Sparks Fly

Georgia Riley is a contestant on talent show "The X Factor" along with boyband, One Direction. Will she resist the charm of fellow contestant and housemate Harry Styles' and risk her place in the competition?

Credits to the original author


12. Chapter 12

Harrys POV
My knees were about to give way under me as I waited in anticipation for Simon to say Katie's name. I didn't want Katie to get voted out or anything, but i'd so much rather she went than Georgia. I was repeating it over and over in my head, praying i'd hear her name out loud any second.

The word "Georgia" sounded like a dark echo through the room as it fell over the silence of the studios. Nobody expected it. The whole atmosphere just darkened. No-one had a smile on their face at this moment. I dropped my head down to hide my own pained face, scrunching it up in anger. How could Simon do that? How could he vote Georgia off over Katie?!

"Fuck!" I groaned, slamming my fist into the wall. I exhaled sharply, straightening my arms out, placing both hands on the wall and looking down at the floor. My blood was boiling up inside as anger rose. I felt a hand on my back, turned my head up and Louis gave me a sympathetic look. I clenched my fists and sloped off round the corner. I couldn't be fucked with this. It must be a fix.

I heard the drone of everyone's voices start a minute later, as Katie came backstage. I could hear the music from Georgia's 'best moments' and the sound of her voice from auditions, bootcamp and the live shows so far. It made everything seem worse. I pictured her face and closed my eyes, trying to block out the sound of it. There was a loud applaud from the audience as Dermot closed the show. We'd have to go straight back on now, for the Xtra Factor.

"Harry, come on! We're going back on" Louis called. I pulled my hands off the wall and shoved them in my suit trouser pockets. I knew my face looked like stone but I wasn't going to bother pretending now, that I was okay with her going. She's my friend. A really good friend. Whatever, even if I did want it to be more than that, i'm not happy seeing my 'friend' get voted out, knowing I wont see her around anymore.
I walked back onto the glowing blue stage and saw her surrounded by other contestants; hugging her and camera rolling around her.

"Two minutes until Xtra Factor starts rolling guys!" a director shouted. I spotted my sister in the audience and she gave me an excited thumbs up, it took me a second to realise why, then realised she was happy One Direction were through. I was too of course, over the moon infact, but this had bought me back down again.

I wandered over to Georgia, and she smiled at me sweetly, as if she was fine with it. Although I knew she probably wasn't. I gave her a tight hug, discretely breathing in her sweet aromatic scent and feeling the warmth of the skin on her shoulders. I wanted to keep hold of her, pick her up and take her somewhere else on my own but we were on live TV. I just had to act normal; even though i'm sure I was less okay with it than everyone else.

After an hour or so, Georgia had stopped speaking to cameras and Konnie on the Xtra Factor, and she was backstage again. She was in the middle of a chat with Katie who looked extremely guilty as if she knew she should have gone instead. I waited until she wasn't crowded anymore and approached her casually.
"Don't look too sad i'm going then Styles!" she laughed, and I realised she was being sarcastic. I was sad about it, but obviously didn't look it.
"Course I am, it's gonna be a whole lot harder for me to annoy you now"
"Oh haha, i'm pretty sure you'll still manage it somehow" she replied, squeezing my hand lightly.

I thought about it, but decided that showing my feelings for her now wouldn't be the most appropriate thing to do. I bit down on my lip to prevent myself from giving her even only a little kiss to show my feelings but knew it would be a bad idea.
"Well you're coming back for other shows though yeah?"
"Yeah obviously, i'm expecting front row tickets!" she laughed.
"And a little visit during the week wouldn't go a miss you know" I grinned at her, also taking in the striking blue colours of her eyes, that i'd not really noticed before.
"Haha i'll try. I know how much you'll miss me" she teased, pinching my cheek. She seemed happier than the usual eliminated act, but maybe she'd had a drink to relax her anxiety since. She relaxed her smile and let it fall away slowly, a more serious face appearing. 

She linked her fingers between mine and I entwined them to fit perfectly, as they should.
"Harry, i'm leaving later tonight, with my family. So I should only tell you now that i'll miss much" she said. I smiled and nodded, gently rubbing my thumb over hers. She looked down at our hands and tucked her other in mine so both were joint, obvlivious to the fact that there were people around. She didn't seem to care right now. Neither did I

"And...despite this and that we are just friends; I meant what I said earlier, I do love you Harry"
"Well that's good then" I said, and leant in to kiss her on the cheek but she turned her head and pressed her lips softly onto mine. It was only a short kiss but there was something significant about it. I kept my head close as our lips slowly pulled apart, grinned at her and she smiled back, blushing slightly.
"Someone might have seen that cheeky move you know Miss Riley" I said in a low voice, laughing slightly.
"What are they gonna do? Throw me out the competition?" she said sarcastically. I smiled and decided i'd make the most of it if she was, and leant in and kissed her again; she kissed me back but broke it after about three seconds though.
"Hey Mr Styles, don't wanna overdo it, someone might think you've got a girlfriend!"
"Then let them think it"
"Urm no. Remember here, you're still in this competition, you don't wanna be in the centre of newspaper rumours and stupid papparazzi stuff, especially if it's about me"
"Guess i'll have to move onto Mary then" I said, taking my hands off hers and shifting my eyes sideways to her with a smirk
"Oh yeah, you'll make a beautiful couple. If Wagner doesn't get there first" she chuckled.
She stood up and headed over to her family that were coming through the side door just then. I watched her walking away and realised how my feelings for her had changed. They used to be purely physical, but now i'd realised how I really felt about her. How I actually love her, she was going home. Fuck. my. actual. life.

Georgia's POV -- *three weeks later*

"Georgia!" my mum's voice called up the stairs
"What?!" I snapped back.
"Do you know which day yet?"
"I told you before! Saturday night!" I shouted

I heard her mumble something to herself and slope off into the front room.

I watched a few videos from the X Factor website, old video diaries, Megamind and Sainsburys cooking videos. I smiled to myself as I watched us dart past the camera, covered in whipped cream. They'd managed to get a sneaky shot of our food fight. I missed this, I wanted to go back to the start of the competition and it all over again.

Watching the X Factor the past few weekends has been so surreal because I wasn't actually there. I missed being on the stage, talking to the judges afterwards, getting an applaud after a performance. I missed being in the house, waking up in that bedroom, seeing everyone everyday, messing about during breaks from rehearsals. It was weird looking at a behind the scenes video on the website because it went passed my bedroom as Niall spoke to the cameras, and I wondered if anyone had moved into it since I left.

The weekend after I went, Katie was voted off. I'd been on the phone to her and managed to meet her halfway between our home towns last week for the day. We've been in touch still but I guess the next time i'll see her will either be the semi finals this weekend or the actual finals.

But it was shocking to see Aiden go last Sunday. I was certain he'd get to the finals. He phoned me yesterday though and said he'd see me on Saturday night for the semi finals. I'd not managed to get back to the studios to see any of the live shows, and ended up watching them on my Sky Planner on a Sunday afternoon.
I was practically falling off the edge of my seat with the shakes trying to watch it. I wasn't happy when Katie and Aiden got voted out but my Wagner celebration may have been a little too over the top. He really needed to go though. How Katie went before him is beyond me.

But the thing I missed most wasn't a 'thing' as such, but a person.

I'd been in touch with Harry and all the other boys the first week. I knew they was busy so there wasn't alot of time for calling or texting. It was generally just talk about the show and how rehearsals were going. On the Monday night after I went home, I spent two hours on the phone to Harry, talking about...a load of crap to be honest, but I just liked listening to his voice. He never changed though, he's still a cocky little shit but that cocky shit was the person i'd fallen for.

It was running up to Christmas now but I hadn't even been thinking about it. My mind had took a while to get out of X Factor mode. It was the 2nd of December today and the semi finals were on Saturday the 4th. I expected they'd all be wrecked with nerves round about now. I knew one of the songs One Direction were singing because Louis said he'd let me know if I didn't tell anyone; Only Girl by Rihanna. It seemed weird to me too but I figured any song they sing they can make it amazing. And they don't haev to worry about votes, the amount of support they have from girls is unbelievable. The twitter lot call themselves the 1D family or something like that, that's where all their votes come from. I remember recieving something hateful a week or so ago and text Harry with humour in mind; not for help or anything because hateful messages kind of amuse me now.

- "love recieving hateful threats from your crazy fans ;L haha xx"
- "just ignore it x"

His blunt reply made me kinda concious that he really didn't care so I shouldn't bother telling him things like that. His replies were pretty monotone most of the time. On the phone he would sound more... interested in the conversation but through text, he rarely showed any enthusiasm. I scrolled through my most recent text messages from him

- "hey were good, just finished rehearsin today you .xx"
- "sure, text me later .x"
- "good you? .x"
- "tomorrow .x"
- "finish at 3, ill ring you later .x"
- "comin down this weekend?.x"

See what I mean? Such opaque responses that they didn't seem like Harry. I did text him saying
- "whats up grumpy pants? ;L"
- "nothin :) sorry, im just tired, and there's no hot girls to distract me from choregraphy rehearsals ;) .x"
- "urm, the choreography is full of hot dancers? ;) x"
- "not as hot as you ;)"

I needed to get myself ready for today anyway, and went to open my wardrobe to find a jacket. I pulled out my winter coat, glancing out the window at the white frozen flakes floating down from the sky and settling in a blanket on the pavements. I shivered at the thought of going out to Christmas shop without a coat and loosely wrapped a wooly scarf around my neck. Just as I went to close the doors, I spotted a grey garment at the bottom of the wardrobe. I picked it up, feeling a soft thick material in my fingers and realised it was a hat -- a beanie, Harry's

I grinned to myself, remembering him letting me wear it one day when it was snowing, leaving his own curls to get soaked by the heavy snowflakes. I must have forgotten to give it him back and packed it in with all my clothes. I held it to my face, allowing the ever so subtle scent of Harry to escape upwards under my nose. I pulled it over my head for a minute, glanced in the mirror I decided i'd better not head out into town with it on, as much as I was tempted to.

"Are you ready yet?!" Mum yelled up the stairs - again.
"Yes!" I shouted, also mumbling "for fuck sake" under my breath. Mum was hurrying me. It was Saturday 4th now. Semi finals day. I'd arranged to go down with Katie last minute. I couldn't really stand the thought of sitting around with my Mum being there annoying me, as much as I love her and everything. I wanted to be able to say what I want and go where I want without her on my back like "Where are you going now?". She was just driving me down to Katies. As soon as we arrived, which suprisingly only took half an hour, I gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

It took an hour or to get to the studios. I don't know why butterflies were rising in my stomach, or if they were just nerves. I didn't have anything to be nervous about myself. I put it down to pure excitement, or just happy to see people - or person inparticular. Thoughts of Harry ran through my head on the way there. I decided i'd send him a quick text about 20 minutes before we arrived

- "we're about 20 minutes away, what time do you need last soundchecks by? x"
- "good :D about 6pm, which is like 15 minutes time :/ so i'll have to see you afterwards? .xx"
- "oh, didnt realise how late it was "/ okaaay i'll be backstage :D xx"
- "cant wait to see you .xxx"

Katie was babbling about how gutted she was that neither of us made the semi final, but her excitement was bubbling over too. She talks too much sometimes. I heard her voice going on and on as we drove around the winding corners of the roads, going right into the centre of London. The paths were partially covered with a layer of snow, golden festive lights glowed along the entrance of shops and twirled around green trees, people walking the streets holding bags of Christmas shopping, tucked under thick coats and scarfs. I remembered the two months of being able to shop on Oxford Street, and missed the buzz of living here. We passed familiar roads I remembered walking round when heading to the shops with the boys during rehearsals.

"Oh look, we should stop at Sainsburys on the way, might bump into Louis buying some carrots" Katie joked, making us both laugh. We approached the studios slowly through the busy traffic, and I glared in awe at the huge building, knowing everyone I wanted to see was inside it. Knowing Harry was inside it.

I didn't realise how much I missed being around him until we got there. I was literally aching to see him, hug and tell him how much I missed him.

I almost threw myself out the car door as it stopped; clutching my bag to my side and telling Katie to get a move on. She stumbled out the car and scurried up the path with me. We were freezing in our dresses and heels but we had to be dressed for the occasion and luckily my dress was one you could wear a black blazer with so I wasn't TOO cold. 

I felt my stomach twisting inside as we walked up the ramp that led to backstage. There were tons of screaming fans waiting outside, trying to get through backstage. Only one thing was on my mind though, I couldn't get him out. 

The hench security man let us in immediatley, leaving fans screaming our names and many others as we entered the studios.
My eyes darted around in search for a mass of curly hair.
I didn't even care about seeing anyone else right now.
I just wanted Harry.

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