Only Time Can Tell

"Ragen lee sunkiss get your arse down here now, and change you sisters diper !" i heard my dad scream. Me and my baby sister Noah have been living in this hell hole ever sense my mum died, well my adopted mum she and my 'dad' adopted me when i was 2 years old im now 15 and about to turn 16 my baby sister 2 about to turn 3. Our mum died when she was giving birth to noah and ever sense i have had to step up and act like a mum for her. Our dad just goes to the pub and gets drunk or high, and when he does he beats us not just me but my helpless sister to. He takes all his anger out on us for no reason. This has to stop and tonight is the night! My tears may continue to fall, but my strength will continue to rise and i will not give up Sometimes when we're in the darkest places, we find the brightest light.The harder the knocks we go through in life, the more we learn and put them to use in the future! we must not be put down by failures....! They make us stronger! this is my story.


6. Drunk :)

Ragens POV

I stumbled out of the big house and into the front yard, i waited for like what felt like an hour but still no harry. I looked around and my head started to hurt i found this really hot guy danceing on the front yard. I stumbled over to him and danced with him we danced for about 3 songs intel it got really intense i did'nt know what i as even doing i started grinding up and down on him he was now trying to to pull me back inside. I was so weak from all the alchole i could bearly stand but when he started takeing my shirt off i put on a hell of a fight i was frailing my arms and hitting him i was crying. He got my shirt off with success and waas trying to get my pants off , He successed in that to but luckly i had on my spandex shorts on so he didnt get that far he picked me up and put me on his sholder before trying to stumble towards the house i was kicking and screaming and crying . I heard a car skid to a stop and a car door open and slam shut i looked up to see a very blurry harry styles "help " i screamed as he saw me he ran over to the guy and started yelling at him the guy set me down and started yelling at harry. Harry finally decided he had enough of the guys bullshit cause he punched him in the face and the guy fell to the ground knocked out. Harry ran over to me and helped me up "hazzzza , i l-love you d-do you know that ?" i asked while zoneing out he just laughed at my drunk ness i fell down and could'nt get  up so harry carryed me to the car he buckled me in and started driveing thats all i remeber before i blacked out...

Harry's POV

I arrived at the adress her phone was at, but its not what niall said it would be it was a house full of highschool and collage kids i started skiming around the front yard for ragen intel i heard a violent scream and "p-put me d-down you bastard " and " im dateing niall h-horan you dddick head " then another scream i turned my head to see ragen kicking and crying she was trying to get out of a collage guys arms and she looked drunk well.. both of them looked drunk but how ? ragen is only 16 years old ? anyway i ran up to the guy and he set ragen down then i puinched him and knocked him out . I ran over to ragen and helped her out but we only walked like 2 feet when she fell. I picked her up and buckled her into the car before takeing the short 10 minuet drive to our flat.

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