Sparks Fly

Georgia Riley is a contestant on talent show "The X Factor" along with boyband, One Direction. Will she resist the charm of fellow contestant and housemate Harry Styles' and risk her place in the competition?

Credits to the original author


6. Chapter 6

Two weeks gone and I was still going strong in the competition alongside One Direction, Aiden and Katie. This weeks theme was Guilty Pleasures and i'd been given the song I'll Stand By You which was alright I suppose but I could have picked something more interesting myself. Everyday that week had been the same rehearsals, the same vocals, no range at all. I began to despise the song by Wednesday because it just felt like one big long drone whenever I had to sing it again, and the choreography was so minimal I may as well have glued my feet to the floor.

I felt lucky though compared to Katie who was given "I wanna be like you" - that song from Jungle Book? We found it hilarious at first but she wasn't very pleased. But she's willing to do whatever and go to great lengths to stay in so I actually respect her for dressing up like a goose and dancing around like one too.

On Thursday I went down to the gym where most of the male contestants would try and tone up. Me, Katie, Rebecca and Bell-Amie often have a peek and it's pretty funny actually. Brian Friedman instructs that they all do at least 30 minutes of strenuous exercise or an hour of moderate each day. 

Aiden tends to get on the treadmill which is hard to watch because his quiff just bobs up and down as he runs. Matt doesn't like doing the exercise either and sticks to weights. Zayn tries to kid himself that he can lift the biggest weights and ends up pulling muscles in his arms claiming "They are expanding". Hm sure, whatever. I just chuckle and nod along. 

Niall and Louis tend to do bombs in the swimming pool. Louis' suprisingly quite a good diver actually. Other than that all they do is run around being kids, throwing fully filled water bottles at each other. One hit Niall hard in the shoulder and he screeched "Ouch Louis!" and Louis didn't stop laughing for ages. 

Liam is probably the most athletic, lifting weights, doing hundreds of fast sit ups and having a go on the punchbag. Which is where I usually spot Harry, throwing aggressive punches at the bag, his curls bouncing and beads of sweat running down his tan chest the more he gets into it.

It hadn't been awkward as such. We were friends, we'd become pretty good friends actually. I hung around with him and the other boys everyday, played games, watched rehearsals and walked to the shops with them all the time. Nothing had changed but I could see something still there between us, he was aware of it and I was too but since our conversation the day after we kissed, we'd both been ignoring any spark there was between us. But I could tell he had that same small desire to reinact it again, silently wanting to be close to one another whenever we were in the same room.

Although there was the occasional moment, Harry being Harry would do something like pout his lips at me or slap my arse during any group number rehearsal like the over confident little shit he is. There were moments when i'd catch him staring me down or smirking at me but i'd look away or raise my eyebrows at him and he'd just laugh. The tension between us was thick enough to cut with a knife.

He's still a cocky twat sometimes and I am constantly punching him on the arm for his dirty jokes that he thinks are hilarious. But he can't keep me from breaking into a smile again just by looking at me with those warm green eyes for longer than a couple of seconds. 

I know he's generally a flirt and can see him showing this part of him when he's chatting up the dancers or female fans. Without even trying he gives off a flirty nature that attracts them to him even more. He's trying his luck with dancers though, since most of them are 18 or older and he's not really got a huge chance there. But it's Harry, and even they can't resist his charms, pulling him in for hugs where he'll give them a bit of a cheeky grope. All of the 1D boys are like that though, cheeky.

As I started, Thursday I went down to the gym, as we all have to do some exercise. It's meant to help us with our choreography. I was only planning on a 10 minute swim so Brian couldn't tell me I haven't done anything active.

I walked into the changing rooms which are actually like from an expensive gym, they are always clean and have gold racks for towels, clothes and things. The floor is never disgusting and dirty like public swimming pools, and it was small and empty cause it's all ours of course. One of the perks of being an X Factor contestant. 

I peered behind the wall and noticed Geneva from Bellamie doing lengths but apart from her it was empty. I slipped my clothes off so I was in my black bikini and threw a towel to the side. I dipped my foot in the pool, the deep warmth of the water washing over my foot all the way up to my shoulders as I got in. I swam a few lengths, stopping to pull my hair out of it's messy ponytail and ruffling it with my hand. 10 minutes and a few lengths later, that will do for me today. 

I went to climb out when I heard the slapping off feet coming through from the Mens changing rooms. I hoped to god it wasn't One Direction because I was not getting in the pool with them! I pulled myself up the small ladder and began walking faster towards where my fluffy cream towel lay, picking it up and wrapping it around with a knot above my bikini top. I ran my fingers through my wet hair and tugged at the ends which had gotten knotty in there. Just as i'd hoped they wouldn't, Zayn and Liam emerged from a few feet away. They were both about to jump in when Louis ran past them at high speed and bombed right in, making a giant splash.
"Louis! You've soaked me!" cried Geneva
"You do know your in a swimming pool don't you?" he asked, she rolled her eyes and carried on doing breaststroke carefully trying not to get her hair wet. Zayn jumped in and swam right under the water over to her path, popping up infront of her and making her jump. I think he fancies her to be honest.

Liam was being taunted by Louis to jump in and stood at the side laughing, his tanned and defined six pack on show that even Geneva had a quick look. He and Louis looked too funny when they came out from underneath the water, their long hair cuts turned darker brown and flattened onto their head by the water. I laughed as Niall suddenly ran out and jumped in, his hair flattening to his head too so he looked like a little page boy. 

I knew Harry was here and I wasn't tempted to stay and watch them muck about so I lifted the bottom of my towel up and squeezed the dripping ends of my hair with it.
"Nice legs!" Zayn shouted making me blush violently. I stuck my finger up at him jokingly and he repsonded with a wink.
"Oh Georgia" spoke a recognisably husky deep voice appearing a few metres away "You joining me in the pool?" said Harry, a cheeky grin on his face as he walked towards me.

"I've already been in there Haz, your 10 minutes too late" I sarcastically and his dark green eyes drifted down my body and back up again shamelessly. I felt quickly self concious being so exposed infront of him. He bit his lip looking annoyingly sexy, and nodded slightly smiling as if he approved of what he saw, and stepped towards me.
"Your coming in" he stated, still grinning and I could tell what was coming.
"No" I said stepping backwards so my foot hit the wall. "Harry, dont!" I squealed and he laughed as he tugged the end of my towel and threw it behind him, scooping his arm under my legs and lifting me up.
"Don't! Harry!" I moaned kicking my legs as he stepped to edge of the pool. I looked down at the blue rippling water and the others were in there laughing waiting for him to do it. He stopped and smirked at me, his face so close to mine. I couldn't help glance from his mesmirising eyes to his lips. He noticed this and smirked smugly again, suddenly releasing me from his arms with great force.
"Incoming!" he shouted as I dropped through the air, scrunching my eyes closed. 

My body crashed with great impact into the pool, creating a huge splash around me. Water flew up my nose as I went underwater, pushing myself with all my force to get back above. I opened my mouth with shock and wiped my eyes. Harry was in fits of laughter on the edge of pool, all dry and fine. His chest was wet from holding me and small streams of water ran down his toned torso, underneath the waistband of his swim shorts. He looked too untouched for my liking. I'd been soaked and he was all perfection. I could have slapped him.

I made my way towards the edge where he stood and put my hand out to him, smiling sweetly. He looked amusingly apologetic and put his hand down to mine to help me out.

My smile turned evil and he dropped his face, realising what I was going to do. I yanked his arm with all my strength and he came crashing into the pool beside me. Everyone burst out laughing and I threw my head back in fits, he got what he deserved. Harry rose from the water, his hair looking nothing like i'd seen before. The curls were practically flattened out and his hair dripped over his face.
"Guess I deserved that one" he said, squeezing his eyes shut as water trickled into them.
"Yes!" I said flicking more water at him with my fingertips. His wet skin gleamed in the lighting of the room, highlighting the muscle definition in his shoulders and back. Or perhaps I shouldn't have been noticing that, but it was hard not to. I wiped my eyes and waded through the water to the edge
"Where do you think your going?" Harry called, ducking his head under the water and coming towards me. I hate it when people do that, it's like they could grab your ankles and pull you under any second and you can't run away. He didn't grab me though, he just wanted to scare me, which worked because I was whining to him beneath the water not to. 

He popped up right infront of me and gave me a wink as I was backed up against the pool edge. I was worried he was a bit close and someone might get the wrong idea. He never seemed to care though. Everyone had began going to the diving boards now though or messing around down the other end.
"You deserved that anyway" Harry said, his voice raspy and deep
"Why? What did I do?"
"Teasing me in that bikini" he winked. I pressed my lips together and looked at him blankly, unreadable of his actions. We weren't meant to be like this. We agreed we were just friends. But I couldn't help go along with it.

His hand stroked my bare thigh under the water as he continued to look at me, I found myself getting lost in the green of his eyes. But managed to snap myself out of my thoughts and imagination.
"Teasing? I did nothing of the sort Styles" I smiled, winding my hand over his shoulder and round the back of his neck He exhaled deeply and shut his eyes for a longer blink than usual. No idea why I did that. I was only leading him on.
"You know I find you completely irresistable Georgia" he breathed, his smile lazy. Well actually, I did not know that at all. His hand slipped up to the ties of my bikini bottoms. I parted my lips to speak but found I forgot what I was planning to say as he slowly began to untie one of the strings.
"You're not shy about being forward are you Harry?" I asked quietly under my shaky breath
"Not when your standing here dripping wet in a bikini, no"
"Perhaps I should cover myself up then" I suggested putting my hand on his chest and gently pushing him back away from me.
"Or perhaps not" he laughed. I pulled myself up out of the pool and took my towel again. Harry was watching me as I squeezed my hair in it again, his face mesmerized as he gazed at my lower body.
"Stop staring Styles or I won't be responsible for my actions" I warned but with a slight laugh
"And what might they be?" he asked cheekily pulling himself out too.
"You don't wanna have to find out do you?" I replied, wrapping it around me again. I began wondering back to the changing rooms, knowing full well he was watching from behind. 

I threw my towel to the side once I was hidden and jumped into the showers, the hot water running down my neck and back relieved the hard tension in my shoulders. The smell of raspberry shower gel filled the room even when i'd gotten back into my clothes, it lingered around. I stepped out the door to the corridors and jumped when Harry appeared infront of me, wearing Hollister track bottoms and a dip hem black t-shirt. His hair was wet but the ends were starting to dry and curl.
"You scared me" I gasped putting a hand on my chest and inhaling deeply.
"Sorry, I couldn't think about swimming after your distracting behaviour"
"Me? I didn't distract you from swimming!" I claimed poking him in the ribs.
"Yeah you did with your half naked shenanigans" - I went to poke him again embarassed, but he clasped my hand, winding his fingers through mine. Just then Simon Cowell happened to walk past, fast pace walking as a director ran alongside him keeping up with his words. He was talking some nonsense I didn't understand, spotted us and slowed down.
"Hello, Harry, Georgia. How are you today?"
"Good thank you" I replied sweetly
"Yeah...great thanks" Harry said
"Good....urm" he hesistated, inspecting our standing positions which happened to be quite close "I'm urm calling a small get together later, just a quick announcement. 7pm, dont be late please"
"Okay" we said at the same time as Simon marched off, he turned the corner and Harry wasn't looking, I took the chance to jab him back in the side. WIN.

"I've gathered you all for a quick meeting, just to run over a couple of things" Simon said as we were all gathered in the backstage room of the studios.
"First of all, we're hoping to get a new instructor for the gym, a boxing instructor, to the delight of some of you boys.....and girls" - He looked at the Bellamie girls when he said that and they giggled, Liam and Harry exchanged glances, doing a small fist pump at the thought of become pro boxers. Ha, as if. I could probably beat them up.
"Second of all, remember Saturday night you will need to be soundchecked atleast an hour prior before the show starts. So 6.30 is the latest. And the third thing is..." he started clearing his throat
"I've noticed alot of you are getting closer in the house and that's great, your all contestants and should all be getting along as friends. But to my knowledge, and past experiences of X Factor shows, contestants can get a little TOO close if you know what I mean, and i'm sure you all do" he said, and I could have sworn I saw him glance at me when he said this or it was just my imagination. I looked nervously at Harry who was listening intently to Simon and frowning slightly, a look of concentration on his face.
"So to make it clear, there are to be NO relationships, NO 'flings', NO romances or anything of the sort. This is a competition and your here for that reason only. What you do after the X Factor is your choice completely, but while your here, there are to be no behind the scenes...'snogs' if that's what you call it these days. Is that understood?" - Everyone nodded or murmured 'yes'
"Thank you, have a great night" he said and waved goodbye. Everyone started getting out their seats and moving around the room. My eyes wandered to Harry over the other side of the room, who's eyes met mine amongst the crowd. He smiled slightly, before raising his thumb to me which I thought was fake and he was probably anxious like me that Simon made something of us earlier. It's not like we're in a relationship, or ANYTHING like that.
We're just friends.
But I couldn't help think Simon's little speech was directed at someone. Something he'd seen or guessed. And I knew Harry thought the same.
Which meant, we couldn't keep this up now.
The flirting, the closeness, the body contact, in places we could be spotted.
Anything and everything would have to be gone, discrete or just...behind closed doors.
I'm not putting my place in this competition at risk for some curly haired charmer i'd only met a few weeks ago.
As much as he likes to think it, he's not that special.
And as much as I like to tell myself that, I don't believe it one bit.

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