Sparks Fly

Georgia Riley is a contestant on talent show "The X Factor" along with boyband, One Direction. Will she resist the charm of fellow contestant and housemate Harry Styles' and risk her place in the competition?

Credits to the original author


3. Chapter 3

Around 8pm I changed out of my hoodie and shoes into something less scruffy as if we'd be heading out to get Subway I didn't want to be papped looking disgusting. I pulled on a white off-the-shoulder top over my leggings and some black leather ankle boots. I pressed play on my iPod speaker and Rihanna came on again, "What's My Name" blasting from the speakers. I bounced over to the wardrobe humming along to the song and looking for my black jacket

"Is that your singing or are my ears bleeding?" a husky voice spoke. I slammed my wardrobe door to see Harry standing in my doorway leaning against the side. He was dressed in dark jeans and a purple Jack Wills hoodie with a can of Coke in his hand.
"Excuse me? Do you just walk in nowadays without knocking"
"Shouldn't have left the door open then should you?" he said smiling and stepping into fully, scanning the room with his eyes. "Are you ready yet or what? We're going in a minute"
"Yeh i'm just finding my jacket" I said pulling it off a hanger and slipping my arm into the sleeve. I could feel Harry's eyes on me. I frowned and him and ushered him out the room, switching the plug off as I followed causing silence to fall as the music stopped.
As we all left the house for a bit the air outside was chilly, causing me to shiver as we headed for Subway 

I glanced at Louis and he smiled at me but started cracking jokes to Liam, mucking about jumping on walls and running up the road like a weirdo. We couldn't help but laugh at some of things that came out his mouth. I caught up with Katie who was walking ahead near Niall.
"Hey" I whispered "Urm...What do you think of Louis?"
"Louis? He's hilarious!"
"Well yeah you think he's hot?"
"...Sure but I dont like him like that if thats what you mean"
"No i'm just wondering, I thought I liked him when we first met but....i'm not entirely sure if I actually do now"
"Why not? What's he done?"
"Nothing nothing, I just see him more as a funny guy now instead of someone I could see myself with"
"So, do you like him in that way or not?"
"I don't know! I still do but I know he doesn't like me that way. So what's the point in bothering?"
"I guess. But you don't know that for sure. He might like you back"
"I doubt it, he hasn't shown me any signs that he does and...he's too much of a joker. I can't take him seriously"
"Exactly, uhm...come to think about it, maybe you should...forget about him"
"Well I dont think I should forget about it comple-"
"-Okay to be truthful George" she cut in "I think he has something going on with another girl"
"Huh? What, who?"
"No one on the X Factor, someone from back home"
".Oh..How do you know?"
"I heard him on the phone to someone called Natalie earlier. He seemed to be talking to her, in a way I wouldn't call just friendly"
"Don't look too dissapointed! You've only known him properly a few days, we just need to concentrate on the competition"
"Your right, thanks for telling me. Now I can actually think about Saturday night more now!" I laughed. That really took me for seconds, Louis had a girlfriend? Is that even right? She said she'd only heard him on the phone to a girl, but it didn't neccesarily mean that was his girlfriend. 'Just forget about it Georgia' I told myself. Typically for someone I was interested in, he'd be off the cards.

We got to Subway and cameramen appeared as if from nowhere, blinding flashes at us every two seconds as we tried to get some food. It was weird, i'd never experienced this before but I guessed we'd have to get used to it. I tried to act as if they weren't there but they were firing demanding questions at us. One asked me which one of the boys I was dating and I think he caught me pulling a horrified face with his camera. Great, that would be leaked somewhere by tomorrow. 

I felt a hand on my lower back ushering me away from the paps and back down the isolated road leading to the X Factor house.
"Walk this way and keep your head down. Just pretend they're not there" said Harry as he lead me in the direction home. I sped up the pace a little because I didn't want them to catch a photo of Harry with his hand still on my back and have it on some paper tomorrow morning.

We got back to the house and spread out our food on the living room floor, being careful not to spill it everywhere as the carpet was so clean and white.
"Tell me why we choose to eat in the cleanest room of the house?" Aiden said, pouring extra ketchup onto his burger. The smell of the food was enough to be detected by Wagner from upstairs who entered the room a minute later.
"Alright Waggers!" Zayn shouted with his mouth full of food
"Why the smell? Vat are you eating here?" he asked in his brazillian accent, making Niall chuckle silently as he stuffed fries into his mouth.
"It's called a Subway sandwich Wagner" Louis said to him as if he spoke no english and couldn't understand anything.
"You children do not make a mess. I will not be cleaning up"
"Relax Waggers, have a bite" Harry mumbled, holding a chicken footlomg
"I do not want any of your fatty sandviches. I be trimming down" he replied, sucking in his pot belly, making us have to cover our mouths to stop laughing. "Why you laugh? Harry?"
"No reason Wagner, have a good night man" Harry smiled at him. Wagner didn't enjoy the saracasm and pointed his finger at him.
"Just remember...I was a man before you were born"
"I'll uh...keep that in mind" Harry replied smirking a little. I pressed my lips together until he left the room and we all burst out laughing.

We finished our food and just hung about for a bit. Harry, Liam and Zayn had managed to lose their t-shirts, but claimed "naked is how they chill". We rolled our eyes but Liam and Zayn's bodys were suprisingly defined and I noticed Katie staring wide eyed at Zayn's six pack. Aiden and Louis were the only ones that could get alcohol but they said they'd get a load extra for the rest of us. Aiden began downing beers at a fast pace and before he knew it he was almost out his head. He's hilarious when he's drunk,. collapsing on the sofa, laughing hysterically, shouting random words and singing stupid songs. He closed his eyes for a minute and Louis took a black marker, drawing a moustache on his face. I laughed and he came at me with it.
"Noooo stay away from me with that pen" I shouted.
"Oh i'll get you" he replied chasing me around the room with it. I jumped over the chair and fell onto it, Louis falling ontop of me. He laughed and dropped himself off the chair no longer than a second later, rolling on the floor. I sat up and scanned the room, Liam was talking to Katie. Aiden was half dead on the sofa, while the rest of us were pretty much sober. Niall was laughing at something Zayn was saying, no suprise.
"What shall we do? It's like 10pm and Aiden's out of it already" Liam asked. Harry paused his concentration and put down his beer.
"Let's play a game" he suggested.
"What kind of game?" Katie asked.
"Twister!" Aiden shouted suddenly from the sofa, smiling cheesily. He looked hilarious with his moutasche and geek glasses. "I like twister!"
"Twister sounds' good to me actually" Harry said
"Twister? Are you kidding me man? That's a shit game" Zayn moaned
"You might enjoy it Zayn" Louis said. Harry nudged Liam, whispered something and they both smirked mysteriously. Niall went and grabbed the twister mat and layed it out on the carpet. Aiden had a go first but just collapsed in giggles everytime he moved. Katie attempted to play against Niall and won when he fell over his own feet. 

Next it was Liam, Louis and me, and I won when Louis jumped on Liam's back pushing him down. It was like my feelings for Louis had changed. Somewhere inside me I still like him, but the fact that he possibly had a girlfriend, and that there aren't supposed to be relationships made me subside my little crush. He was too much of friend material for me, but I cant help still feel something for him. First impressions do count after all.
"Next is, Aiden, Harry and..erm.. Georgia1" Louis shouted pointing to the mat for us to get on it.
"Prepared to lose?" Harry asked, grinning at me as he stood on the opposite side of the mat
"No, cause I wont" I replied, giving him a sour smile. 

Aiden went first and bent over to put his hand on a yellow spot. He gave up quite quickly, falling on his stomach and bursting into drunk laughter again. 

I ended up with my hands holding me up behind me and my feet on spots next to each other, the rest of my body raised in the air. Harry was next to me, one hand reaching over my stomach and his leg reaching the other corner of the mat.
"Georgia, left foot red" Niall ordered. I looked around for a red, noticing the closest one being on Harry's other side. Great. I stretched my leg over his body and put it down on the spot, ending up almost straddling his chest . Harry smirked again and chuckled, looking me intently in the face. I avoided his eye contact not wanting to make any awkwardness or make myself laugh.
"Harry, right hand green" instructed Niall.
"Where's the nearest green?" he asked looking around for it. Liam pointed to it right behind me and Harry leaned over and put his hand down. 

He was physically very close to me and if he moved a millimetre i'd fall down. His chest was hovering over mine, a paper thin space between us. I could feel his warm alcohol tinged breath on my cheek, my heart pounding for no known reason. His face lingered close to mine and the corners of his mouth turning up into a smirk, his eyebrows raising suggestively.

"This is a long one, you guys may have to draw" Niall said, sighing
"No I think we're doing pretty good don't you George?" Harry grinned "Or do you wanna give up?" he said running his finger over my collarbone. A tingle ran through my body. That couldn't be good, but i'm not one to admit defeat.

"No, i'll win this" I said, pushing his hand away and making him laugh silently.
"Okay then, Georgia, left hand blue" Niall said. The next blue that was available meant i'd have to move my arm under Harry to reach it. 

As I stretched my arm to it, the warm skin of his toned torso brushed my shoulder. He reached for his next move, his breath tickling my neck as he was forced to move closer. I bit down on my lip trying to ignore the way I could practically hear his heartbeat. This was going on for too long. If someone didn't lose, I didn't want to start taking a different approach to this. I didn't want to actually start enjoying being so close to Harry.

I don't like him.
Do I?
No, I don't. I can't like someone like Harry. He's not my type.

"Let's give up now, this games boring" Zayn said making me let out a deep exhale of relief as I collapsed on the mat. Harry stood up and did a celebratory hip thrust. He put his hand down to me to pull me up, and I reluctantly took it. He pulled me up with some force, my body colliding with his for a second before I backed away.
"More games? Or just more alcohol?" Louis asked. He smiled at me warmly and I smiled back and nodded
"I've got one" Liam piped up
"It better be good cause I get bored very easily" Zayn said swigging from his bottle.
"Yeah I noticed, actually you might like this. Familiar with the game 'Lights out'?" he asked smiling

This was gonna be a long, unpredictable night.

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