Sparks Fly

Georgia Riley is a contestant on talent show "The X Factor" along with boyband, One Direction. Will she resist the charm of fellow contestant and housemate Harry Styles' and risk her place in the competition?

Credits to the original author


13. Chapter 13

We entered the familar X Factor studios, attracting the attention of a few people gathered around. They were mainly backstage dancers. A couple hurried over to us and gave us a hug, babbling how we'd been missed. It was sweet; some of them were lovely but I still didn't really like being around Amy since she snogged Harry. She stood a few metres away having a chat with a tall blonde fellow dancer.

"Aw i've missed you guys!" Katie gushed, hugging them all. I pulled my phone out my bag and opened a new text message. I scrolled through my contacts and found Aiden's name
- "Hey are you at the studios yet? we've just arrived, G x"
Immediatley he replied, I guessed he was either here already or close to arriving
- "outside 1ds dressing room, where are you now, A .x"
- "backstage, on my way round with katie :)"
I took hold of Katie's lower arm and told her we'd go see Aiden quickly before we found our seats.
"We might not have alot of time actually, five minutes and the show will start, it's coming up to half seven now" she said, peering at her silver watch. I paused for a seconds thought, I really wanted to see Aiden though before the show started. We hadn't seen him for weeks. And since he was outside One Direction's dressing room, I might catch Harry before he goes on. With any luck. Although, thinking about it; what would I say? I didn't even have anything planned to say to him, just...I don't know. I wanted to see him.

We walked round the corner, familarising ourselves with the studios we had spent two months in before, and had returned now after weeks away. I really missed being a contestant. Being here now just reminded me of the nervous feelings i'd have around this time if I was still in this competition. All the feelings came back; like i'd never gone home. I spotted Aiden's puffy quiff from behind as I walked up behind him. I sped up my pace a little planning to suprise him but he got there first. He knew I was coming and spun around suddenly, a scarily cheesy smile across his face.

"Georgia!" he shouted, giving me a big squeeze.
"How you been?!" I asked, hugging him tightly back.
"Good. Thanks! Where's Katie?" he asked, searching for her with his dark brown eyes. 

He spotted her a few metres away and repeated the bear hug, taking her by suprise. I chuckled to myself at her reaction and checked my phone screen again. It was blank, no new messages or anything. I thought about asking Aiden where One Direction were but kept my mouth closed, biting down on a piece of skin on my bottom lip. I heard a muttering of a faint irish accent nearby and peeked my head around the corner. 

Niall was there down the corridor, talking to Matt Cardle; he looked like he was ready, wearing a more casually made outfit I guessed their upbeat song was first. His hair was newly bleached, a softer blonde colour and it was lightly styled to brush to the side slightly in a messy way. He looked hot undoubtedly, I couldn't imagine what the others would look like for this; Only Girl was bound to go down well.

"Psst" I hissed at Niall, smirking as he turned around. He smiled and held his arms out to me.
"Alri George how ya been?" he asked, taking me a second to register his words through his accent. I could detect the cologne on him as he pulled out of the hug, strong scents lingering in the air; not subtley enough.
"Great thanks, how you feeling?"
"Nervous! Should be great though, we've missed you around here y'know" he said, nudging me lightly on the arm.
"I've missed you guys too, everything really. Sucks being home watching everyone on the stage and not being there myself"
"Well your here now, and your staying right? For the after party back at the house?"
"Of course, and aren't you having it here?"
"Nope, not this week. It's semi final but for finals we'll be having an all nighter party here! Your coming back for the finals right? Well we will be if we're still contestants or not"
"Obviously Niall, everyone has to come back for the finals"
"Oh yeh, well, I should probably get back there, we're first on"
"Okay" I said giving him another quick 'good luck' hug before he darted down the corridor and round the corner to backstage. I slowly paced down afterwards, listening to the sounds of directors making orders and the faint sounds of audience claps and mumbles. I looked at my watch and it was 7:24pm. The show starts in 6 minutes. I picked up the speed, bumping into Katie down the end of the hallway.
"Let's go find our seats" she said, and I followed her through the door which led to the darkened audience area.

"Georgia?" I heard a voice before I got through the door. I turned around and Louis stood there.
"Hey! Good luck, you'll do amazing" I said, putting my arm out and around him for a quick hug.
"Thanks, it's so good to see you. We've all missed you and...Katie down here. And Aiden too"
"Me too, it's so boring back home haha! Haven't really managed to speak to you much since"
"I know, did you speak to Harry?"
"....Yeah, briefly"
"I mean like, today, or yesterday"
"Urm, yeah I gave him a text earlier to say we were nearly here"
"Oh right, he seemed in a weird mood when he was on his phone. Just wondered, never mind. See you after the show?"
"Definatley, i'll be rushing backstage during breaks in search for you"
"Haha doubt you'll find us anywhere but in the dressing rooms getting ready for the next song"
"Which is...."
"Ahh you'll have to wait and see. It's the song we had to pick as a last attempt to get into the finals"
"Sounds good, I know you'll have picked the right one! Best of luck and tell the boys!"
"I will!" he called, as he hurried down the corridor where Niall went. I turned back through the door and headed towards the front row of seats. 

The audience was explosive and the atmosphere buzzing. I looked around and saw a few colourful banners for One Direction, and recognised some faces. Mostly families of other contestants. I caught the eye of Harry's sister Gemma and she gave me a smile. My head turned back to the stage where Dermot was preparing himself to be live.

After a few minutes, he began introducing the show and the audience went crazy. We were sat next to Mary and Aiden on the front row, getting a perfect view.
"Tonight we're going first to the groups with Simon, please introduce your act" Dermot said. Simon heard the screams of girls at the back of the studio and smirked at the camera.

"Hold onto your hats, its One Direction" he said, being immediatley cut off by a clip of the boys talking. 

It was focused on Liam as he explained how much this meant to them, that they had really gelled as a group now and were best friends. Katie put her hand on her chest and mimed 'Aww' when he said this and I couldn't help smile to myself. Harry was sat there in a stupid onesie, staring intently at the camera. His face was totally straight, perfect bouncy curls surrounding it. The camera zoomed on him as he began telling of how hard they've been working this week and their song choices tonight. I took in all the beauty of his face on the screen as I noticed the real boy himself appearing nearby. 

It was dark, and a figure that looked exactly like him was hanging around the side of the stage. Butterflies exploded in my stomach knowing he was only a few metres away from me now. The clip ended and the music of Only Girl began. Suddenly Niall appeared running up the opposite side and Harry did the same, pumping his shoulder in time to the music. They began diving into the beat of the song, the chorus leading it was...impressive. It was possibly the hottest performance they'd done, not to mention the high pitched screams they got from the audience when the line "Take me for a ride" was sang. I could almost see their smug smiles as they sang it, knowing how many girls votes they were soaking up just standing there in all their glory. I could have sworn I caught Harry's eye contact at one point but thought maybe I imagined it or he didn't know it was me sitting there. 

The applaud was immense, i'd never heard such of one and flashed my thoughts back to being on the stage myself and recieving one. I could have jumped on there and...well, jumped on Harry but this was obviously impossible. He just looked so....I can't even.
"That was amazing" Katie said as they finished. The judges gave them really good comments, especially Simon; being interupted by screams of "I love you Zayn" or "I love you Harry" from the girls at the back. They walked straight past us as they left the stage; close enough to reach out and grab their legs. Obviously...I wouldn't do that, as much as I was tempted to.

Rebecca, Mary and Matt performed their songs next, and I concluded that Matt was the best. He was gonna win, it's been a sure thing since the start of live shows. Everyone knows it, just hopes that maybe they have a chance too.

In the break, we stayed in our seats, incase they got taken while we got up. I was shaking my knees up and down in excitement to see the boys back on again soon, but they didn't repeat the same order. Matt was first, then Mary, then Rebecca, leaving the boys til last. The stage glowed orange, and a slow tune began to play. Liam's voice projected through the studio first, the room fell still as everyone watched them in awe. They were dressed in black and white suit jackers and trousers. It was such a contrast from their previous performance of Only Girl, that was energetic and fun; they looked so serious now. I guessed it was because this was supposed to be the song and performance that got them into the final; and you could see how much it meant to them by their expressions. Their voices merged beautifully into the chorus, leaving Harry to start a solo

"Lets waste time...." - *girls screams* - "Chasing cars, around our heads" - As Harrys husky voice left the note lingering in the air, my stomach did a flip. He looked flawless, just everything about him. They started the chorus again and I watched them all put every amount of effort they had into each line, showing all their enthusiasm for this competition that had been growing the past eight weeks. I found myself staring open mouthed at them as they finished, mainly at Harry. 

Why had I wasted so much time? Worrying about stupid things. I should have been with him every chance I had. I should have been as laid back as Harry was about it. I just wanted to see him now, be face to face, talk to him, hear his voice.

That was it for the semi finals, Dermot closed the show and me and Katie shot up out our seats to get backstage. I scanned the room for him, only seeing a head of curly hair heading down the corridor to the dressing rooms. I bit my lip hesistating whether to go and see him or just wait until later. But I was dying to just talk to him and I knew somewhere inside me what this was. I really did love Harry, and it didn't take much for me to realise how fast i'd been falling for him. Too fast to protect myself from getting hurt but I didn't care right now. I prayed he meant what he said when he told me he loves me, and wasn't just....caught in the moment.

I didn't see much of the boys until later on, because I spent a while talking to Rebecca, and the family of Aiden were here too. I kept looking up every now and then through conversation, hoping Harry might be in the room; but he was elsewhere.

Me and Katie got a lift back to the X Factor house with Aiden. It was the first time we'd been here since we lived here. All the memories of the two months came flooding back to me, and I wished I could stay here; with everyone for longer. I sat myself on a beanbag, sinking right into it and putting my head back. My feet were killing me from these shoes and I hadn't sat down for a good hour.

"Vas'appening Georgia" I heard, and knew immediatley this was Zayn. I looked up infront of me and he was sitting himself down on the leather sofa.
"Hey!" I exclaimed giving him a smile "You guys were amazing, seriously"
"Thanks, just gotta hope we get enough votes for tomorrow night"
"Yeah dont worry about that, you'll get more than enough, your not going anywhere" I laughed, this was true though, One Direction were much more popular than Mary.
I got up out of the beanbag and headed to the kitchen where I saw Liam pulling a can of beer from the fridge.
"Oi" I said, tapping his leg with my foot.
"Hey! How are you?" he said, giving me a huge bear hug.
"Great thanks, but you...were amazing. Chasing Cars especially"
"Really? Good cause we were really nervous"
"No need to be, it was incred"
"You havent been back down here since you left" he said, as if I didn't know; he pulled a sad face, sticking his bottom lip out. I laughed and rolled my eyes.
"I know I know, I couldn't get down here but...this weekend and next weekend i'll definatley be here, don't wanna miss you in the finals"
"Ah well, we dont know we'll get there yet"
"You will, trust me. Urm...have you seen Harry by any chance?"
"Uh yeah I think he's coming down now, he just went upstairs for a sec"

I nodded casually and took a bottle of wine by the neck to the sink where to opener lay on the countertop. I stuck the sharp end into the top of the wine, using the strength of my hands and arms to try and pull it back out again; it was being tough though and not coming out.
"Arghhh" I groaned, yanking at the metal to pull out the cork. I slammed it down on the countertop in frustration, when a hand hovered over and took hold of it from me. 

I looked up and Harry was grinning, amused; his cute dimples showing. He effortlessly pulled the bottle opener and the cork came out with a quick pop. I smiled, embaressed that I couldn't have done that myself. His hand brushed over mine as he took the bottle from me, and twirled a wine glass smoothly round his fingertips in a quick motion.

"Bartending tricks your second career choice then?" I joked and he narrowed his eyes at me with a sly smile.
"Allow me" he grinned, pouring more than enough of the liquid into the reflectively clear glass, watching it rise with a hard concentration on his face.
"Thanks thats enough" I laughed, taking it in my hand. 

Harry took his own bottle from the side, raising it to his lips and taking a gulp of the beer. I couldn't help notice how is throat muscles moved up then down as he swallowed. I darted my eyes away from him, leaning back against the counter. I wanted to see him so badly all night and now I wasn't speaking. Ugh what's wrong with me? 

Harry put his drink down on the top and looked at me; his eyes were strong and I could feel them on me even though I wasn't looking directly at him. My heart was secretly pounding under my chest, he had this effect on me.

I scratched my head nervously "You were amazing tonight Harry" - He smiled in response and rested his hand on the edge of the counter.
"Thanks where were you sitting?"
"Front row...." I replied awkwardly, tapping my nails slowly on the surface. 

Harry nodded slowly, burning me with his green eyes. His curls were chesnut brown under the lighting of the room, surrounding his face perfectly. All I really wanted to do was run my fingers through them and kiss him but this was just a little scenario going on in my head. I swallowed back half the wine in one, trying to forget it.

"How've you been?" I asked finally, trying to form small talk that might make it less awkwardly annoying.
"...Great. Busy" he said, before letting out a small sigh and relaxing his features 

"I missed you. You look gorgeous by the way"
"Thank you" I gushed "I missed you too. It's so shit back home"
"Well yeh I bet it is, i'm not there am I?" he said as if it was obvious, but gave me a wink to show he was joking; making something in my stomach flip.
"Hmm yeah that's it" I replied sarcastically
"No no i'm serious, it's not the same around here without you. You haven't even come to see me since you left" he joked as if he was offended
"Sorry I couldn't come down! I'm here now though" I said, looking up at his eyes which were darker than usual.

"Well..." he started, put his drink down again, stepping close to me so there was a paper thin space between us, my breath hitching in my throat. "We should probably make the most of it then"

I looked up at him in confusion as to what he meant, but he winked at me again, wound his fingers through mine and pulled me back through the other room.
"What are you doing?" I asked. 

He didn't answer, just gave me a flirty smile showing me his dimples again, that made me melt inside. My stomach tightened even more as he pulled me up the staircase. I was aware of what he was insinuating and his hand was gripped strongly onto mine as he lead me towards his bedroom.

"Harry, I-"
"Sshhhh" he hushed putting his finger lightly on my lips and shutting the door behind him. 

It was dark, only a faint light from the streetlights outside beaming into the room, helping me see the silouhette of Harry. I could hear and feel the beat of the music downstairs through the floorboards. I didn't need to see to know how close we were, I could feel him lingering infront of me. Now the atmosphere wasn't loud and chatty, but almost silent that I could hear Harry's heavy breathing and feel it on my skin.

"Not like we haven't had this ruined before" I whispered under a slight laugh, raising an eyebrow at him and running a finger slowly down his chest without thought.

"Hmmm third time lucky then" he replied, pressing his lips against mine. I'd ached to kiss him for the past few weeks and now that I could, I made up for everyday I hadn't been near him. 

His tongue slowly traced over mine as it intensified. I felt my eyelids flicker as my stomach was doing flips, everything about it, the taste, smell and feel of him made my senses come alive. He slowly kissed along my jaw, before stooping his head to the curve between my neck and shoulder. 

I relaxed my back against the door, my arms moving themselves up and round his shoulders. I could feel him sucking, biting and kissing the sensitive spot on my lower neck, his tongue soothing the sore lovebite. He chuckled lightly and kissed over my collarbone, leading up and connecting to my lips. 

He pulled away breathlessly, giving me a questioning look as if this was my chance to back away. I signalled him by narrowing my arms around his neck and pulling him closer, my fingers entwining his curls. I pulled open the his shirt, the buttons popping undone, revealing his toned chest. 

He eagerly placed his hands on the back of my thighs and buried his head in the crook my neck as he lifted me up. My legs wrapped around his hips as an instinctive reflex. Harry knew what he was doing, he was in control and I felt completley powerless when I give into his charms after this long.

He dropped my softly onto the bed, continuing to kiss and carress my skin while removing my clothes with ease along with his. I didn't feel nerves anymore, only lust, desire and the need to be as close to Harry as I could. 

He whispered things in my ear, even though he was intoxicated with alcohol, his movements had control and took his time.

I thought i'd have things to say to him tonight but I didn't know what when it came to it. Everything was always this way with Harry, but I never refused that it wasn't in my imagination either.

It had started with a kiss. Continued with numerous stages of undress and ended in a hot tangled mess beneath the sheets, not caring or resisting one another any more.

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