Sparks Fly

Georgia Riley is a contestant on talent show "The X Factor" along with boyband, One Direction. Will she resist the charm of fellow contestant and housemate Harry Styles' and risk her place in the competition?

Credits to the original author


11. Chapter 11

I opened my eyes to see daylight bursting into my bedroom, the sky outside my window a faint blue with a yellow glow as the sun rose over London.I checked the time on my phone and it said 6.58am. Too early. We were ordered to set out alarms for 7.30am anyway so we could get up early for rehearsals.

I rolled over, seeing Harry sleeping peacefully and smiled to myself. His jumper was screwed up down the end of the bed. His smooth bare chest rose and dropped slowly, his face never more peaceful. His arm was loosely around my shoulder and I felt a sense of security and reliance lying with him. The atmosphere was so tranquil I could have watched him sleep for hours. 

I tugged the duvet over my shoulder and wrapped it around me, trapping the warmth in with our bodies. Just as I began to smile to myself, I realised something. Nobody knew he was in here and if he didn't get back to his room, they'd find out he stayed in my bed. Which was against the rules.

I gently nudged Harry, softly speaking his name. He didn't respond.

"Harry" I whispered, pulling the duvet off him. His eyelids flickered and his eyebrows furrowed slightly as they opened up. He blinked hard, turned his head and smiled at me.

"Morning beautiful" he said in a dry husky voice, the jade green of his orbs connecting with mine. He leant up, propped himself on one elbow and a yawn stretched across his features.
"What time is it?" he asked through his yawn, rubbing his watery, tight eyes roughly.
"Seven" I replied. He blinked hard again, waking himself up.
"What time do we have to be up?"
"Half seven"
"That's alright then, we can stay here another half hour" he grinned, lying back down and wrapping both his arms around my body, pulling the thick duvet over us.

"I wish! but, you've gotta get back to your room before someone notices you're gone" I whispered. Harry sighed and scratched his head of bed curls.
"So i've got to run across the landing, climb back into my cold horrible bed and just leave this nice warm bed, and not have any cuddles with you?" he asked, making me chuckle at his cuteness.
"Yep" I answered reluctantly, prodding my index finger into his chest gently. 

I rolled my legs out of the bed and stood up. I looked outside the window and saw the November frost glitter on the roads, the early morning sun shone down over it. 

Harry got out of bed and stretched his long arms and legs exaggeratedly, yawning again. Somehow he'd managed to remove his clothes during the night while I slept, something that doesn't suprise me. I felt him put his arm around my waist, pulling me close to him again.

"I meant what I said last night you know" he told me. I smiled at him, linking my hands behind his neck. His head leant down slowly until our lips were inches apart, ready to meet, when we heard a clutter from outside.

"Someone's up bright and early" Harry chuckled, his breath on my lips as he kept his head in place.
"Mary i'm guessing" I said. I heard her mutter something in her thick irish accent as she roamed the landing.
"Won't be long and she'll be running round waking everyone up. You better get back to your room" I said, tickling the back of his neck with my fingertips as twiddled with the curls hanging over the nape. Harry sighed once more and released his arm from me. I opened the door for him and he stepped half way outside before turning back and frowning.

"What?" I asked. He leant his head forward and placed a single kiss on my lips, pulled away, giving me me a wink.
"That's better" he grinned. I chuckled and shut the door on him, as he slipped back into his own bedroom; as if nothing was any different.

Thankfully, not even the rest of One Direction suspected a thing as had been too dopey to realise Harry left the room in the night. I wouldn't have put it passed him to tell Louis or someone though. I generally acted normal around Harry for the rest of the day, but we'd catch eye contact every so often and he would smirk or wink at me, making me blush. 

I couldn't contain my excitement when they rehearsed Something About The Way You Look Tonight - hearing Harry's solo over and over it never stopped giving me goosebumps. His voice was...rough in a beautiful way. It glided perfectly through each note, the right amount of deepness, with a slight husky tone. 

He saw me watching as he sang and flashed me a flirty wink across the hall. I decided it would be stupid of me to sit there and watch them over and over, especially since there was a rumour floating around. I didn't want to make it worse.

I went to grab a cup of coffee as they finished their second time through, clutching Louis' phone, because he'd let me play a game on it while we waited around. As I watched the polystyrene cup fill to the top with steaming coffee, I felt the phone buzz in my hand. The screen said

- "1 new message from Harry"

I was obviously tempted to press 'read' but that would be rude. I hesistated, but shook my head and shoved the phone in my back pocket. I glanced through the window that showed into the next room, where Harry,Zayn and Niall were with the others. I saw Harry tapping at his iPhone, a deep concentration on his face. The phone buzzed again in my back pocket. I pulled it out

- "2 unread messages from Harry"

I should have just gone and found Louis to give him his phone back, but remembered he'd headed to the shops quickly with Liam on their break. I stared at the screen, tapping my foot in anticipation. I shouldn't have wanted to read it but there was such an urge to click 'read'. 

Harry was frowning at his phone, glancing up occasionally at his surroundings. He must not have known I had Louis' phone, and wondered why he wasn't replying. I quickly scrolled through the inbox at the text he'd already read. There were two recent ones from Harry, the rest from Natalie, his Mum and the other boys. I clicked read on Harry's most recent message

- "I dont know, shes worried about the rumours"
I knew he was speaking about me. The next one read
- "Yeh I told her how I feel last night but she was eager to get rid of me this mornin :/"
The phone suddenly buzzed for the third time and my finger immediatley clicked 'read'. I didn't mean to click it, but I didn't expect it to come through.
- "Louis man text me back, i need to know whether i should just be open about us, do you think she'll deal with it? .x"

This annoyed me. I shoved the phone back into my skinny jeans pocket and marched round into the next room. I wanted to pull Harry out to talk to him but I was cut off my tracks. Simon Cowell approached me suddenly.

"Georgia, i'd quite like a word with you for just a moment. If that's alright?"
"Urm..sure, yeah..urm that's fine"

I followed him outside to the hallways, and Harry was already stood there leaning against the wall. I frowned in confusion.

"I've got you both together because I want to clear up this new rumour that's going around" Simon explained. My cheeks flushed a little and I widened my eyes out of awkwardness.

"Okay" Harry said.

"I was reading through the paper this morning and saw a new article i'm sure you both have seen"
"Uh yeah I think we're both aware of the situation" Harry replied. He was always mature and well mannered around Simon because as his mentor, he wanted to impress and respect him.
"Yes, well it's routine that if a rumour emerges between contestants, I have to clear it up and confirm it's not true" he said. 

I tightened my lips and glanced at Harry. He frowned deeper and clenched his jaw as if he was in a dilemma. I prayed he wouldn't say it was. Simon turned to me


"....Erm" I started, I glanced at Harry again and he looked at me sternly, like he was trying to send me mental signals. "No. It's not true"

"Good. But just to make it clear, I know you're all good friends but any signals can be taken as something else completely. So don't let it look like there's anything to believe if there really isn't. Understood?"
"Yep" I said and Harry nodded. 

Simon left us alone and I gave Harry a nervous smile.

"...You alright?" I asked casually, playfully nudging him with my elbow as I joined him leaning on the wall.
"Fine, yeah"
"Hm yeah you seem it" I said sarcastically
"I am" he said abruptyly, pulling his phone back out rudely instead of engaging in the conversation I was trying to create.

"Okay, well...why do you keep texting Louis?" I asked. He looked up at me, confused as to how I knew this.
"I'm looking after his phone while he was rehearsing" I said
"And you've been reading his texts?!" Harry demanded, shocking me.
"No! I just...well I accidently pressed read on the last one. I swear, the other two are unread, see" I said, scrolling through the inbox to find the envelope on two of them still yellow.

"You shouldn't fucking read other peoples texts"
"Well sorry, I didn't mean to fucking read it so don't get arsey with me"
"....Sorry" he mumbled
"Anyway, you were actually thinking about telling people about us Harry?" I asked. Harry exhaled deeply and rested his head back against the wall
"It was only a thought, it's not gonna happen now is it?"
"You mean you wanted to tell Simon that it's true"
"I don't know, just...don't like having to lie and say I don't like you when I do"
"Yeah....I get it" I croaked "I have to do the same thing" - Harry looked at me and a small smile formed on his lips.

"But..we can't let anyone think we're anything more than friends, because...well, we can't be"
"We can't even be friends with benefits?" he asked, a cheeky grin appearing, easing the tension.
"Not even that" I laughed "It's not what I want but...I mean, this competition means alot to me, and I dont want anything to ruin it. I know it's the same for you too"
"....Okay, but, you do realise this doesn't mean i'm going to pretend and put on an act when we're alone together?"
"I'll have to just make up for it all in the most effective way"
"You're awful, Styles" I joked, jabbing him in the side.

Back at the house that evening, I decided to put a film on in the front room so I could distract myself from all the stress of learning my song. I liked singing it, but there were notes in it only dogs could hear. And I was having a hard time reaching them. 

I changed from my tight skinny jeans into some leggings, grabbed a tub of ice cream and sat infront of the TV. Sophia and Geneva had decided to come join me, along with Niall for some odd reason. All he did though was, lie there on his side, complaining and commenting on every little cliche thing.

"Niall, this is a girly film, if you don't like it.." Geneva started, finishing her sentence by mouthing 'fuck off'
"Can't we watch something with a bit more gore? or a comedy?" he asked
"This is a ROMANTIC comedy. So sure, we can watch this" Sophia replied, sticking her spoon into the tub of Cookie Dough. 

After 10 more minutes, Niall got bored and sloped off upstairs. Geneva was texting on her phone, and went to take a call upstairs. Rebecca wandered in and decided she better not get stuck into a girly film or she'd end up distracted for the next two hours. Louis came and sat to watch it for a bit, making hilarious comments on things i'd never noticed before. I think he was quite enjoying it actually. 

Harry and Liam snorted at Louis but took a look at the blonde girl with huge breasts on screen and took a sudden interest.
"Whoah she's fit" Liam said, sitting himself on the sofa, not taking his eyes of the screen
"Think i'll uh, keep you company Louis, I know how much you like these films" Harry joked, sitting beside Louis and keeping his eyes on the TV.
"Oh yeah right, don't tell me you don't think that girls hot Harry?" Sophia said, raising her eyebrow at him.
"Mmhm" Harry smirked, his green eyes locked on the screen.

After a while, the film was coming to an end and Sophia dissapeared upstairs with her ice cream. The lads lay on the floor for a bit, singing stupid songs and having a bit of banter. I rolled my eyes at some of their conversations, they are such boys.

"I need some food man" Zayn complained, rubbing his stomach.
"Hm yeah me too" Liam said "Pizza?"
"All you boys eat is pizza!" I said
"Well there's nothing else we know how to make" Liam replied
"Nah I wanna sandwich" Niall said "Georgia go make me a sandwich!" - They all burst out laughing while I sat there clearly insulted by this.
"I'm jokin i'm jokin. Anybody want a Niall special?" he asked as if he was some pro chef
"Urm.. go for it" Harry said, leaning back on a brown leather beanbag.
"Fuck that, i'm havin pizza" Zayn said
"For the 4th night in a row?" Louis asked
"Yeah" Zayn and Liam replied at the same time as if there was nothing wrong with that
"Go on guys, have a 'Niall special' or whatever, live outside the box" I joked
"Argh okay whip one up for me Niall" Louis said
"I'm not makin it myself, Louis come and help me"
"I dont know how to fucking make it!"
"I'll teach you then"
"FINE! This better be one hell of a sandwich Horan" Louis said, getting up off the sofa
"Get me a coke!" Harry shouted as Louis left the room with Niall. 

Zayn went to find a pizza in the freezer with Liam, leaving Harry peering at me like a hungry animal as he realised we were alone.

"Stop looking at me like that Harry!" I said. 

He grinned and jumped onto the sofa next to me, almost squashing me completley. He wiggled his eyebrows in a perverted manner and I knew what he was up too.

"No way. I'm not that stupid. I know you said about being alone but we're not? Not for much longer anyway" I said. 

Harry didn't say anything, he just kept grinning childishly at me before leaning his head in close. I would be smart to back away but I was too drawn to him and he knew it. His lips looked a bit too freaking kissable for me to resist. But in reality, the boys were hanging about in the kitchen and it was only a 10 second walk between rooms.

Harry teasingly brushed his plump red lips against mine, and started kissing me slowly, builiding up a rhythym. I just let him kiss me at first, abstaining for a few seconds before kissing him back. I wound my hand around his neck, gently scraping my fingertips into his scalp. He groaned as I did this, he increased the pressure, pushing me back slightly but I resisted and sat up straight, making it easy to break away if needed. 

The back of my mind ticked at the risk of getting caught kissing but I couldn't pull myself away. Harry pulled my leg over his lap, so I was straddling him. I continued to kiss him, moving my hands to his neck and playing with the curls on the back of his head. Harry moved his hands up and down my back slowing over the curve of my waist. I let out a soft sigh as the tip of his warm wet tongue glided across mine. I teasingly ground my crotch into his slightly, earning a slight groan from him. The kiss was getting a bit too 'heated' now and I was getting nervous as Harry was becoming more excited. I broke our lips away and they parted with a soft smack

"What's wrong?" Harry asked. 

We heard footsteps coming down the laminate flooring of the hall and I threw myself from Harry's lap, landing on the other end of the sofa. I giggled loudly, clasping my hand over my mouth and Harry struggled not to laugh as Niall entered the room.
Too close. TOO close

Saturday came and I was getting very nervous for my performance. The song was getting a bit easier but there were still parts I was struggling with. I was also really anxious about the continuous hate for me that had been going on. I'd learnt to ignore it a bit easier, but that morning there were tons of girls outside Fountain studios waiting for One Direction. I did my best to keep my distance from them and not even make eye contact with the lads, incase someone took it the wrong way. They made deafening screams for the boys, Aiden too. Some girls crying and almost passing out when they spoke to them. Girls can get crazy over them.

My performance went okay. I still felt disappointed in myself though. I couldn't help a tear escape my eye when I stepped off stage. I wasn't feeling happy about my performance let alone the stupid hate campaigns going on in my head. One Direction were amazing. As soon as Harry started his solo, a female fraction of the audience began to scream and clap. They hadn't heard him sing on his own since Torn at Judges Houses.

It took me a while to get to sleep that night, partly because I couldn't get all the thick stage makeup off my eyes and it was irritating them; but also with nerves for tomorrow.

*Sunday night*
We finished performing the charity single on stage, all the old acts returning to sing with us. We all had to wear white, making the boys look gorgeous; but I kept this to myself. My stomach was flipping like mad again at the thought of two people being eliminated tonight. It was that moment of the week again, the nervous moment. Where you walk backstage during the break and everyone's sipping water nervously and tapping their hands on their legs. The atmosphere is always horribly intense.

After the break we went back on stage, lining up with our mentors. I stood shaking as I waited for the first name. Rebecca was called, then Matt, then Aiden, then One Direction, then Wagner; followed by alot of boo's. So it was me, Bellamie, Katie and Mary left.

"Mary" Dermot called followed by Mary's emotional reaction, tears appearing immediatley. She wanted this so bad. 

My legs trembled as I realised I was in the bottom three. After the break i'd have to go back on stage and find out my fate. I prayed that i'd get through. Prayed with every ounce of hope in my body.

I stepped backstage, my eyes stinging uncontrollably. I sniffed and grabbed Aiden's celebratory beer, throwing it back so the warm bitter liquid oozed down my throat. I didn't like beer but anything would do to calm my nerves. 

I got a few hugs from other contestants, especially Katie and Bellamie. They were just as nervous as I was.
Louis approached me and gave me a warm hug, telling me I was going through and there was nothing to worry about. I wished I could believe him. 

As we pulled apart, Harry stepped in and instantly wrapped his arms around me, gripping me tightly; suprisingly not hesistant about being seen in a somewhat passionate hug with me. He pulled me to the side and round the hidden corner.

"I've got like half a minute before I need to go back on" I sniffed, wiping my eye.

"This takes no longer than 5 seconds" he said, pushing his lips softly onto mine. It was a sweet kiss, nothing too much; but something still fluttered in my stomach. I smiled as he pulled away, his forehead resting against mine and his hot breath on my lips. He reciprocated this smile and I turned to walk back through.

"Georgia" Harry whispered. I turned back to him and raised my eyebrows questioningly

"I love you"

I felt like my heart skipped several beats when I heard those words. Another tear spilled from my eye, one happy tear amongst the other bad ones.

"...I love you too" I smiled and meant it. I thought about it as I went back on stage. I did love him. I can't describe but..I knew I felt the same, even though I didn't think I liked him at all when we first met; there's always a spark.

My legs were shaking like mad as I got back on the stage. Cheryl clasped my hand in hers tightly, and she had Katie in her other.
"The first act leaving tonight is...................." - There were names being called from the audience, mostly Katie's. I don't get why she's disliked so much.
"Bellamie" - The girls dropped their heads to the floor in dissapointment before leaving the stage as we clapped for them. Me and Katie stood infront of the judges as they made their verdict over who they thought should go next. Cheryl was impartial as we were both her acts. Dannii voted Katie to stay and Louis voted me. It was down to Simon. He took forever to decide, making me want to scream inside. It was agonising waiting.

"I'm going to base this on....who I think performed best last night and adds the this competition"

"I'm going to have to hurry you Simon" Dermot said. My breathing began to get faster and shallower.

"But also, on who I think has the better voice"

The audience shouted names, their voices becoming a blur. I glanced to the front row, spotting my family and not registering their names or faces. Everything was like jelly. I had never been so nervous in my life.

"Simon, we're running out of time" Dermot said, getting impatient himself

"The person i'm sending home tonight is...."

The audience shouted more, my stomach flipped. Katie shook frantically just feet away from me. I saw Cheryl watching us sympathetically.
A group of them chanted Katie's name. A group chanted my name. My head was dizzy. Things began to spin.

"The person i'm sending home is..."

It went partly silent, just for a split second.


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