Sparks Fly

Georgia Riley is a contestant on talent show "The X Factor" along with boyband, One Direction. Will she resist the charm of fellow contestant and housemate Harry Styles' and risk her place in the competition?

Credits to the original author


7. Chapter 7

I felt a hint of dissapointment about the new rules Simon had enforced. Realising this dissapointment, made me see how my feelings for Harry had changed completely.

After that day I couldn't think of him in the same 'friends' way anymore. I could easily act like everything was fine and we were getting on the same as everyone else but how I acted was completely different to the things going through my mind. He didn't even have to try. He had a certain charisma that made me so drawn to him; i'd never be able to say I dislike him again and actually mean it.

I'd never come across someone I took an immediate dislike to and they've had the power to change my opinion so quickly; and so much. Everytime he smiled at me with those dimples, I got weird butterflies in my stomach. Whenever he touched me or gave me a hug after the live shows, a shiver would shoot down to the tip of my spine. He managed to hypnotise me when he was in the gym, boxing or swimming, I couldn't keep my eyes off him. This was a little too innapropriate though. My feelings towards him were mainly physical, I didn't know him well enough yet to want a relationship or anything. 

Zayn had stopped flirting with Geneva so much since Simon's 'announcement' but the way he'd said it wasn't 'allowed, made me want it even more. I knew Harry's feelings were at partly mutual, because he still did subtle things and I could read his body language. Like the way he bit his lip when we were standing close together or brushed his fingers over my lower back as he lead me through doors before him. We both seeked contact from one another in the subtlest of ways. Every little thing made it so much harder to be around him.

I was in my bedroom reading the latest Heat magazine and listening to the new Olly Murs album on my iPod when I heard Niall's loud chuckle from outside my bedroom. I pressed the pause button and went to see what was going on, gasping at what they were laughing at.

Harry was running down the stairs naked. Yeah, naked. I blinked hard incase I was hallucinating but he was laughing as he was the centre of attention. I couldn't see anything since he was facing away from me but I could tell that this was definitely all his skin.
"Is Harry naked?!" I asked as all the lads laughed along at his antics.
"Not quite, look a bit closer George" Louis said. I noticed a thin strip of gold material around Harry's hip as he ran round the corner
"Is that a thong?!" I asked struggling not to laugh
"Yeah, he's doing his manly stroll"
"Let everyone know who the man of the house is!" Harry called from the end of the landing. I distracted myself not wanting my eyes to wander over there as he turned, shamelessly exposing most of himself. The crotch of the thong wasn't doing much good in covering up his manhood but he didn't seem to care at all.
"Sure you don't wanna go have a closer look Georgia?" Zayn teased, making my cheeks burn scarlett. I playfully smacked my magazine over his head and stepped back into my bedroom, NOT wanting to seem as if I actually wanted to see that.

That wasn't the only time Harry gave me a reason to see him differently. Cooking with the Sainsburys try team is usually pretty funny but not when you're making trifles with Wagner and Paije. Harry had been given the task of making vegetable fritters while Zayn had to guess different fruits being blindfolded. As he was being filmed, Harry passed us with his fritters.

"Care to try a fritter?" he asked.
"Vat is this?" Wagner asked, ready to pick one up with his bare hands. He could at least use a fork, disgusting man.
"Fritters" Harry replied blankly. Wagner picked one out, placing it on a napkin. "Take ONE Wagner" Harry warned. It's so obvious when people get irritated by Wagner, you can't keep it in. 
"George?" Harry offered the pan to me.

"What are they like?" I asked Paije who'd finished off one himself. He waited to swallow what he was chewing before replying, but Harry spoke for him

"They are very hot Georgia. The kind of thing you have once and want more afterwards" he smirked and I knew he was speaking metaphorically. 

He can be filth sometimes but it was his personality. He had a weird sense of humour. He's a teenage boy and all of One Direction seem to have dirty minds; they can all be really immature but somehow managed to make me laugh. It was only typical that Zayn said something innapropriate a second later to the filming cameras

"Join us next week where...Zoe will be eating fruit of my naked body" - Much to Zoe's disgust
"In your dreams" she replied. No Zoe, in yours.
"Urm better not then. That would probably be a big mistake" I said to Harry, nodding slowly in amusement as our eyes were locked.
"What? Eating a fritter?" Paije asked, oblivious to what we were really referring to.

I was finishing off my third trifle, making patterns with strawberries on the top when I heard a noise beside my ear and a weird feeling of something on my neck. Harry cackled loudly pointing at me. I gently touched my neck to find it had a big dollop of squirty cream on it.
"You prick"
"Suits you"
"Shame black eyes don't suit you. It best not be in my hair, i'll have to wash it again!" I said grabbing kitchen roll
"Don't worry i'll deal with it" he laughed, stepping to me and easily sucking the puff of cream.
"Did you just suck that off my neck?" I asked him, wiping excess with the tissue
"It's lighter than air, comes off easy with a little breath in" he said, licking his fingers
"You disgust me Styles" I joked grabbing the can off him and pushing down the button, releasing a white fountain of foam all over him. He jumped backwards, shocked at my reciprocating actions and the dots of cream on his grey cardigan.
"You will pay for that" he said snatching another can off the table and pointing it in my direction. I squealed and ran across the room, hopping behind the rolling cameras not to be seen.
"Yes whipped cream fight!" Niall shouted, searching for a can and spraying his own trail of cream on the back of Liam's head. He looked confused and put his hand on his hair to find it covered with the stuff.
"It's on now" Liam said. 

It ended up a pretty much full blown whipped cream fight, spraying whoever came close to you. Zayn managed to get Wagner as he made a dash for the door to escape the crazyness. We literally ran out of cream through about four cans, which meant cleaning up would take hours. Thankfully, Mary was around to do her thing and told us to dissapear. Harry planted a strawberry on the top of my messy cream filled hair as I left the kitchen
"There, you don't look so sour now" he joked. I'd get him back for that one later.

On the Sunday night of that week, which had been American Anthems week, I was waiting nervously before the live show started. I hated this feeling I got before every show, the overwhelming nerves in my stomach, the shaking of my hands and legs, even thinking about food made me wanna be sick. But nothing can describe the rush of coming off stage knowing you've impressed the judges. I had good comments last night but I was still incredibly worried about this. And knowing i'll be on live TV to millions of viewers doesn't calm me down very well. 

I held my microphone in my hand, tapping my feet up and down as the five minute countdown to live airing began. Dermot O'Leary corrected his tie and began walking on stage, this made me always feel even more nervous as I knew it was about to start. How I got through group performances each week was beyond me. A hand softly gripped my shoulder and I turned to see Louis smiling warmly at me
"Good luck" he said, pulling me in for a hug.
"Thanks, you too" I replied, looking over his shoulder and spotting a blonde haired girl wearing a blue dress standing talking to Louis' parents. I guessed this was Natalie, his girlfriend. As we broke the hug he put his hands on my upper arms shaking me slightly.
"Dont look so worried! You were incredible last night"
"Thank you, Louis, but nothing will stop the nerves every week"
"Just pretend the audience and viewers are all in their underwear - or gold thongs" he laughed.
"Oh god! I'll start laughing on live TV, Can you the silence before Dermot announces who's leaving and I start cracking up thinking of him in a gold thong"
"Hahaha just don't think of Wagner in one or you'll feel even more sick" he joked, releasing my arms. "Oh yeah, there's someone i'd like you to meet" he gestured to the blonde girl.
"This is my girlfriend Natalie" he said, putting his arm around her waist. She smiled sweetly at me and I mirrored this back, they looked like a perfect match in all honesty.
"Hi i'm Georgia" I introduced myself
"Oh I know!" she laughed "Not only cause of the show, Louis and the boys have mentioned you alot"
"Oh, really?" I said slowly, grinning at Louis who looked at Natalie as if she was mad "Is that so Louis?"
"Well not me as such, I mentioned that besides the boys, you and Aiden are my best friends in the house" Louis said.
"Aw I can say the same about you"
"What, besides the boys i'm your best friend?"
"No! Your all my best friends, besides Katie. So erm, tell me Natalie..what have these boys been saying?" I asked her grinning at Louis some more to make him feel awkward for my own amusement. He narrowed his eyes at me to give me joke evils.
"This and that. Don't worry they've only said nice things" she smiled, siding into Louis.
"Yeah wanna know what then, ask curly" Louis said
"By curly, you mean Harry?"
"Of course, Hazza's the one that talks about you the most" Louis said making my cheeks blush pink.
"What does he s-" I began but was interupted by the noise of the audience as Dermot welcomed in the show. Shit, the nerves were back. 

A heavy pit in my stomach twisted and churned with nerves, making me just want to crawl up in a ball on the floor. I walked backstage to see the other contestants standing around, drinking water and tapping their feet with anticipation. Throughout my X Factor experience i've learnt that this moment is the worst part of each week. 

Harry, who looked amazing in his black suit, white shirt and cute black bowtie, fixed his eyes on me as I walked in; making me feel suddenly uncomfortable. I walked over through the backstage to hear my name being called. I spun around to see my Mum running towards me in her heels, hoping to god she wouldn't trip over and embarass me.
"Georgia, How you feelin?" she questioned me.
"Uh, very nervous! Where did you get seated?"
"Left hand side of the front row, next to Aiden's parents and...oh who is of the boys from One Direction's family"
"Which one?"
"Oh urm...Harry? I think" she replied - I nodded casually, feeling my cheeks burn a bit. Even his name mentioned had a weird effect on me. What was going on. 

Mum gave me a hug and wished me luck as she went back to find her seat. We were all welcomed back on stage as Dermot prepared to read out the names of the people going through to next weeks show. The tension as you wait for your name is unbearable.
"One Direction" Dermot called; the boys shouted and huddled together in celebration, Harry turning to the audience and shouting "come on!" doing a small hip thrust in celebration. I clapped as they walked backstage, leaving me, Katie and Treyc on the stage. I held my breath waiting for the next name, which seemed like years before it came
"Georgia" - I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I never got emotional at this, just happy, but for some reason I was overwhelmed with a mixture of every feeling. I scurried backstage, hugging Aiden first. He picked me up and spun me around in a circle
"Told you there'd be nothing to worry about didn't I?" I heard Louis voice say, I gave him a hug and thanked him for being kind. I hugged Liam, Niall and Zayn as usual, who all looked phenomenal in their suits I might add, leaving Harry as he spoke to his Mum.

He saw me talking to Sophia in the corridor, a few minutes later and tapped me on the shoulder, putting his arms out for a hug. I would have sunk into his comforting embrace and not let go but this should probably look like a normal friendly hug incase anyone was looking. 

He wrapped his arms tightly around my waist and the material of his suit jacket brushed my cheek, allowing the scent inside to escape under my nose. His familiar cologne and natural smell lingering, making me shut my eyes to take it in. He always smelt so good. 

"Well done gorgeous, I knew you'd get through" he spoke in my ear, his breath tickling my neck. We had to be cautious. But only Wagner, Esther from Bellamie and a producer hung around down the corridor on their phones. 

I released my arms from his neck and took a second to look at him as he started saying something about getting through to next week. I wasn't really taking in his words, just examining his features. The glistening green of his orbs hypotising me, and the deep pink colour of his full lips. The perfect shape. Begging for mine to be pressed against them. His skin was flawless, golden light tan and a strong jawline. He glanced down at me and smiled that familiar smile, making me want to just kiss him even more but it wasn't going to happen. I knew it wasn't tonight anyway.

Harry's POV

Georgia was looking at me, I could tell what was on her mind. There was a thick tension between us, we both wanted each other but had to refrain from giving into temptation. I felt her chest rise against me and stop as she breathed in, pressing her lips together tightly. I swallowed in attempt to resisting just forgetting about the rules and kissing her. If we were alone, and no-one else was hanging around the corridors, nothing would stop me.

I never looked at her close enough to see the dashes of ocean blue in her eyes or the way she had a faint freckle on the left side of her nose. She wasn't too close for it to look unusual but close enough so I could see how pretty her face was. I could detect the subtley sweet smell of her perfume as she stood before me, the same i'd smelt once before on her skin before, on the night of twister and lights out. I'm not the type to resist easily, or give up. My own experiences couldn't account for what I imagine in my head with her. It sounds bad since she's my friend. And I shouldn't be thinking of her that way.

But I can tell she wants me just as much as I want her. Even though we both have to hide our real feelings. She's a friend and 'nothing more' apparently, but however much I tell myself that, she's still running through my mind constantly.

"The ad breaks nearly over, we need to go see who's voted off" she said, flicking a strand of her chesnut coloured hair out of face. She turned around and began heading back to the main backstage room, followed by me. 

Her hair fell down in long loose waves, the ends brushing the skin as her dress was cut all the way down to the small of her back. I diverted my eyes away from her body, knowing it was doing me no good whatsoever to be perving on her like this.

It's not completley sexual or anything, she's great fun to be around, her personality and everything. I do really like her alot. Which annoys me the most cause it makes these things so much harder to let go of. 

She gave me a quick smile as we all waited for Dermot to announce whether Katie or Treyc would be leaving. I put hands over my face, before looking down at the floor; partly because I was nervous for the results but with frustration over this tense situation and my mixed up feelings. I ran my fingers hard through my hair, questioning myself and why I couldn't just forget about it. I've not had this much trouble getting my mind off a girl I like before. What was different this time? Georgia's nothing more than a friend as it stands. As much as I want something more, nothing can happen. I shouldn't think about her like that.

But I can't help myself

I needed a drink, or at least just another hot girl in my eyesight to distract me. Even if it's only temporary.

Georgia's POV

I was thrilled that Katie was still in the competition after the moment of worry during the 'save me' song when she stumbled on her words. I pulled her into a hug when she came off stage, feeling her shaking.

I went to grab her a drink, even though it was 'no alcohol' for under 18's, Aiden agreed she needed it. I saw Louis and Natalie looking very close in the corner, obviously having their own little celebration that One Direction were through whereas the rest of them had snuck beers from the table and were necking them before they were caught drinking. 

It was only about an hour or so before I realised how stuffy it was getting in here, and after featuring on the Xtra Factor with Konnie, I really needed some air. I'd already changed backstage into a more comfortable shorter dress rather than my long fitted performance one and pulled a jacket round me as I headed through the doors. I wish I hadn't moved now since I gasped at what I saw before me, by the wall.

Harry, and one of the female dancers, his bottle of Becks was in one hand and his other hand was pressed against her back as their lips were joined together in a passionate kiss

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