Sparks Fly

Georgia Riley is a contestant on talent show "The X Factor" along with boyband, One Direction. Will she resist the charm of fellow contestant and housemate Harry Styles' and risk her place in the competition?

Credits to the original author


2. Chapter 2

I got up the next morning feeling happy and refreshed. The sun was shining right into my bedroom waking me with a smile, remembering where I was. I'd met all the housemates last night, or at least introduced myself. I was feeling really confident and excited about today. We'd all been told to be up and down into main studios by 10am, but with excitement and sleeping in a different room I woke up at 8am. After breakfast we were heading over to the vocal coach to find out what songs we'd be singing this week. I bound down the wide staircase, skipping to the kitchen, seeing one of the FYD boys cleaning dishes and Mary sweeping the countertop of cocoa pops.

"Those boys, I have to clean up the mess. I tell ya, I feel like i've got five teenage sons" Mary moaned in her irish accent, whilst wiping down the surface.

I talked to Louis a couple of times too last night, and after a while I realised he was probably the funniest person i've ever come across. The more I realised he was such a joker, the less I was concentrating on how hot he is. Which is annoying because, I liked looking at him a lot. He gave off a vibe that told me he was someone i'd be able to make friends with easily and love being around. Even though, in a dream world, I still visualised the possibility of us more than friends.

I searched the fridge for something I could eat, but nothing in there agreed with my early morning appetite. I threw two slices of bread in the toaster and went to pour myself some juice, leaving it cooking unattended. Luckily, Mary, being the mother of the house already, took it out and buttered it and cut it into triangles for me automatically, like some kind of cleaning/cooking machine. I bit into it, smiling to her and spinning round to go back upstairs with my food when I collided with something hard.

"Whoah, watch the toast people!" I said loudly, cradling my hand around the edge of the plate to prevent the toast falling to the floor. Then a hand appeared over it and rudely took a slice from my plate.
"Thanks" a deep lazy voice spoke. I looked up to see a familiar topless curly haired boy raising it to his mouth and almost demolishing it with one bite. He gave me a cheesy smile and brushed past me as I rose my eyebrows.

"Do you mind, making your own next time Harry? Or maybe asking?" I called to him as he grabbed a carton of juice from the fridge, casuall leaning his hips against the edge of the counter, swigging straight from it, before turning away to open the cupboards
"And do you mind not staring at me from behind when i'm half naked?" he called back, I could almost hear the cocky smile on his face. 

I rolled my eyes and he looked back at me over his shoulder and laughed. I wanted to leave the kitchen where I was headed originally but couldn't seem to shift my gaze away as I noticed the muscles of Harry's back move as his shoulder blades did. I double blinked, snapping myself out of a quick fantasy and feeling like slapping myself around the face for even having it in the first place. Mary tutted at his lazy eating habits and grabbed the carton from his hands. Harry took another bite from the toast, giving me a wink as he brushed past me. The warm skin of our bare arms touching, making something sir inside me. It was a feeling of confusion as to why I hadn't left the kitchen already before him

I went back up to my room and changed into a pair of leggings, a long vest top and baggy red jumper. It was a rehearsals day and there was no point in making an effort for that. But that didn't mean I wasn't going to put on my daily mascara, tinted moisturiser and cherry chapstick. I slipped into some black vans, shoved my long hair up and was ready to go.

The next two days went fast. I was happy with my song choice of Airplanes by B.O.B and Hayley Willaims, as it was "Number 1's" week and I pretty much knew that one off by heart. The voach coaching with Yvie Burnett went well and I started to get pretty excited about Saturday night. I'd been talking more and more with all the other housemates, particularly with Aiden, Katie, Rebecca and some of the boys.

The following day I bumped into Louis and Liam in the hallways, after they'd been talking to The Xtra Factor for some video that would be on the website. Liam asked if I wanted to come to lunch with them and I immediatley agreed, happy for a chance to spend some time near Louis. It wasn't so much I wanted to look at him anymore, he was just good company and I liked being around him. 

When I first met him I was convinced I liked him, but now I was completely unsure of HOW I liked him exactly. He was obviously very attractive, but I was more drawn to his personality than his looks now. And couldn't work out whether I liked him in that way anymore. But first impressions count and I couldn't surely change my mind just like that.

I debated this when I ran into Harry backstage of soundcheck on Wednesday

"How's it going?" he asked, raising his eyebrows in a manner I couldn't figure out, if he was being flirty or not. He made a tired simple smile that made him look very innocent and I couldn't help find it funny.
"Good! Thanks, you?" I replied, i'm not the type of person to tell someone what I think of them. I'd rather keep my thoughts to myself and be polite.
"Yeah, we've just finished rehearsals for today"
"Yeah I watched you earlier, it looks pretty good" I said, I was telling the truth but then realising I was bigging him up. Why would I? He didn't seem to need it from what i'd heard of him.
"Thanks, you looked good up there too..... Very good actually" he said, that grin appearing on his face again as he stepped towards me so our feet were cm apart.

I opened my jaw to reply but froze as I realised how close we now were. That warm manly scent from him I smelt before catching my breath in my throat. I took a split second to look up at him, examining the features of his face. Admittedly, he was pretty much flawless. His eyes warm seafoam green and his lips were full, slightly moist and extremely kissale, images of feeling them moving against mine suddenly filling my mind. Soft chesnut curls surrounded his face, shaping it well. God, it made me hate him even more. Hating to enjoy looking at him and hating to have images like that in my head with someone I didn't like at all.

I realised I had been staring back at him for longer than a second and it was becoming uncomfortably awkward. Although Harry didn't seem to feel any awkwardness as he lightly ran his fingers up my arm to my shoulder, sending a trail of tickles up my skin and making goosebumps rise. I grabbed his hand from off my arm and gave him a questioning look, not realising I was struggling to keep a straight face.

"If you wanna hold my hand Georgia, you've only gotta ask" he said, one side of his mouth curling up, the dimples reappearing. What's with the boy? He could be the cheekiest person i'd ever met. He raised an eyebrow again, grinning cheekily as he glanced at our two hands still intertwined between us. I suddenly dropped it as if it was a bomb and span on my foot to walk back in the opposite direction to the stage again, hearing my name being discussed.
"I'll see you tonight then!?" he called after me. I turned just my head and frowned, not knowing what tonight was, and why i'd see him.
"We're all gonna walk to Subway then just chill at the house for a bit, you joining us?" he asked laughing. Since the word Subway, a sudden craving had just come on. Typically. I wanted to "chill" near Louis anyway so I could test my feelings for him and see if what I thought was a crush, really was or not. Because I wasn't sure at all. Without wanting to seem to eager, I shrugged with a small half smile.
"That sounds like a yes to me. See you tonight then" he said, putting his hands in his jeans pockets. He leaned in close, his breath tickling my ear "Oh yeah....nice bra" he said that same smirk appearing on his face as he walked past me. 

I looked down and realised my vest top had slipped slightly, revealing the top of my pink lace bra. My cheeks burnt red and I heard Harry laugh loudly as he walked away then looked back at me, standing there embarassed. I pulled it up, covering my chest and looked down at the floor to hide my blushing face.
"You ruined it" he shouted pretending to be upset, sticking his bottom lip out.
"Urm think I forgot to tell you something too, your a perv?" I shouted back sarcastically, trying not to encourage him but he managed to control every situation with his facial expressions, mainly that smirk.
"Nah, you got it out intentionally because you want to see my underwear in return don't you?"
"Get over yourself and get into that rehearsal room Styles!" I scoffed shouting back, being totally serious but with a small laugh.
"I'd rather get into you instead sweetheart" he winked knowing exactly what my reaction would be and waiting for it in amusement. 

I widened my eyes and struggled not to laugh at how forward he was. I knew exactly the way Harry's power over girls worked, but I was determined it wouldn't work on me. He behaves like this with every girl in sight, and I wasn't just gonna be another girl he flirted with along the way. He's gotta be told, i'm not someone that's going to play along to his charms. If anyone, i'll play along with Louis. He's the person I had on my mind for the past couple of days, wondering when i'd speak to him next, what he was up to. But it still dauned on me whether it was really proper feelings for him, or just being around him that I enjoyed. He had only shown friendly interests in me which could probably only be helpful due to the fact relationships and dating weren't really ideal nor acceptable in the house according to Simon.

It's not like I could think that far ahead anyway, Louis had no idea I felt anything for him. And even if he did I can't gurantee he even feels anything back. And he probably didn't besides.

But I guessed tonight i'd be able to find out what my feelings really are. It would now be playing on my mind all day, along with my constant craving for a Subway, the fact that my mentor Cheryl was absent and unable to help me with my song today, and.....there was something else on my mind.

That I really didn't want to be there.

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