Sparks Fly

Georgia Riley is a contestant on talent show "The X Factor" along with boyband, One Direction. Will she resist the charm of fellow contestant and housemate Harry Styles' and risk her place in the competition?

Credits to the original author


14. Chapter 14

Daylight burst through the room as I opened my eyes, the realisation of where I was flooding back to me. I seemed to have had more alcohol last night than I remembered because my head was pounding. 

I propped myself up onto one elbow, rubbing my eyes furiously to trace my memory back to last night. I didn't even remember drinking anything more than one glass of wine but I must have had more than that beforehand, unless Harry added an extra kick to the drink. As I retraced my thoughts, my head ached even more, like a weight was thumping into the side of it. I squeezed my eyes shut, raising my hand to my temple and collapsed back onto the cushioned pillow. I'd woken up in this position before but it was somewhat more innocent last time.

Harry slept peacefully beside me, half his head buried into the pillow. I smirked to myself at how childlike he looked. His nose and curved mouthed just the perfect shape, his eyelashes flickered slightly as he stirred in his sleep. He kept his eyes shut but tugged the covers over his shoulders and I knew he was half awake. A few curls knotted together on the side of his head, and I flicked them gently with my fingers, chuckling silently at his morning frizz.

"Having fun are you" he mumbled in a deep drowny voice, remaining 'asleep'.
"Yeah" I croaked, patting down the untamed curls and turning onto my back again. 

I stared at the plain white ceiling, my mind drifting back to the situation here.

I felt Harry's heavy arm start to wind around my bare waist and pull me close to his naked body, the warmth under the covers trapped between us. I wanted to lie with him as long as I could but was curious about if anyone knew what happened. As our faces lay close to the another, he stroked my cheek gently giving me a sleepy but cheesy smile making me giggle. He yawned and reached for his iPhone on the table beside me and peered at it, blinking hard to open his eyes properly.

"What's time?" I asked him.
"Ten? What time did up here last night?"
"Like, one? I dont know I cant really remember"
"Ughh I dont remember being drunk but my heads pounding"
"We weren't very drunk. I was aware of what I was doing! and besides, if you were drunk I wouldn't have..."
"Right yeah, maybe i'm just...sleep deprived or something haha, you ok?"
"Yeah yeah, well maybe I need a few more hours sleep but..."
"Wait ssh!" I cut him off, putting my finger to his mouth. I froze as I listened to the noises from the landing. Creaks and voices could be heard as doors opened and closed. Harry chuckled to himself.

"You're so paranoid Georgia, do you really care if people know you slept in my bed?" he smirked, leaning over me a little. I could feel his large bare limbs pressed against mine.
" but-"
"Exactly, so relax....." he trailed off his sentence by lightly pressing his lips to mine as he rested some of his weight on me.

There was a sudden loud thumping of a fist on the door.
"Harryyyy" Zayn called in a high pitched voice, followed by muffled sniggers "Half hour mate yeah, be downstairs we gotta rehearse the group number for tonight" he said, sounding like he was talking to someone else outside through the laughing tone of his voice. I instantly knew he was aware I was in the room too.
"He knows i'm in here doesn't he?" I asked, Harry still on top of me and our faces close enough so I could examine the green glint of his solid orbs.
"....That's a possibility" he smirked "But we've got half an hour"
"You mean you need to be downstairs ready in half an hour"
"Takes me like, five to get ready, what can we do in 25 minutes?" he grinned flipping us over so I was on top now.
"Haha nice try, but I can't spend much longer here myself. Me and Katie have gotta get ready, we're getting a lift back"

Harry groaned and rubbed his face with a wide yawn. He placed a hand on either side of my face and a quick peck on my lips before rolling me over, his arm under my back.
"Gaah, i'm wedged" he gasped, pulling a fake horrified face as if he was stuck under a ton of bricks or something. I laughed and arched my back so he could remove his arm. 

He pulled on a pair of boxers and walked over to where his t-shirt lay on the floor. The only clothes I had were my dress from last night, as my bag was downstairs somewhere in the hallway cupboard. I picked it up, sighed and glanced at the door, wondering whether I should go through the bother of putting it on and run downstairs to get my bag or not. Harry read my thoughts
"Here" he said throwing a t-shirt at me.
"Thanks" I smiled, pulling it over my head. It hung baggily over my frame, reaching the very top of my thighs. I looked at him hopefully and he laughed.
"Okay, maybe it would be cruel making you go out like that" he said, reaching for his grey joggers and passing them to me.
"Thank you" I said, slipping into them, but they only just clung to my hips, the material hanging down low so the fleecy lining barely touched my legs.
"Well hot" Harry said blankly, with pure sarcasm. I narrowed my eyes and threw my dress at him. He caught it in his hands and grinned, his eyebrows touching as he pretended to frown.
"Hmm maybe i'll loosen this a bit" he said, straightening it out infront of him "It may make it easier to take off you next time" he winked
"Ha! What makes you think there's gonna be a next time!" I said, grabbing it back off him as he pretended to rip it apart.
"Saying that was a one-time thing?" he asked, tugging a stripey t-shirt over his head.
"On what?"
"Your luck" I joked, smiling at him sourly.
"But you gotta admit, you enjoyed it as much as I did"
"....I know Harry, I was there" I replied giving him a wink in return as I reached for the door. 

I pulled it open and the floorboard creaked as I stepped onto the landing warily, hoping I didn't bump into anyone wearing Harry's clothes. I scanned the hallway; the coast was clear. I tiptoed down towards the stairs and made a dash for the cupboard where my bag was. I heard sudden voices and nearly jumped out my skin.
"Yeh so it was all like green je.....Oh hey Georgia" spoke Niall's voice. I jumped again at the sound of my name, bashing my elbow on the door.
"Ow shit" I moaned, rubbing it, then realising I was being stared at by Niall and Liam
"Urm, Hi" I said awkwardly, tugging on the hem of Harry's t-shirt. Liams smirked and Niall appeared confused, his eyebrows touching as he inspected my clothing.
"Have a good night did you?" Liam asked. I laughed sarcastically and stuck two fingers up at him. He knew about it and Niall obviously hadn't figured anything out yet.
"Why are you wearin-- ohhhhh" Niall cut himself off from his question when he realised the answer.
"Vots happening boys, oh and gurlie" Zayn said, walking past with a bowl of cereal in his hand. An amused grin spread across his face as he glanced down at my clothes.
"Okay stop looking at me like that please!" I said, blushing slightly as I hung my bag over my shoulder.
"Seriously guys, your making me uncomfortable!" I said, pushing past them.
"Oh yeah just so you know, Katie's up and looking for you" Niall called after me. I turned around as Zayn began to speak
"Yeh, she's clearly oblivious to what you were up to last night!" he shouted and began sniggering with the others.
"Grow up" I replied, heading back up the stairs. 

I got into the bathroom and quickly changed into the clothes i'd packed for today. Just some light blue skinny jeans, a loose white vest top and dark navy blue cardigan. I added a silver necklace, a few mixed bracelets and peered at my reflection in the mirror. My face was pale, but I felt pretty shit anyway. I squeezed a small amount of foundation onto the back of my hand and rubbed it into my drained skin. I applied a coating of mascara and spritzed some travel sized perfume on my shoulders and neck before shoving my scrunched up dress into the bag. It was probably ruined in some way anyway, tainted from being at the scene of the crime. Although it wasn't really a crime to have happened anymore, it still kinda felt like one. Mainly because Harry made me feel the opposite for the rest of the day. It was as if, as soon as i'd left his bedroom; everything had gone back to before. Like nothing had happened.

He didn't speak to me. I watched them practise the group number once before dissapearing with Katie to sit down somewhere. Usually during rehearsals, Harry might smile at me or give me a little wave but nothing. He didn't change his tone at all between talking to me and talking to Mary. He wasn't mad at me, I knew that much. It wasn't like he was blanking me or in a mood. He just didn't seem to care for talking to me. How can someone change their attitude completely between this morning and now? I didn't want to approach him though, I wasn't gonna be the one to look clingy. Katie's Dad was going to drive down to London to bring us back up north at 11.30am but he couldn't get here and we arranged for him to come later tonight. Which meant we'd be waiting around all day until then.

We didn't fancy anything from the studios cafeteria and decided to head down the road to the nearest cafe; being papped along the way. I buried myself under the hood of my navy duffle coat and my chin under a chunky wool scarf, not wanting to be papped looking so bad. Snowflakes were starting to fall slowly again, drifting through the bitter air and settling in a white blanket on the path. I pushed the glass door open to a warmth wash over me from the contrasting sub-zero temperatures outside. It was almost empty. There was a young woman trying to encourage her small child to eat his breakfast, and an old man reading a newspaper with a cup of tea beside him. The smell of fresh coffee and sizzling bacon entered my nostrils as I approached the mahogany counter and Katie sat down at a table in the corner. I could usually kill for a fry up right now but my stomach wouldn't handle it.
"Do you want any food Katie?" I asked. She looked up from the yellow laminated menu on the table pointed to one of the breakfasts. A middle aged blonde woman gave me a warm smile and asked me what i'd like.
"Can I get two hot chocolates and breakfast C please"
"Anything else?"
I scanned the array of cakes and rolls in the glass display, and scrunched my nose up at the thought of sickly sugary foods in my body.
"No thanks, just that please"
"Sure love, take a seat and i'll bring your drinks right over" she replied as I handed her all the coins in my purse. I took a seat and rested my head in my hands, my head still felt like a weight.
"Wow you must have drank more than I thought last night" Katie said.
"I know, I don't think it's all alcohol related though. I'm just...tired, ill and stuff"
"Where did you even go after twelve? I dont remember seeing you, but then again I was throwing back the wine a bit faster than was neccesary" she chuckled. The waitress placed two large mugs on our table, steam flowing out the top.
"Thanks" we both said under our breath as she took away the menu.
"I really need this, I dont know about you, but for a hangover theres nothing like hot food and drink" Katie said.

I shut my eyes, rubbing my forehead and inhaled the overly sweet smell of the drink, a nauseous feeling rising in my stomach. I should have chosen the more comforting and less sugary option of a coffee. I let out a sigh and ran my finger round the rim of the mug, my hand gripped to my throbbing temple. I felt Katie surveying me without even looking up.

"Your definatley hungover. I'm not one for sweet things in the morning either, but you can't be sick of a hot chocolate in December unless you've had a good night before" she laughed, emptying an extra sachet of milk into hers and stirring it slowly.
"I'll be alright, was your night?"
"Good, very good actually. I happened to beat Aiden out his money at cards"
"Cards? Didn't know you knew how to play his games"
"Nor did he. But I suprised him didnt I?" she smiled. "So where DID you go last night?" she asked casually, fiddling with the sauce sachets in the white pot.
"Nowhere inparticular" I replied, sipping the drink, the heat of the liquid warming through my cold chest as I swallowed. Katie narrowed her eyes at me for a second.
"Well last time I saw you, were with Harry....right?"
"....Maybe" I muttered, darting my eyes away from hers. I saw her suddenly frowned deeply out the corner of my eye.
"Oh I seeeeee" she teased, breaking the eye contact and smiling to herself
"I dont remember seeing Harry much either actually..... Are you gonna deny it or can I just stick to my own assumptions?" she asked, smirking to herself now.
"I'm not denying anything"
"So, you did it then?"

I didn't reply, just tapped my nails against the china mug. I wasn't sure if she was suggesting the same as what was true, and just let her assume what she wanted. It would be easier than explaining what actually happened in words. Katie went to open her mouth again but was interupted by the waitress placing a plate of greasy, sizzling food down infront of her. She smiled at her thankfully and began squirting sachets of ketchup onto the side of the plate.

"Well" she started, "I can't say i'm all that suprised" she pushed the plate forward slightly to offer me some of her breakfast. I grimaced and shook my head, the strong aroma of bacon and toast making me sick.
"What do you mean?"
"It was only a matter of time before you fell into the same bed"
"What? It's not like we've been very obvious about anything at all. I haven't been here for three weeks remember?"
"Yeah, but come on. We can see it. And besides, even if your not a contestant, you might not wanna get involved with Harry"
"Yeah yeah so i've been told a million times. I've told myself too"
"He's not...well he seems like a bit of a player if you ask me"
"How did you come to that conclusion?"
"Don't tell me you didn't think that he's might have slept with a few girls already"
"I don't know how many he's slept with, i've never asked"
"Well who knows if he'd tell, but he doesn't need to, it's easy to just look at him and know he's had a fair share"
"Ew, I don't bother thinking of that. I don't really wanna know how many girls Harry's had"
"Exactly, and I wonder how many he still talks to?"
"I don't know. I don't know who he talks to"
"Well, that's what I mean, he probably just...well, I just think he's the kind that gets girls to have sex with him and blows them off. I'm not suggesting your one of them but...don't say I didn't warn you"
"Warn me? Bit late for that Katie when its already been done" I muttered, holding the hot mug between my frozen hands.

But I suddenly realised she could be onto something. Harry hadn't acknowledged me at all since this morning. He passed me in the corridor with Aiden and didn't say Hi or anything. At the time, I ignored it and didn't think it was anything. But it suddenly occured to me that Katie could be right.
Had Harry just....used me?

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