Sparks Fly

Georgia Riley is a contestant on talent show "The X Factor" along with boyband, One Direction. Will she resist the charm of fellow contestant and housemate Harry Styles' and risk her place in the competition?

Credits to the original author


10. Chapter 10

The next day I came down to get breakfast and saw Aiden and one of the Bellamie girls, Rebecca, looking at something in the newspaper. I guessed it was another X Factor article, usually a new rumour or scandal. Last week it was something about Katie's gran which is slightly embaressing to say the least.

"What's the rumours today then?" I asked, sipping from a cup of milky tea "Actually, I probably don't even want to know" I laughed
"Well, I think you might. Come see this" Aiden said. I placed my mug on the countertop and went to see what it was. There was a large main article on "Simon's Fix Factor" or something, but there was a small rectangler box next to it with the title "Georgia and Harry dating?"

A photo of me and Harry had been inserted at the bottom. It's an innocent friendly photo from after Saturdays show, he's just got one arm around my waist but the press can turn that into anything. I skim read the text which basically said we'd been spotted together and are apparently having a 'secret romance'. I snorted and walked back to the fridge, opening it for something to satisfy my morning hunger.

"Well we know it's not true so it's alright" Rebecca said
"We do, do we?" Aiden muttered
"Shush" I said "Of course it's not true" I took a yoghurt out the fridge and slammed it shut. "The amount of shit they make up is ridiculous, we're all gonna be on the end of it at some point"
"True" Rebecca said. 

Aiden was nodding along but had a very small smirk on his face, because he clearly knew this rumour was based on something not completely false. I didn't want to worry about it too much though, today we were shooting for the charity single video, Heroes.

An hour later, when I was dressed and had my makeup on, I decided to log onto twitter. I pushed the 'on' button on the computer and it began to boot up. The desktop loaded quickly and I double clicked on the twitter icon in Bookmarks. It was still logged into Paije's account. I clicked sign in and typed Georgia_Riley and my password, bringing up a busy blue homepage full of tweets from some of my friends back home. I glanced at the followers number; 58,993. I checked it yesterday and I had 53,000 and something. I saw a retweet from an X Factor fan page and it had my name

@HarrysArmyXF - new pic Harry and Georgia >:( >> 

I clicked the link and up came the same photo of me and Harry i'd seen printed in the newspaper earlier. I bit down on my lip with anxiety; resisting the urge to look on a One Direction fan page. No, that would just be the same. The same hype over this stupid picture. My hand seemed to have a mind of it's own though and shot the cursor to @1Dfansxxx. Up came a twitter profile with a background of One Direction, and an icon of Zayn. I scanned over their most recent tweets.

- If harrys dating georgia, hes officially blind
- @LiamsfaceX i know, look at the picture, why would he though? :/ ugh x

The last one made something drop inside me. I knew it was stupid of me, and i'd only cause myself more upset but I clicked on the hashtag and bought up a page full of similar tweets. Most of them from people saying they will cry if we're dating, others angry; I only saw about two kind tweets from people trying to stop it trending. I frowned deeply, rubbing my forehead nervously. Now I had really done no good reading these tweets but something possessed me to click my mentions.

@Georgia_Riley Why the fuck are you dating harry styles?! your disgusting

That was enough for me. My eyes began to prickle with stinging hot tears and a lump formed in my throat. Some of these things were so harsh, and I hadn't even scrolled down yet. I wiped my eyes, clicked Log Out and turned the computer off.

I knew I should ignore the hating. That was the best option I had. The rumour wasn't even fully true. Me and Harry aren't dating. But I felt a hint of guilt inside me for letting everyone else believe there was absolutely nothing going on; even though they could keep their own thoughts and opinions hidden. Just then, Liam walked into the room. He spotted me wiping my finger under my eye and pulled a confused face.

"What's wrong?" he asked tenderly. His dark brown eyes were deep with concern and he placed a hand on my shoulder. When someone approaches me when i've been crying, it just makes it worse. Another tear rolled down my cheek and I wiped it away quickly. Liam took his hand off my shoulder and put both arms out straight. He hugged me tight as my tears were absorbed my the thin material of his t-shirt.
"George, tell me. What's happened?" he asked stern but softly. I pulled my head from his shoulder and sniffed, realising how unattractive I looked right now.
"Hate what?"
"The hate i'm getting"
"Your not getting hate. Are you?"
"I wasn't. Until today! A photo of me and Harry's been published in the paper and rumours are all over the internet. You should see some of the tweets about it" I said, my voice cracking a bit towards the end of the sentence. 

I wish I dealt with hate well, but I dont. The thing is, if it was about me and someone else like....Aiden, it wouldn't really bother me. I guess it was the possibility of what would happen if I was ever to pursue dating Harry. 

Liam hushed me and got me some tissues
"Thanks" I said, wiping the small faint black smudges of eyeliner from under my eyes.
"Are you gonna be okay? We're leaving in 20 minutes for the charity shoot"
"Yeah i'll be fine. Thanks" I said, giving him a quick hug before going back upstairs. 

The prospect of being a target of hate as the potential girlfriend of Harry Styles worried me deeply, but this would come past everyone at some point. I wouldn't be suprised if Wagner and Mary were rumoured to be engaged or something stupid like that. It's just something I need to learn to ignore.


The video shoot was going really well. As we finished up the solo parts, I stepped off the set and went to get a drink. I saw the One Direction boys hanging around behind the camera sniggering. They were watching Wagner practising his 'swaying'. Zayn whispered something to Harry and they all laughed. I caught Niall's attention subtely and mouthed "What?" to which he mouthed back "Watch" with a lopsided grin. I saw Harry step forward, a michevious smile on his face.

"Alright Wagner?" Louis shouted. Wagner turned around and Harry lunged at him; taking him down in one heavy rugby tackle. I gasped as Wagner landed on the floor and Harry got himself to his feet, him and the other boys were in fits of laughter. I struggled not to laugh myself but was completley stunned by that random incident

"Harry! What the fuck are you doing?!" I cried, looking at Wagner who was pulling himself up off the ground, a very angry look on his face. 

Harry kept on his cheeky laugh, shoving his hands in his jeans pockets, when Wagner approached him. His face was red and eyes aggressive. With one sudden motion, he knocked his forehead hard against Harrys. Harry's face almost matched Wagners as he turned away groaning and holding his nose. 

Liam and Zayn suddenly rushed in and put their arms straight between them. Harry frowned deeply, going redder in the face as he held his nose and began shouting abuse at Wagner, and Wagner reciprocated this, shouting that he knows Karate and all sorts. It was only a few seconds before the team began to seperate them completely. Harry mutters swearwords under his breath, clenching his fists.

A trickle of blood fell from his nose and his forehead red where Wagner had headbutted him. He got a stern telling off from a few of the directors, managers and Simon wasn't happy at all. Zayn and Louis took some responsiblity though and told them they dared Harry to rugby tackle Wagner for a joke. Obviously it wasn't taken as a joke very well. Once things had calmed down, Harry apologised to Wagner who did not reply in a similar way, just rolled his eyes. Harry shrugged at Wagner's response and held a tissue to his nose once more, squeezing his eyes shut tight and tilting his head back slightly. He headed towards the door that lead to a seating area out back. 

I hesistated but followed anyway. He sat on one of the soft cushion chairs, his head resting back looking at the ceiling.
"Harry? You alright?"
"Uhhhh fine thanks" he said pulling his head back straight and widening his eyes. He took the tissue away from his nose as the trickle of blood subsided. A small red patch on the side of his forehead began to form
"That looks sore" I said, sitting myself close beside him. I gently ran my finger over the faint graze and he winced in discomfort.
"Sorry" I whispered
"How did he even cut me through a headbutt?" Harry muttered, touching his forehead lightly.
"It's just a small graze" I said, grabbing some clean tissues. Harry rested his head back and I gently dabbed his forehead, being careful not to press too hard and make it sting. Grazes sting more than actual cuts sometimes.
"Don't worry about it, I can take a little graze Georgia. But i'll be nice and let you keep touching me, cause I know you enjoy it" he winked. I rolled my eyes but smiled and continued to wipe away the dried blood from his skin. Harry had his head rested back, watching me intently as I did so.
"Okay?" I said quietly with a small chuckle, sitting properly back next to him. He turned his head fully to look at me.
"Are you? Liam told me you were crying this morning" he said, his hand finding mine and knotting our fingers together.
"Oh right. Only for a second, it was nothing"
"You wouldn't have been crying if it was nothing. Can I make a guess?" he asked, turning his body so he was fully facing me and I nodded. "New rumours, seen the article in the paper I take it?"
"Yeah, it wasn't that though. It was reading through twitter hate"
"Oh right. People can be harsh. I know it's probably not easy but if you're getting hate, just ignore it"
"Yeah, it isn't that easy"
"Right, but...I don't know what else to say"
"It's fine. We know what's true and what's not so..."
"Guess so"
"Right, well ready to get back in there? We've got three hours til we're done"
"Sounds cool, as long as I can stay away from Wagner I think i'll be good" he laughed.
We got up, going back onto the set, infront of the cameras; an uncomfortable tension lingering after the Wagner Harry headbutt incident. I looked at Harry through the group and met his eyes as we began filming again. He caught my stare and gave me a grateful smile, his eyes glimmering such, that made a flutter in my stomach.

We got back to the house at about 9pm. Everyone decided to order a pizza because we couldn't be bothered to cook, much to Wagner and Mary's dissapointment since. I was tempted to take a sneaky look on twitter but decided against it. I finished off two slices of pepperoni pizza and headed up to my room. Nobody was staying up tonight cause we had to be up for all day rehearsals by 7.30am. Again, I was really tempted to check twitter and I dont even know why! I knew i'd get nothing good out of it but I really felt the need to. I opened the website on my phone and browsed quickly through my mentions.
- dont listen to hate i think you and harry are cute x
- ARe you dating @harry_styles?
- Keep off hazza bitcccccccccch

Somehow these three didn't affect me much, I was expecting negative things and they weren't too bad. The last one actually made me laugh a bit. The trending topics were not good though, #loveharryhategeorgia was hanging somewhere in the middle of the list. I swallowed and held my breath; it was hurtful but my thoughts diverted back to 'just ignore it'. So that's what I did. 

I threw my phone down the other end of my bed and collapsed ontop of the soft mattress. I flicked the lamp off and was left in pitch darkness; hearing faint mumbles, a few steps and lights switching on and off from outside. My mind began to drift in and out of sleep. I rolled over onto my side and closed my heavy eyelids. 

What felt like a few minutes had passed when I heard a droning noise from my phone and the vibrating on my bed. I blinked hard to open my eyes properly, reaching through the dark to find my flashing phone. It said 1.12am
- 1 new message from Harry
I clicked open

"Are you awake? .xx"

- "I am now, why are you x"

- "Five minutes okay .x"

I shook off confusion as I was too tired to wonder what he was going on about. I dropped the phone again and rolled onto my back attempting to fall back asleep. I had nearly dropped off again when there was a soft knocking sound on my door. 

I dragged my legs out of bed, feeling the lack of thick duvet expose air to my legs and shivered in my pyjama shorts. I quietly pulled open the bedroom door and Harry was there, in his Jack Wills hoodie and grey joggers. He slipped in and I rubbed my eyes, trying to adjust them to the darkness. 

He went and sat himself on the edge of my bed. I was confused but my brain was too tired to function. I tried to wake myself a bit more by drinking from the glass of water on the bedside table.
"You were sleepin weren't you?" Harry asked. 

It was still dark, no lights had been switched on. I sat back down on my bed, tucking my bare legs under the covers, feeling the warmth trapped under there. Harry leant back against the wall, his weight on the bed making the mattress dip where my legs lay.

"What's up?" I asked quietly, fiddling with the corner of my duvet
"Just...needed to talk to you, well tell you about something"
"I've been up, thinking"
"Just, about stuff. I needed to talk to you now, and not just leave it and hope it will go away"
"Leave what? What do you wanna tell me?"
"I wanna tell...I" he cleared his throat "Okay.....well, " he stuttered. He always took forever to get a sentence out but right now, it was annoying.


"Basically.......I think.." - he was struggling to find a way to say it. My stomach were filled with nerves, wondering if this was going to be something I didn't want to hear.

"Harry" I urged him again not changing my tone of voice

"I wanna tell you....that.." 

"Tell me what?!"

"T-that I think i'm really falling in love with you!" he said quickly.

My eyes widened and my jaw fell open slightly at his revelation. Did Harry just say he's falling in love with me? 

He looked down at his lap, a slightly moody expression but I guessed he was just worried about what i'd reply with. 

I continued to stare at him with slight disbelief and he briefly glanced up and met my eyes. His were full of caution and wonder. Wondering whether there was a possibility that I loved him back. I didn't know what to say.

So I didn't say anything. I shuffled forward on my bed so I was close to Harry. He kept his cautious eyes on mine and I reached my hand out to the back of his neck. I gently pulled him towards me until our lips collided for the third time before.

This kiss was different to the others though. It was slower, with so much more meaning to it than previously. His hands stayed either around my waist, back or neck and there was no undressing. He pulled the duvet over our bodies, trapping the warmth inside as we continued to kiss softly. I lay beneath the covers with him, his arm around me and hand softly cupping my cheek. It was better than before, as much as i'd thought about it in my head, it was different to that. It wasn't about Harry and his body this time; it was just about us, and things we hadn't spoke about yet. 

We didn't speak though, just lay there for the rest of the night. His warm arms secured around me, I felt his heart beating as I lay my head on his chest, and slowly drifted off.

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