Sparks Fly

Georgia Riley is a contestant on talent show "The X Factor" along with boyband, One Direction. Will she resist the charm of fellow contestant and housemate Harry Styles' and risk her place in the competition?

Credits to the original author


1. Chapter 1

The doorknob twisted and clicked, opening to my new room. The smell of detergent immediatley entered my nostrils, making me inhale deeply the fresh smell as I viewed the tidy and organised room. There was a single bed up fitted into the left corner and pale beige walls, wooden wardrobes and dressing table. It was far too boring for my liking, just like a hotel room, but it would be customized to my taste soon enough.

If I was supposed to spend time in here it would have to be adapted to my kind of room. I took some perfumes and makeup out of my bag and spread them over the dressing table. I pulled my iPod speakers from my suitcase and rest it on the window sill, pressing play on Rihanna's latest album and it began blasting from the speakers. I pinned some photos up on the wall over my bed but something still didn't look right. And I couldn't put my finger on it. I reached into the suitcase, grabbed an armful of clothes and threw them into a mess over the end of my bed, a few things dropping onto the carpet. Perfect.

I'd made it to the final 16 in the reality talent show The X Factor. It was still surreal that I even got past bootcamp. I always aspired to become a singer, all my life. I never thought I was good enough to get any kind of success out of it but after being pushed and persuaded into it by family and friends, I auditioned this year in June and had somehow whizzed right through to the live shows. Everything seemed to have happened so fast that my mind hadn't really caught up with it all yet. But I felt like I had to make the most of it all cause it could always end at anytime.

I'd met some of the other contestants at early stages of the competiton. There was Aiden Grimshaw who i'd met at the Manchester auditions, and spoke to alot at bootcamp. I was happy when I found out he was also through to the live shows and he said he'd look out for me throughout which was kind of nice of him. He's 18, which is two years older than me. I guessed that he's going to be one of my closer friends through the X Factor. There is also Rebecca Ferguson and Katie Waissel in my category that I had became close with at judges houses. Rebecca's quiet but lovely and Katie's my age and we've gotten on well so far. I had been waiting for this day for a good few weeks now, I knew i'd miss my home but getting to come here and start really working for this was my goal now. Although I was extremely nervous, I was equally as excited for it all.

As I finished unpacking, I collapsed on my bed, sinking into a suprisingly soft mattress. I heard a few voices from downstairs, and people pacing up and down the hallways laughing and calling each others names, doors opening and slamming shut. As I closed my eyes for a split second there was a sudden knock on my bedroom door. I bounced over to it and opened it to see Katie beaming at me excitedly.

"Georgia, let's see your room!" she said stepping in and looking around.
"It's probably exactly the same as yours"
"'re right" she laughed "Unpacked everything yet?"
"Yep just about"
"Well then do you wanna head down to the shops with me? We've got a couple of hours to kill before we get a walk around the whole studio and meet everyone"
"Sure" I replied, grabbing my cardigan from my bed, my bag and closing the door behind me.

The house is pretty huge, obviously because there's 16 acts, which is like probably 28 or something people including all the groups. My rooms next door to Mary Byrne, a middle aged irish woman and on my other side is Rebecca Ferguson. The landing is long with bedroom doors most of the way along it. The staircase is very big, leading to a large space with potted plants and soft leather chairs and stuff. There's a massive living room and kitchen, three bathrooms and a games room. Pretty much an X Factor mansion.

We walked down the cream carpeted staircase giggling excitedly for the reason that we were here and everything just seemed a daze at the moment, but amazing.

We saw a guy called John who we'd met earlier on today talking to Mary downstairs as we walked into the living room to see what was happening. A man with brown hair, a plaid shirt and a khaki hat was in deep convosation with Aiden. Aiden noticed me, I gave him a wave and he gave me dorky thumbs up.

"Do you know Aiden?" Katie asked curiously
"Yeah we met at the Manchester auditions. Do you know him?"
"Sort of..." she turned to me and lowered her voice to me "Don't tell anyone but I think he's totally gorgeous"
"Really?" I asked smiling broadly
"Yeah, but sssh" she laughed.
"Of course. I'll be back in a second" I said, heading towards the kitchen as Katie turned to talk to John and Mary. The kitchen was overly clean, which was bound not to last long at all, the worktops were clear blue and almost reflective. I opened the fridge, feeling refreshing air wash over me and grabbed a bottle of water from the back. As I shut the door, I jumped in suprise when I saw someone who had been standing on the other side of it.

A young lad taller than me, maybe around my age or older. He had dark brown swept hair and warm blue eyes. He wore a grey beanie hat and blue Hollister t-shirt, showing some significantly toned arms. His mouthends turned up as our eyes connected for the first time and we got a quick look at one another. 'Not bad at all' I thought to myself with a small smile.

"Sorry, didn't mean to make you jump" he said in a friendly voice and accent that made me smile even more. "I'm Louis"
"Georgia" I introduced myself "Are you in the boys category?"
"No i'm in one of the groups. One Direction"
"Oh right, cool"
"Yeah" he smiled "So I guess i'll see you later on then...hopefully" he said giving me another small smile before brushing past me. I stood for a second, holding my bottle of water that i'd been discretely trying to open for the past minute. I'd not even thought about the possibility of hot boys in this house, but now my day had got a little bit better.

Later on that day we were told to come to the front living room, which had a massive plasma screen TV, big leather sofa's, black and brown leather beanbags, a white carpet and a big stereo on the shelves. I guessed everyone else felt the same kind of fear that I did of messing it up. It looked so expensive and tidy. No celebrations would be happening in here! 

Most people were already gathered around, i'd met a few more contestants today, like Matt and two guys that made up a group called Diva Fever. I hadn't introduced myself to the others yet but hoped to tonight. 

I sat in a space on one of the sofa's next to a group of girls I think were a band called...Melody or Bellamy or something. They seemed really friendly from my first impressions of them, and they were all stunningly pretty which made me feel a bit out of place sitting next to them. 

As everyone piled into the room, Simon Cowell entered, looking very 'Boss'. He stood up straight infront of everyone, his arms folded as we waited for the rest of us to arrive. I heard a familar voice from earlier, and turned my head to see a group of boys walking in. Louis being one of them, he laughed as he spoke to another one, a dark haired, olived skin and very good looking boy. One of those that looks like they put a bit of effort into their appearance, but still managed to win over alot of girls. That band would be winning over alot of girls votes by the looks of it. 

Louis spotted me and gave me a proper smile that made my stomach flip slightly. He's really hot but for some reason a feeling in the back of my mind told me I shouldn't like anyone in this house, the competition was too important and nothing should get in the way.

They dispersed around the room trying to find a seat or somewhere to stand. I shuffled over slightly but there was so little room next to me as I was squashed up next to a blonde from the girl band that I doubt anyone would fit on the end beside me. I looked back towards Simon who looked like he was planning on making a welcoming announcement.

Suddenly a heavy body weight plunged down right next to me, one thigh practically on top of my lap as the rest of him sat on the arm of the sofa.. I had a stunned but irritated expression on my face, wondering how someone had just plonked their considerably larger body heavily next to me so carelessly, when there was barely any room anyway. 

I turned my head so I could get a proper look at whoever this was. A boy with rich chocolate brown curls and incredible green eyes looked down at me, wearing dark jeans and a blue Jack Wills t-shirt. He was half sitting on the arm of the chair next to me, his own arm draped over the back of it. A slight grin formed on his face, showing a cheeky dimple marking either side of his mouth.

"Why hello there gorgeous" he said giving me a wink. I narrowed my eyes, not liking his cocky attitude, and turned my head back to the front. 

I got a subtle whiff of cologne. It was nice, but as far as first impressions go, I didn't like who it was coming from.

"Right it looks like everyone has arrived. I've gathered you all here to welcome you to the X Factor house" Simon said, followed by a few cheers and one awkward clap.
"As this is your first night, you are welcome to relax and get to know each other and familarise yourself with the house. The coaches and my fellow judges will be visiting you at some point this evening to introduce themselves if you have not met them already. But tomorrow the work will start, vocal coaching, soundcheck and choreography and various other procedures you'll be getting used to over the next eight weeks. The competition starts here, your all strong contestants,there's alot of fantastic talent this year and I wish you all the best of luck. Have a great night" he finished, followed by more cheers. 

The boy beside me stuck two fingers in his mouth and whistled loudly, making me tense my shoulders at the piercingly loud noise. He cheered, a quite deep voice escaping from his mouth and he clapped. A bit over the top for a small speech if you ask me, but I guessed he liked being in the centre of attention. 

Everyone began moving in and out of the room, to the kitchen, up the stairs, to the game room. I rose from my seat, straightening out my top that had twisted itself. There was a mirror on the wall infront of me I looked in and brushed a stray piece of hair out of my face and tightened my messy bun at the root. I turned around to see no-one else in the room anymore but the annoying boy still leaning back on the sofa, grinning at me.

"What are you smiling at curly?" I asked, feeling a bit stupid calling him curly but it had just slipped out. He shrugged and looked me up and down.

"Guess I just like what I see" he smirked, these dimples appearing in his cheeks. I could read him like a book. This was the kind of boy that could kill a girl like a dagger to the heart just by flashing a smile. Those dimples were his secret weapon. And the curls. But not me. But the worst thing was, he was not oblivous to this at all. He knew it.

"Whats your name?" he asked, standing up from the sofa.
"...Georgia, yours?"
"I'm Harry Styles. Nice to meet you Georgia" he said, holding out his hand. There was still a slight smirk playing and a glint in his green eyes. I reluctantly took it and shook it slowly. His grip tightened on my hand ever so slightly, the corners of his mouth twtitching up.
"I don't get what's so funny Harry" I said, in all seriousness. I didn't like the way he was looking at me, it made me feel really paranoid. "What's with the staring?"
"I don't think you've noticed that you were staring back at me just a minute ago. I'm not suprised though" he said, making me scoff. Alright, he was good looking, but he absolutley knew it and was so up himself. I can't stand boys like that, when their just pure cocky and have massive ego's. I prefer the sweeter and more loving kind. And I already had my eye on someone...although it probably wasn't a good thing that I did. Nothing can happen in this competition. I found Katie in the kitchen and she was talking to Aiden, who gave me a cheesy smile and a friendly hug.
"Katie was just telling me how she heard you singing in your room earlier" he said. I blushed, not realising Katie probably heard me. I tend to sing without even noticing i'm doing it.
"Well, it IS a singing competiton!"
"And i'm feeling it already, I havent practised at all since Judges Houses"
"Nor have I, it's just casual singing y'know"
"Haha I should do a bit of that then, want a drink?"
"Sure yeah" I replied. Aiden went over to pour me a drink, which was non alcoholic obviously since the under 18 housemates weren't allowed alcohol. Annoyingly. I took a drink off Aiden, thanking him before approaching a short girl by the sink, wearing a jumpsuit i'd seen before in Topshop.
"Hi, i'm Georgia" I said with a friendly smile
"Oh hey hun its nice to meet you, my names Rebecca" she replied in an irish accent, pulling me in for a hug. "You're in the girls category?"
"Yeah, and you're in a band called..."
"Bell-Amie. We were put together at bootcamp so you might not recognise us as a group!" she laughed.
"Well it's nice to meet you!" I said, she repsonded with a nod and smile and I walked over to the sink to put get another drink. The one Aiden got me was way too sweet. I tipped it down the sink, opening another bottle. I heard a deep herd of laughs from nearby and looked over to see those One Direction boys joking around with marker pens.

Louis had drawn a pair of glasses around his eyes with a black marker and a zig zag scar on his forehead. He grabbed the mop from a cupboard behind him, putting it between his legs like a broomstick.
"Who am I?" he shouted
"Harry Potter!" Katie exclaimed from the other side of the room.
"No.... Harry Styles!" Louis answered, doing an impression of the announcer man from the show. 

He took his pen and grabbed Harry's head, making him cackle loudly and drew a scar on his head. The blonde boy said something I couldn't make out in an irish accent and chuckled continously. I found myself smiling at Louis' crazy antics. Harry was the loud one, making cheeky remarks every so often that made all the other boys laugh immaturely but it didn't make me. I could see exactly what girls would see in him, it's obvious he's sees himself as a 'ladies man' but the fact that he knows he is just puts me right off. But i'd have to get used to being around all of them, even if there were some or just one I didn't particularly like.

Although this Harry was very easy on the eye. That was a definate plus.

Through the group, Louis was the one I knew i'd like immediatley. Not only hot AND nice but he's absolutley hilarious. Even if I am easily amused.
And even though it's a risky game. I could tell i'd be helpless to stay away from it.

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