Only Time Can Tell

"Ragen lee sunkiss get your arse down here now, and change you sisters diper !" i heard my dad scream. Me and my baby sister Noah have been living in this hell hole ever sense my mum died, well my adopted mum she and my 'dad' adopted me when i was 2 years old im now 15 and about to turn 16 my baby sister 2 about to turn 3. Our mum died when she was giving birth to noah and ever sense i have had to step up and act like a mum for her. Our dad just goes to the pub and gets drunk or high, and when he does he beats us not just me but my helpless sister to. He takes all his anger out on us for no reason. This has to stop and tonight is the night! My tears may continue to fall, but my strength will continue to rise and i will not give up Sometimes when we're in the darkest places, we find the brightest light.The harder the knocks we go through in life, the more we learn and put them to use in the future! we must not be put down by failures....! They make us stronger! this is my story.


16. kenzi wake up !

Harry's POV

We arrived at the crash and we saw kenzi siting on the curb and the car getting is roof torn off. Niall ran over to kenzi and started asking her questions then when he left, kenzi fell onto her side and looked to be passed out. I quickly ran over to her and checked on her but when i checkd her she would'nt wake up. "Kenzi wake up babe you are ok ragen is on her way to the hospital " i said while gentaly shakeing her, but still nothing, i started to panic " Kenzi please please wake up for me ?" i said while a tear sliped down my cheek. Kenzi was more then family she was my bestfriend, she was there for me from the beginning, shes more like my little sister then my cosin. I fliped her so she was on her back and not her side anad thats when i saw it, she had a big gash in her forehead and cuts and scrapes all down her front she was bleeding bad. I just freaked " HELP! please help shes hurt please " i cried the boys noticed and rushed over well everybody but niall and liam considering niall was already on his was to the hospital and liam went to go get help. They ran over and asked me what was wrong then i showed them her head, they gasped and two EMT's came over and pushed us out of the way they got my poor 'sister' into the ambulance and i went with her. Then we were off to the hospital.....


Niall's POV 

I was waiting in the waiting room when the boys rushed in, it looked to be as if they all were crying. "Any news ?" harry asked with a sniffle . I was about to reply when a nurse came in "Mr.horan and Mr.styles can i talk to you both?" , we both got up and walked to her, she lead us into a small room with a glass window, you could see into the girls room but ragen wasnt there. "Mr.horan ragen was sent into a emergency c-section because she has fallen into a coma, and Mr.styles kenzi is also in a coma, if you want you can see her but Mr.horan you will need to go back to the others for a little bit". Harry nodded and walked into the room he sat next to keni and held her hand i just walked back to the waiting room. All of the bad things came back into my head and i broke down, if i would of took the day off of work to go with her then this would not have happen, shes haveing our baby 2 months early, im such a dick urg i hate myself !. i thought then as if it was planed the nurse came back and asked us all to follow her zayn was carrying noah so we could walk rather fast to our destination. We walked with her into a hospital room, the same room harry was in with kenzi, we all sat down and the nurse left. Moments later she came in with a cart with blankets in it she rol,ed it over to me and picked something up out of it. She walked over and handed it to me, thats when i relised that the object in my hands was my baby i was finally a father. "Is it a boy or girl ?" i asked "its a baby girl 6 poulds 4 ounces, do you have a name ?" she asked i looked up from my beautiful brown hair blue eyed baby girl "Her name is  haydrain ryder horan " i said with a smile she nodded and handed me a piece of paper then asked "who are uncals and aunts for incase of emegency " "um well i would like to put my mum and dad on it and also those 4 lads and mrs.keni styles please " she nodded and left. For the rest of the night i just sat there singing to MY baby girl.. my own child im finally a father .

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