Sparks Fly

Georgia Riley is a contestant on talent show "The X Factor" along with boyband, One Direction. Will she resist the charm of fellow contestant and housemate Harry Styles' and risk her place in the competition?

Credits to the original author


15. Chapter 15

As previously, Harry refrained from being around me the rest of that day. I ran through ideas in my head as to why he could be avoiding me. It was horrible knowing there was a reason he didn't want to talk to me but not knowing what it is. I came down to the conclusion that he just...wasn't interested anymore.

I told this to Katie as we trekked through the snow dusted paths back to the studios. My act of being fine with it was quite convincing but secretly I was gutted. Maybe I was being naive but I thought he really liked me back. Obviously I thought this, he did tell me he loved me? But I couldn't deny that i'd never got 'caught up in the moment' and said stupid things before. I guessed Harry may have started regretting telling me this now that he'd got what he wanted right from the start. I hated the thought of him just telling me this 'love' stuff because he wanted to sleep with me. I thought Harry seemed like there was a caring side to him, and he wasn't just another shallow male. Maybe I was wrong.

I was walking through the corridor of the studios, hoping to find Aiden for a distraction. I hadn't properly hung out with him yet since we had arrived, and wanted to catch up from the past three weeks. A tiny part of me also wanted to know if he was interested in Katie. She was clearly still crushing on him a bit, and I felt obliged to play little cupid matchmaker. I noticed the way she swooned over him when he casually sang in the hallways or cracked a stupid joke none of us found funny, but her. 

I browsed Twitter on my new Blackberry before shoving it in the back pocket of my skinny jeans and strolling freely down the empty corridor. As I reached the end, I noticed One Direction's dressing room door was ajar. 

I peeked through the small space to see Louis standing casually by the lit up mirror, dressed in chino's, a white t-shirt and toms. He was talking to someone else in the room that I couldn't quite see who. As he turned quickly he began walking towards the door. I darted forwards in my step, just incase he saw me looking through. I picked up the pace as I approached the door but Louis called my name after me, requesting a chat.
"Hi" I smiled, sweeping a strand of hair from my face.
"I was hoping i'd see you, what time you off?"
"Urm, about six? I'm not totally su-"
"Great, well i'm starving so walk with me for five minutes. I kinda wanna talk to you"
"Okay..sure" I replied. We began to walk, back out into the bitterly cold air, trudging through crunchy frozen grass towards the next building.
"So, what did you wanna talk to me about?" I asked as I avoided a clear patch of ice in my path.
"A few things really, but I think you know"
"....Enlighten me"
"Harry? He's practically my best friend. It's only normal that I get a little bit involved"
"What is there to even get involved in?"
"Come on Georgia. Don't you think Harry would tell me these things. We're lads, we like to compete"
"You have a girlfriend I hope you remember" I joked, as Louis pulled another door open and held it for me. The smell of fresh food wafted through the air and made me hungry, although I was still feeling quite sick after sitting in the cafe of greasy food and being slightly hungover.
"Okay well maybe I dont compete myself, but Harry's Harry and that's what he does"
"....What exactly do you mean?"
"Haha he's had a smug grin on his face all day"
"Well, he's being weird with me"
"How do you mean, weird?"
"I dont know, I, just feel like he's avoiding me" I said. Louis grabbed a sandwich from the cafeteria, placing a handful of change on the counter. He peeled the sticker off slowly, but his eyes were looking past the packaging. He sighed and looked up at me.
"Let's go back to the dressing rooms and i'll explain" he said. What was there to explain? Did he have the reason why Harry was being off with me?
"Okay, but 20 minutes alright? I'll come to the dressing rooms in 20" I said. Louis nodded and we headed off in opposite directions. I wanted to find Harry and make one last attempt at getting something verbal out of him.

I entered the main stage room and scanned it for any mass of curly hair. I brushed past a few directors, urgently stessing over tonight's show and having to quickly get everything sorted. Simon and Danni were lingering around the stage speaking to Matt and Mary. There was a little twinge in my stomach when I spotted Harry by the side of the stage, talking to Savan Kotecha.

He was dressed in his scruffy purple high tops, dark jeans, a grey t-shirt, emphasising his recently more defined body. His brown curls reflecting copper tones as the lights shone on each of them. Savans back was to me and Harry was opposite him. He glanced past Savan's shoulder and noticed me standing awkwardly fiddling with my thumbs. A frown appeared on his face and he continued nodding along to what Savan was saying, clearly not paying attention as he kept looking at me every two seconds. I dropped my head down slightly, tucked my hair behind my ear while shuffling my feet nervously in my vans.

Harry couldn't really walk away from me now if I wanted to talk to him. That was just plain rude. Harry laughed at something Savan said before he walked past him and left him standing there before me.

He slipped his hands in his jean pockets and met my eye contact. His murky green eyes held unreadable emotions. Neither of us knew whether to step forward but unusually it was me who did first. When did it become awkward? I didn't understand what had changed since this morning.

Harry scratched the back of his neck and gave me a small fake smile. The fact that I could read that his smile was fake, made my stomach sink.

He couldn't have just use me could he? I prayed he wasn't like that. I just wanted him to be the usual cheeky although sweet person I imagined he was on the inside. And not a complete arsehole. I forgot completely what I should say and suddenly felt extremeley uncomfortable in his presence. Usually i'd be fine starting a casual conversation with Harry, but the fact that we slept together last night turned things upside down completely.

"What time you have to leave?" he asked, standing up straighter and rolling back on his heels.
"Urm, six?"
"Oh right, so your not staying for the show?"
"I can't, but i'll urm...ring later in the break to see what's going on"
"Sounds good, well..urm....i'll see you in a bit" he mumbled, and brushed past me.

I swallowed hard to avoid cracking up. He didn't need to say barely anything and he'd made me feel like shit. Something on the bottom of his shoe. I knew though. I knew Harry wasn't like that. He genuinely seemed to mean it when he said he loved me before. But now, he was just...pretending nothing ever existed between us, even though this morning when I was still in his bedroom, it was all fine. Now this? He couldn't be around me?

I took a deep breath in, pressing my lips tightly together to avoid being stupid and crying. Harry could easily just be a fling to me. Someone I got with and never really kept in touch with afterwards. No strings attached. He was probably used to all that himself. But I couldn't help feel hurt inside that it wouldn't even matter to him if we just faded away from each other.

I turned around and saw Harry storming up towards the stage door before yanking it open, agression in his force. He seemed obviously pissed off, but for what reason? I've not spoken to him since this morning and he was fine then. Maybe someone said something to him. It's just like me to get myself into the middle of difficult and confusing situations. And when they include Harry Styles, it just makes it even worse.

'Fuck him then' I thought and stomped through the other door, hoping I didn't bump into the little shit again that day. He was just making me angry thinking about it. What the hell was his problem? It was really irritating me going over it in my head but I couldn't help rant to myself. I shouldn't have cared about us if he didn't care, but I did.

Louis sank himself into a soft leather chair in the dressing room, which was now empty of other people. I wandered the room, fiddling with products and combs the boys used as Louis demolished his BLT sandwich within the minute. I raised my hand to my head and began to pace back and forth.
"Louis, he pretty much acted as if I was nothing! Like, I dont matter anymore"
"Just because he couldnt stop for a chat?" he asked, raising his hand, with his mouth full of food.
"Its not that, he doesn't WANT to talk to me. He could have easily stopped for a chat. But he walked off instead"
"Georgia, he's got stuff on his mind"
"...I know but, no more than you or the other boys have"
"We've all got the semi finals in mind and getting hepped up over it, but Harry's got stuff to think about"
"Like what?"
"Well, you for a start" he shot back. I blushed and scratched my arm embaressed for no reason. He didn't seem to be thinking about me judging from the way he couldn't be arsed to have a normal conversation.
"Well, theres not much for him to think about, me and Harry arent anything"
"...Does he know that?"
"Of course he does. He knows as well as I do that nothing can happen between us"
"...And you know as well as I do Georgia, that what you just said isn't true"

I sighed and collapsed into the slouchy brown sofa, resting my head back on the edge and looking at the ceiling. I wish I could change this situation but I didn't know how. It was confusing.

"So since Harry apparently tells you everything about his girls, why don't you tell ME something" I said to Louis.
"Is he a player?"
"That's like asking is Wagner a sweaty brazillian? Obviously..."
"So does he just....sleep with girls and blow them off?"
"He might be a bit of a player but it doesn't make him a complete dickhead. He's not a twat to girls"
"I know...but-"
"He really cares about you, you know"
"Told you that has he? Cause I dont even think I believe it anymore" I replied, sounded a bit cockier than I meant to. I wanted to believe it, but I didn't see a reason to at that moment.
"He was in a foul mood for the few days after you were voted out"
"Well why doesn't he just.....tell me these things himself? You know, to me maybe? The first thing he did when he saw me yesterday was take me to his fucking bedroom"
It became apparent to me that I sounded like I was complaining, but come to think of it, if he had things to say to me; he should have said them first.

Louis chuckled - "Well, that's Harry. Just give him today and he'll be alright"
"Thats the thing! I can't, i've gotta be going this evening. I don't have time to wait for him to snap out of this, I don't even get why he's avoiding me"
"He's got stuff to sort Georgia, he'll come back to you when he's alright. I know for a fact he won't just blow you off. He really likes you"
"And that's what I actually thought in the first place, but he's giving mixed signals"
"Haven't you been guilty of that before?" he smiled patronisingly
"How have I?"
"Harry's told me about your "we're just friends" stuff, you did kinda mess with his head before"
"I didn't! I just put him in his place, his advances are always so...suggestive. I didn't want anything to happen when we were in the competition"
"But it was alright to let something happen when Harry's still in the competition and your not?"
"...Alright alright that was selfish of me. But if you keep it to yourself then we don't have to worry" I said fluttering my eyelashes at him, hoping he'd keep it quiet.
"Obviously, but you do realise Zayn, Niall and Liam know about you and Harry"
"Arghhh!" I said, pushing my hand into my forehead in frustration
"This is why you two are so complicated. There's too much chemistry"
"Me and Harry are nothing alike"
"If you say so, but maybe that's why you work so well together"
"I just wanna talk to him normally, whether he wants to talk back or not" I said storming towards the door
"Wait!" Louis said, bolting up out his seat. I turned around and put my hand on my hip, looking at him questioningly. Louis hesitated.

"What? Louis, spit it out will you"
"He's got something to do, just stuff to sort"
"Arghh what? Your being so vague!" I groaned, getting cross. I rubbed my forehead again stressfully, lingering between the doorway and dressing room.
"You left the house, and well, Harry's gonna be Harry"
"I don't get... what are you talking about?"
"You wanted to know if he's a player..."
"He's got something going on with another girl. He's gone to see her"

My stomach dropped inside and eyes pricked with stinging hot tears. Harry was seeing another girl?
He wasn't exactly seeing me but still......this hurt. I didn't think he was like that. Louis put his hand softly on my shoulder.

"Why did I get him so wrong" I questioned myself, looking down at the carpeted floor. A tear dropped onto my cardigan sleeve as I rose my arm to wipe my eyes.
"You didn't. He's not a cheater Georgia, trust me. Well, he's only ever cheated on girls with me" he joked. "He's a faithful boyfriend" - Well, he wasn't my boyfriend so those words couldn't exactly apply to our situation.

"Who is the girl?"
"Just some girl he met at an after party, he's been in touch with her and they've met a few times"

I shut my eyes and inhaled deeply. I didn't want this to break me. Harry was always gonna be a heartbreaker. You only have to look at him once to know that. And deep down I always knew i'd get hurt if I got myself involved with a boy like him.

"So he's gone to see her now..." I muttered, tugging my long sleeves down over my hands and wiping under my eyes.
" break it all off with her"
"Huh, Do what?" I asked, looking up at him demandingly.
"I told you George....your the one he wants. He said if he went near you today he wouldn't be able to tear himself away, and then it would just prolong the whole 'Eva thing'"
"Eva? Is that the girl?"
"Yeah. Trust me..." he put his other hand on my shoulder and turned me to face him. The look on his face was genuine, and I knew what he was about to say would be believable.
"Harry's not using you. Wait until you see him later, and he'll tell you himself whats going on"

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