Sparks Fly

Georgia Riley is a contestant on talent show "The X Factor" along with boyband, One Direction. Will she resist the charm of fellow contestant and housemate Harry Styles' and risk her place in the competition?

Credits to the original author


5. Chapter 5

I didn't know why I was letting this happen. Harry's hands were roaming my body as he kissed me, fingertips stroking, teeth occasionally nibbling on my bottom lip, a small groan coming from him when he felt my tongue taste his.

I felt powerless and knew i'd regret this but part of me didn't care. He flipped us over and pulled me on top of him, his body heat radiating onto me. We were both slightly breathless but went straight back into it, the kisses almost become rough and passionate at the same time. I felt like I was showing two sets of feelings towards Harry right then, hate and lust all in one heavy kiss. Until we were suddenly interupted by a loud crash from the kitchen.

My heart suddenly started beating thumping faster than ever in my chest. Harry froze and I sat up like a bolt, both our eyes flashing in the direction of the crash. I snapped back to reality, as if i'd spent the last five minutes in another world completely. I shot my eyes back to Harry who looked at me nervously. I suddenly realised what I was doing and pulled myself away from him.

"What are you doing?" he whispered, frowning as if he didn't realise why i'd not want to carry on. 

I peered nervously into the kitchen and jumped when I heard Nicolo's voice exclaiming there was no clean glasses in the cupboard. He stood in shorts and a baggy t-shirt looking dissapointed and annoyed at the mess we'd created. He noticed me and looked suprised at my facial expression of which I was still dazed.
"Georgia, do you know where all the glasses are?"
"Urm..sorry we might have used them" I said, still flustered but smiled apologetically
"Oh. Guess i'll have to drink this" he said picking up a can of 7up as if he'd never seen it before and scrunched his nose. He took a sip then viewed me suspiciously
"What are you doing down here anyway, I thought everyone had gone to bed?" he asked
"Uhh....yeah" I stuttered, glancing back into the living room and seeing Harry lying back on the sofa, arms bent behind his head and staring at the ceiling. 

Nicolo took his can and wandered into the front room, making Harry shoot up to a sitting position. He eyed him for a second, looking back to me again and back to Harry, frowning with confusion as if he was figuring something out. I gave him an unconvincing fake smile as if everything was fine and widened my eyes nervously at Harry when he turned his head back around. Harry scratched the back of his neck and stood up straight.

"Everything alright Nicolo man?" he asked, patting him on the back and smiling broadly. Nicolo still frowned suspiciously but relaxed his expression.
"Yes, aren't you going to sleep now?"
"Alright sorry DAD" he joked "We're heading up now anyway aren't we Georgia?" Harry asked me, grinning suggestively behind Nicolo's head.
"Urm, yeah. Well I am now.... Night" I said dashing out the room, leaving Harry looking confused. 

I hurried up the staircase and along the landing to my room. I shut my bedroom door behind me and buried my face in my pillow.
What just happened? I replayed it in my head over and over, not knowing whether to regret it or not. Whether it was a bad thing to have kissed Harry? If Nicolo didn't interupt with his smashing, my mind would be in a worse situation now. In some ways I should be grateful to him for interupting before it went further.
I didn't bring it on. Why would I? I don't like Harry. I don't.
It was all down to him. He initiated it. He kissed me first.
But if I really wanted to stop it, I would have just said no...wouldn't I?

The next morning I slept through my alarm and heard Katie opening my bedroom door
"Psst! Georgia! Get up it's 9.30am we've gotta be ready in an hour" she hissed banging her hand on the wall to wake me more.
"I'm up i'm up" I mumbled from under my pillow, waving my hand to tell her to go away. I groaned as I pulled my head out and saw rain pouring down outside the window. The sky was grey and the roads saturated with brown puddles and people tucked up under raincoats and umbrellas. Lovely. Well, this is Britain after all.

I dressed myself into some leggings and a loose knitted jumper, not bothering to sort out my bedhead. I tied it up in an easy bun. It was only gonna get turned into rats tails by the rain anyway. As I flicked the mascara wand through my lashes, my mind flashed back to last night. I didn't want to go over it in my head again, I felt sick enough already from early morning wake ups and hunger. The thought of having to be around Harry today just made me feel worse. I pulled my brown boots on and dragged myself downstairs, my eyes half closed as I hadn't woken up properly yet.
"Whoah watch it!" Zayn exclaimed as I walked into him on the stairs. He stepped back holding a bowl of almost overflowing cereal and a glass of orange juice.
"Sorry" I mumbled, irritated. I wasn't in the best of moods this morning. I don't think it had anything to with last night, it could have just been a minor hangover not that I felt that drunk. 

My head wasn't aching but I felt so groggy it was unreal. I dragged my feet as I sloped into the kitchen. I didn't bother looking around to see who was in there because my eyes were still like weights. Mary took a look at me half asleep and handed me a glass of ice cold water. I thanked her, drank it all in one gulp and collapsed on the second room sofa for a five minute rest hoping to refresh myself a bit. 

I heard the voices of the FYD boys walking down the corridor and the moans of Zayn from the living room. I didn't worry that I was sleeping on a random sofa in the corridor infront of everyone because within a few days i'd become comfortable being around them all. Well, most of them. As my mind drifted off sleepy thoughts, I heard my name being called
"George?" - I opened my eyes and Louis was looking over me. He pulled my hand to help me up and I smiled lazily. "Are you up for a quick chat?"
"Urm..sure" I said, not knowing what this could be about. We wandered down the corridor and out the back door to a small space between outside and inside. A little porch with plants and two random armchairs. I sat on one and Louis sat on the arm of the other, his feet on the actual seat.
"What's up?" I asked, forcing myself to gain real concentration as I didn't want to look rude.
"Urm..basically, I spoke to Katie last night"
"Oh right..." I replied. I didn't know how I supposed to repsond.
"She told me something, which is why I wanted to talk to you" - I couldn't help freeze my gaze and grimace. What would Katie have told him? There was only one thing she could have said, obviously that I liked him.
"Can I ask what?" I asked hopeful it wasn't what I thought. I pressed my lips together and clenched my teeth. 'Please don't say you know I liked you' I thought
"Urm..that you told her you like me" he said. I scrunched my nose up and rubbed my forehead in embaressment.
"Well she was drunk so it's not really her fault she let slip" - I wasn't bothered about that, just that he knew. I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks and put my face in my hands.
"Urm..." I started, thinking I should say something "Yeah, I don't know what to say really"
"You don't have to say anything Georgia" he chuckled "I just wanna say..."
"You don't have to say anything either Louis" I said smiling at him for his kindness "It's not a big deal. I know you've got a girlfriend, it's cool don't worry. It's not like I was planning on anything happening"
"Well...hey how did you know that?" he asked
"Urm...Katie heard you on the phone to someone called Natalie?"
"Ohh. Urm..yeah, she is my girlfriend. From back home, but if it's any consolation I would have said you"
"Would have said me what?"
"For the game last night....Who you fancy most in the house?"
"Oh! I get it haha, I obviously wouldn't have said Wagner really" I laughed and Louis sniggered.
"But...I want to be friends with you, GOOD friends!" he said. I smiled with a small sigh, not that I was dissapointed or anything, but I should have realised before how friendly Louis was. I get on with him so well because we're meant to be friends. I'm sure Natalie is more suitable as his girlfriend. I told him of course we would be good friends and that it was fine with me, because it totally was.

Maybe Louis wasn't actually my 'type' in the first place, even though I thought he was. Consdering what happened last night, I don't think I even know my type anymore.

In breaks from rehearsals I was being filmed for a behind the scenes Xtra Factor video. My rehearsals were going well and luckily there wasn't much choreography to learn for my song as it's quite low tempo. But watching One Direction is pretty entertaining. Liam takes the lead and Niall and Zayn have small solo parts. The background is a fiery orange glow and it all just goes really well together on stage. Harry seemed to be suffering from nerves though and kept taking breaks because he felt ill. I felt sorry for him in a way because I know how nerve wracking it can be up there. He seemed alright later though when I was sitting in the judges seat watching Wagner's rehearsals. 

It was painful to watch but hilarious at the same time. Everytime a dancer turned to the right, he'd turn left and crash into her. Brian Friedman looked a bit pissed off to be honest, and the dancers weren't best pleased either.

"I be trying my best" he claimed flicking his straw like hair behind his shoulder. I grimaced at his horrendous outfit, Adidas tracksuit bottoms and a tight white top that must be a size too small for him. Never thought i'd see a 50 year old Brazillian in Adidas if i'm honest. Luckily the FYD boys stepped in the show him how it's done and he picked the moves up a bit quicker. It was so amusing to watch though, I could hear Niall and Louis' laughs from behind as they came to sit in the other judges seats.
"How long is it gonna take him to get it right?!" Niall chuckled
"He's getting better" Louis said "Not good but better"
"I know, i've been laughing at him for almost an hour. I need some food, have you's finished rehearsals for today?" I said getting up.
"No we're back on later"
"Okay well see you in a bit" I said and ran up the steps to backstage and down the corridor. 

It was only a matter of time that i'd cross paths with Harry. I couldn't keep avoiding him because I felt awkward. We live in the same house we were gonna have to speak to each other at some point. He pushed open the door I was heading towards, as I walked up the long corridor. He stepped through it, looking down as his walked, his earphones plugged in and hands shoved in his jeans pockets. He only noticed me a second before nearly sending me flying.

"Whoah Georgia hey I didn't see you there" he said a smile creeping along his face
"It's okay, I er need to get some food" I said with my hand on my stomach, because I was actually starving but was probably making it look like an excuse not to stick around.
"Hey hang about. Can we talk?"
"Ur...what about?" I asked spinning back around
"Urm" he said mimicking me "I think you know?" a non serious tone to his voice. I didn't reply, but stood still and waited for him to continue.
"I just wanna talk about last night Georgia that's not so difficult is it?"
"Well, what is there to say?" I asked. Harry looked at me blankly. He threw an arm up slightly as if to shrug.
"I dont know, I just wanna know what you're thinking...about it" he said, stepping a bit closer. 

I could faintly hear John Mayer playing from his iPod and smiled slightly to myself. He might make himself appear all 'that' but he had a hint of some sweetness in him.

"I'm thinking.....I'm thinking it was a bad idea" I said slowly, waiting anxiously for his reaction. He clenched his jaw slightly and looked down at the floor with a hint of hurt on his face, before running his hand through his hair.
"Did it seem like a bad idea at the time?" he asked, raising his head and looking up at me again
"Well, no I guess not at the time, but...I dont know it's just, we shouldn't go there Harry. What if we didn't hear anything and Nicolo caught us?"
"Then he would have got a nice view"
"Don't wouldn't be right. Me and you don't work like that. And it's not allowed!"
"It was definatley working last night and you seemed pretty up for it to me" he said, that cheeky grin appearing again. I rolled my eyes.
"It's just....risky Harry! You heard Simon didn't you? No relationships or anything like that"
"Doesn't have to be a relationship does it? Never said that" he pointed out as if I was stupid.
"What is this then? We can be friends" I suggested as it was the only other option. I still tell myself I don't like Harry. I still say he's not right for me.
"Well, if that's all you want?"
"That's all we can be?"
"No, there's friends, then there's friends with benefits too. Never had that?" he grinned slightly, and putting his hand on my arm, stroking my skin with his thumb.
"...So what your saying wanna be friends but keep this up?" I said looking down at his arm that was winding itself right around my waist. He pulled me close to him, our torso's pressing together staring into my eyes. It was like he couldn't ever keep his hands to himself.

"It's up to you George"
"We're just.....friends, Harry" I said quietly. He looked down again with a frown and pressed his lips together firmly. He let go of me and for some reason I felt dissapointed at the loss of contact. But he'd accepted what I said, suprisingly not trying to change my decision. 

I looked at him questioningly for a response. He paused for a moment, as if he was thinking, before lifting his head up again.
"Food then yeah?" he suggested, smiling warmly in a way that made my anxieties relax. 

How can he do that just by smiling? I don't understand it. I nodded and he walked infront of me as we headed back to the door that lead to where I was headed originally.

I found myself noticing things besides his curly head of hair bounce from behind. Like the way he strolled boyishly with his hands shoved in his pockets, the way he politely held the door open for me, the way his eyes really glowed when he grinned. And the effect it seemed to have on the butterflies in the pit of my stomach.
How his jeans slung low at the hips, the muscular definition in his arms and shoulders, how perfect his teeth where when he laughed. 

I realised I was seeing all these things and not seeing the bad stuff I saw before.
I told myself the same thing again
I don't like him.
And questioned myself the same question again
Do I?
I'd tell myself no again, and be done with it. But I couldn't help think..
Did I just make a big mistake?

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