Sparks Fly

Georgia Riley is a contestant on talent show "The X Factor" along with boyband, One Direction. Will she resist the charm of fellow contestant and housemate Harry Styles' and risk her place in the competition?

Credits to the original author


4. Chapter 4



"Everyone spread around, move about the room" Liam shouted, walking over to the lightswitch. I wondered over to the middle of the room aimlessly, unsure of how long this game would last. I'd played it once before, and knew what kind of things can happen when your in the dark with people. The light flicked off and the room went pitch black. I couldn't see a thing, my eyes needed a minute to adjust to the darkness. I heard a strange excited noise from Zayn and a laugh from Katie.
"Ouch!" I recognised Aiden's voice and Katie laughed again.
"Sorry! Aiden I didn't see you were down there!" she said
"Where exactly is he Katie?" Zayn asked flirtily and she tutted.
"That's kind of the point in the game, your not meant to see who your touching" Liam pointed out.
"What if i'm touching another lad?!" Zayn cried
"I'm sure you'll know if you are or not" he replied. I saw a faint outline rise from the ground, seeing a quiff and giggled as Aiden stumbled about laughing. I stepped carefully, hoping I didn't step on anyone's foot or head or something.
"What's going on in here guys, why are the lights off?" asked a girls voice. I thought it sounded like Sophia from Bellamie.
"We're playing 'lights out' ladies, care to join us?" Liam asked in a perverted manner.
"How do you know if it's ladies or just lady?" she replied
"Well come in and we'll soon find out" Harry said. All these boys are so cheeky, it's funny sometimes but it can be really annoying and immature most of the time.
"Ow Liam!" an irish accent exclaimed and we all sniggered at Niall as Liam apologised for standing on his foot.
"Okay who just felt my arse?" Zayn shouted
"Guess you'll never know Zayny baby" Louis spoke and we all burst out laughing. I squinted to try and make out any figures in the dark. I could just see a faint shadow of a tall person putting their arms on someone and a muffled giggle. I felt around for something to find whereabouts I was, stepping forwards and my shin colliding with something hard. I squealed as I fell over the arm of the sofa and landed on it in a soft bump.
"Haha who's fell down?" Aiden asked.
"Me" I laughed, pulling myself up then feeling a weight drop down onto me. "Ow Aaahhaha" I giggled as my stomach was pressed down hard by this person.
"Sorry Georgia, Niall pushed me onto you" Liam apologised as if he committed a big crime. "But I knew who you were didn't I?"
"Not by playing it right though" Katie said. I pulled myself up and wandered over to another corner of the room, being careful not to bang into anything. I put my arms out and felt a fluffy texture in my hands. A muffled laugh could be heard as I moved my hands down their face and shoulders, feeling hard shoulders and a ribbed stomach. I could guess this was Zayn or Liam by the six pack, although I didn't know if Louis and Niall had them either, but who's hair was like this?
"Zayn?" I hissed.
"You got me babe" he said putting his hands on my arms. "Was it my pack?"
"Excuse me?!" another girl exclaimed that I thought may be Esther from Bellamie.
"My six pack you idiot" he replied. I laughed and spun around in the opposite direction. That boy wasn't exactly modest about himself either. I'd never seen a boy put lip balm on and comb his hair before. In a way it made me laugh but it was typical that the attractive boys were so vain. I made out who I thought was Sophia and Liam doing a bit of touchy feely and felt immediatley awkward for seeing them, although they wouldn't know that I could see it was them.

A hand suddenly wrapped itself around my waist and drew me backwards. I didn't know whereabouts in the room I was standing but I felt some heavy material draped over my shoulder that felt like the curtain. I squinted again trying to make out who it was, seeing an outline of what looked like curly hair. Ha, I should of guessed. I put my hands up to find the face and felt a pair of hands slowly slip up my sides making me shiver.
I knew who it was and he knew who I was.

His hands pushed me back against the wall. I could barely see any of his face, just the slight shape of his nose and mouth, which moved out of my sight a second later. A blow of hot breath tingled my neck and his hands tightened around my waist. I didn't want to mirror his intentions. We'd already had a close moment tonight during one of these games and if someone turned the lights on..

I pulled my hands off him prepared to step back and away from it, but something was telling me not to. My head told me I wanted to stop it but I knew somewhere inside me I didn't. 'Why am I still standing here?' I thought. I'm convinced I don't like Harry, but yet I was letting him put his lips on my neck. He was sponging them behind my ear and I was powerless to stop my hands winding around his neck. My stomach was doing flips. The way his skin was warm and his body radiating centimetres away from mine was inviting but I didn't want to get carried away. 

He kissed behind my ear, edging along my jaw slowly towards my mouth, his breath making me tingle and I tensed up suddenly as his tongue gently traced my skin. But I never felt him meet my lips with his.

I moved my hands from his neck down to his shoulders and his head moved back up before me, I could see he had a wide grin on his face even though it was dark. I opened my mouth to whisper something but his finger touched them gently

"Ssh" he whispered, still smiling broadly. I frowned deeply, since my facial expressions were barely visible to others right now. What just happened? After everything I think about him. How much he annoys me with his ego and cocky attitude. But something pulled me towards him, he pissed me off and everything but there is no denying he's annoyingly sexy. 

Harry's head began slowly leaning down again, his lips heading towards mine now. I was frozen, should have moved; couldn't.

"Let's turn the lights on now guys!" Sophia interuppted before it happened, stamping over to the lights
"Whaaaaay, Sophia was getting a bit into that game!" Zayn laughed.

The lights suddenly came on, making us all rub our eyes and groan at the brightness of it all. I scrunched my eyes together, opening them to see colours i'm sure weren't part of the room. My heart was beating fast at the realisation and fact I almsot got caught about to kiss Harry. I couldn't even comprehend the fact I was about to let him kiss me anyway.

I scanned the area to see Liam on the sofa with his arm up over the back. Zayn was standing smugly with his arms crossed looking at Sophia who wasn't best pleased. Niall was sitting on a beanbag in the corner with Louis hanging besides him drinking a beer. Aiden and Katie were together on the other side of the room and I couldn't help but smile at her as if to ask, she smiled back blushing a bit. I looked beside me and Harry was leaning casually against the wall with his hands in his pockets.

"No I wasn't. You were putting your hands in places innapropriate Zayn, it's meant to be a game. Not feel up the nearest person and carry on even when you've guessed who it is" Sophia ranted at him
"Chill out Sophia, I think you enjoyed it personally" he winked. She rolled her eyes, grabbed a bottle of wine from the rack on the table and took it next door with Esther who held four glasses.
We literally sat around for a while after that just chatting about nothing. As more alcohol was consumed, more stupid things came out of our mouths.
"So Aiden, tell us, who you fancy in the house?" Louis asked a very drunk Aiden. He barely opened his eyes and a lazy smile spread across his face as he registered what Louis said. We all sniggered at how pissed he was, he'd be feeling the effects of that tomorrow. Not good for morning rehearsals.
"The person....I....fancy...the the" he stuttered, his eyes closing again "Katie" he said smiling cheesily at her and she blushed. I knew Aiden wouldn't have admitted that normally but with a drunk mind speaks a sober heart.
"Whaaaay Aiden and Katie!" Zayn teased making her blush more. She hit him with a cushion and he pretended to fall off the back of the sofa, injured.
"Georgia?" Louis asked in his 'announcer man' voice. 

I widened my eyes at the sudden attention that was on me. I scanned the group and saw their eyes on me, except for Aiden and Niall who were falling asleep under the effects of alcohol. Louis had a funny fake questioning expression on his as he stroked his chin waiting for an answer. Katie, Liam and Zayn all waited for my answer and I glanced at Harry, who was staring me down, a small smirk on his face. No way, he wanted me to say him. As if. Not gonna happen.

"Hmmm...." I said pretending to think as I searched my brain "I'm gonna have to say Wagner" - and they all burst into laughter, including Harry. 

I looked at Louis and he was ready to ask someone else now, it was good that he didn't like me. Because i'd be dissapointed now that he didn't want me to say him. I need to forget about him. I don't think he's right for me like that, he's too much of a friend kinda guy. As much as it pains me to say it, I don't think anything could happen between us. If it could, he'd have shown some interest in me by now wouldn't he? And as far as I know, he's seeing someone.

At around 12.30pm, most of the others started heading upstairs to bed. Rehearsals started at 10.30am tomorrow morning. Niall stumbled up the stairs, the lightweight he'd shown himself to be, followed by Liam, Katie and Aiden. Leaving Zayn and Harry downstairs while I put away some of the bottles.

"Everyone's so weak, it's like 12.30" Zayn complained, swigging the lasts from a bottle of cider
"Yeah but we're up early tomorrow aren't we? And it will be hilarious to see if Aiden can get up in the morning" I said
"Haha I guess, i'm heading up anyway, you guys going too now?" he asked putting his empty bottle down on the shelf.
"Yeah i'll just help Georgia clean up a bit" Harry said in a deep voice. A pit on my stomach turned as I realised i'd have to be alone with him. It was purely that I couldn't trust that he wouldn't annoy or say something to me. As much as i'd told myself I didn't like him, I was nervous that i'd be influenced to change my mind. I was determined not to be another girl he gets just by using his charms. I don't wanna be an object to him. Something tells me Harry's experienced and knows how to get what he wants.

"Here, let me help you" he offered, taking the heavy bottle from my arms. I smiled gratefully and he returned the gesture, making something twinge inside my stomach when I saw his dimples. I couldn't be falling for that dimple effect that screaming girl fans fall for.

Could I?
No, I DON'T like him.

"Thanks" I replied
"No problem. You don't have to do this, just leave it and Mary will clean it tomorrow morning!"
"Aw poor Mary, she cleans everyones mess" I said feeling sorry for her.
"I know I know but it's alright, you should go to bed. Or you'll look a mess in the morning"
"Ha excuse me?!" I laughed
"I'm just messing with ya" he said rolling his eyes but smiling all the same.
"I think your the one that will look a mess tomorrow, not that you'll look any different" I joked throwing an empty plastic coke bottle in the bin. I noticed a small patch on the white carpet and hesistated. It was probably not a good idea drinking and eating in there after all!
"I'm truly hurt Georgia" he said putting his hand over his heart, where his chest was still without a shirt.
"I'm sorry my minor insult was so offensive Styles"
"You weren't exactly ready to 'insult' me earlier" he smirked, his dimples reappearing. I folded my arms and raised an eyebrow as if to tell him off.
"What's that meant to mean?" I asked trying not to smile.

He stopped still, grinned at me and walked forward a few steps so he was right before me. I held my breath for a reason I don't even know.

"You know you enjoyed it" he said still giving me the cheekiest grin, making me helpless not to keep a straight face.
"Ha! I think someone's a bit too confident in the-"
"Let's try that again shall we?" he said putting his hands on my hips, snaking them around to my back, slightly underneath my top this time. He definatley didn't hold back, he was forward. I gave him a look that was supposed to be serious but failed. He seemed to take any seriousness I had away. I couldn't pretend for long around him.

"I dont see you backing away" he whispered, one mouthend curling up and a dimple marking the same cheek

He pulled me gently by the waist into his torso, his heat of his topless body emitting to mine. I glanced down at our touching stomachs, no space lying between us. 

Harry bit his lip and glanced down at mine, something stirring inside me at knowing exactly what he wanted to do next. I had a desperate knocking at the back of my head telling me I needed to back away fast. But he was almost magnetic, drawing me towards him without even trying. His lips looked incredible, I had the annoying urge to taste them, feel them on mine but it shouldn't happen. No

Instead of moving just his head, he moved himself forward, pushing me backwards with him so we were in a similar position to earlier. As my back hit into contact with the wall behind, Harry crushed his lips onto mine and began kissing me passionatley. 

I felt my stomach flip as his soft lips kissed with technique that was effortless. I found myself wanting to pull away, trying to keep to my words but I felt helpless not to give in and kiss him back. My knees went weak as he ran the tip of his wet tongue along my lower lip, pleading for entrance.

He had enough control over me that I couldn't bring myself to stop it. Harry gently lifted my thighs up to wrap around his waist with ease and dropped me softly onto the sofa, clambering on top of me, his damp kisses sponging down my neck.

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