Only Time Can Tell

"Ragen lee sunkiss get your arse down here now, and change you sisters diper !" i heard my dad scream. Me and my baby sister Noah have been living in this hell hole ever sense my mum died, well my adopted mum she and my 'dad' adopted me when i was 2 years old im now 15 and about to turn 16 my baby sister 2 about to turn 3. Our mum died when she was giving birth to noah and ever sense i have had to step up and act like a mum for her. Our dad just goes to the pub and gets drunk or high, and when he does he beats us not just me but my helpless sister to. He takes all his anger out on us for no reason. This has to stop and tonight is the night! My tears may continue to fall, but my strength will continue to rise and i will not give up Sometimes when we're in the darkest places, we find the brightest light.The harder the knocks we go through in life, the more we learn and put them to use in the future! we must not be put down by failures....! They make us stronger! this is my story.


5. partying till we drop


Ragen's POV

Ring ring ring my phone was ringing on the couch downstairs next to niall he was playing with noah. I swear he is like a big brother she never had i love him so much he is the best its been a mounth since we've arrived back at our flats and tonight im going out with some friends to a collage party. None of the boys know where im going they just know im going out with friends, i ran down the stairs and over to the couch and grabed my phone it was a text from my best friend jaymi it read ~

jay~ hey babes picking u up at 4 k see u in 10

R~ ok see you then just call niall he will let you in but be quit because liam and the others are sleeping and i dont want them to know where i am going :)

i through my phone back on the couch and ran up stairs i put on a pair of black leggings with a nice light blue top i put on my make-up and i slid a cut eclip into the back of my hair and sliped on my blue convers. Iheard the door bell ring and niall open the door i quickly ran down the stairs and grabed my phone a gave niall a quick peck on the lips before runninhg out the door, this is gonna be so fun .


The music was blaring it was the best party ever i met alot of new people and they all look like they liked me. Were all haveing the time of our life and i have to say i was a little tipsy, but nothing i could'nt handle. The dj started a really good song, "hey jay i know this song " i said while starting to dance i turned around to  see a cute boy about the age of 20 he handed me a beer and i thankfully took it from him and drank it . I looked around for jay and didnt see her i checked my phone and it read 12:30 pm i started looking around again but everything was spinning i started to walk but i stubled i decided it was time to go home i picked up my phone and dialed the first name i saw it was harry . It rang twice before he picked up and i t sounded like he had it on speaker because the other 4 boys were trying to yell at me through the phone. "Hello ? ragen where are you ?" harry asked " Hazzzzzzza , c-can you p-pick me up ?" i sleared "yeah were are you?" he asked then i heard "are you bloody drunk ?" i think it was liam but i wasnt quit sure "no silly " i sleard "ragen stay were you are im comeing dont! move " harry yelled "ok " i said while giggleing

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