the hallway outside making us both jump. Typical.
"Shit" Harry hissed under his voice. I tensed up as I looked at the closed bedroom door, praying it wouldn't get knocked on. Harry turned his head back to me.

"He doesn't know i'm in here.... just relax" Harry whispered into my neck, lingering his lips there for a second. The moment had been ruined anyway but Harry's attempts never fail. His breath was hot and left a fuzzy tingle on my skin as he kissed my neck. He flipped us over so I was on top and lifted the hem up properly this time, pulling it over my head and discarding of the garment.
"Harry Styles, where are you?!" Louis called down the halls in a fake American accent.
"He's gonna walk in and ask if i've seen you" I croaked, nerves showing in my voice. 

I pulled myself from the magnet Harry's body seemed to be and straightened out my clothes, pulling my straps back into place. He looked at me longingly and I planted a quick kiss on his lips to keep him satisfied a bit longer.
"Georgia pleeease!" he groaned rolling onto his front "It's alright, Louis won't come in here, I get time alone with you and you just leave me hanging!"
"Sorry, it's not us, it's not the right time. Louis looking for you Harry" I said, pulling a hoodie over me.

It didn't feel the same, obviously I wanted to stay with him and keep up what we were doing. But it wasn't like before, when we were trying to keep apart. It felt almost forced, and I know this isn't a relationship or any kind of commitment but I didn't want something that didn't feel right all of a sudden. It was like Louis interuputions were giving me a second to realise how fast we were moving. I was mad at him only 10 minutes before. And if he'd have walked in that would have been awkward.

I slipped out my room telling Harry to leave a couple of minutes after me so it didn't look suspicious. I saw Louis waiting at the top of the stairs, tapping something out on his iPhone.

"Hey Georgia have you seen Harry?" he asked.
"Urm...he's fixing my phone for me. It uh...won't charge" I said, the first excuse coming into my head. "He'll be out in a second"

Louis eyed me suspiciously for a second, and I realised the hem of my vest top was scrunched up at one side. I blushed a little and straightened it out fully. He kept looking at me as if he was trying to work something out, and my heart pounded in my chest as I darted my eyes sideways, praying he didn't know anything.

"Harry's in there then is he?" he asked, walking towards my room.
"Uh yeah, he's just-" I started as Louis opened the door. Harry appeared right infront of him, holding my phone in his hand
"Here, it should work now" he said, his mouth twitching as if he wanted to laugh.
"Thanks, uh...are we going now?" I said, heading down the staircase. 

I heard Louis and Harry snigger behind me and could tell Harry had made some sign to tell him what happened in there. I wondered what Louis thought of this. But I could gurantee he'd keep his mouth shut. If it was Zayn or Niall they'd be immature and let it slip. We all headed outside into the chilling cold to see bunches of cameras and fans screaming. They weren't usually at the house but Monday's seemed to be almost as busy as Saturdays with meeting them. 

I pulled my hoodie sleeves down over my wrists, my teeth chattering in my mouth as a bitter wind blew. A girl waved a piece of paper at me frantically shouting me to sign it. I laughed and scribbled my name on a few more notepads and someones hand, as they had no paper. I noticed Zayn signing a girls chest, which he looked pleased about but also concerned he'd get told off. Most of these girls were shouting for One Direction, and if they were lucky, getting kisses on the cheek from them. I walked past to get into a car and heard a girl mutter, a little too loudly,

"Bitch" - I instantly wanted to turn around and see who it was but knew I should ignore it.
"She's so getting with one of the boys" another one sneared. I frowned deeply at their paranoia, because I live in the house with them it automatically means i'm 'getting with' one of them? Even if that did have a little bit of truth to it...

I stepped forward to the car, as the others did too, and we gathered in a group to get in. Harry turned to the fans and waved; making them scream even more. He rested his hand on my lower back to urge me forwards into the car.
"Ugh what a slag!" one girl shouted. This was pathetic.
"This is embarassing" I muttered under my breath and Katie shook her head as if to say 'its-not-you-its-me' but I could tell. Although Katie had her fair share of love and hate, this wasn't about her.

Even though Harry had literally barely touched me at all, half of the girls faces dropped. This is why we can't let whatever we want happen. If one of the paps took a picture and published it, i'd have lost so many more votes. It's like I can't go anywhere near One Direction or their army of female fans will throw me out the competition.

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