Only Time Can Tell

"Ragen lee sunkiss get your arse down here now, and change you sisters diper !" i heard my dad scream. Me and my baby sister Noah have been living in this hell hole ever sense my mum died, well my adopted mum she and my 'dad' adopted me when i was 2 years old im now 15 and about to turn 16 my baby sister 2 about to turn 3. Our mum died when she was giving birth to noah and ever sense i have had to step up and act like a mum for her. Our dad just goes to the pub and gets drunk or high, and when he does he beats us not just me but my helpless sister to. He takes all his anger out on us for no reason. This has to stop and tonight is the night! My tears may continue to fall, but my strength will continue to rise and i will not give up Sometimes when we're in the darkest places, we find the brightest light.The harder the knocks we go through in life, the more we learn and put them to use in the future! we must not be put down by failures....! They make us stronger! this is my story.


14. DNA

Harry's POV

"I thought you were a virgen ?" i said while ragen started panicing "Everyboy tells a little white lie right?, and it was only twice, that night i pulled that prank on you with the drugs was the most recent " she said while looking at us "ragen this is serouse we need to get a D.N.A test done on the baby" i said while looking at the boys they all nodded, i ran out and got the doctor, he did his thing and left .

Ragen's POV

The doctor took the D.N.A from the baby and left. "We have been waiting for the results for two hours" i muttered just as the door opened the doctor walked in and sat down, there was a horrible looking frown on his face when he began to talk " Im afraid to tell you the news we have both good and bad news, which would you like first?" he asked me "Bad " i said while sitting on nialls lap. "OK well we thought you were only a couple of days pregnat it turns out you are 13 weeks pregnat, with a little girl" he said . "Wait if it was thirteen weeks ago then...." "yes niall is the father " he said really fast i jumped up and looked at niall he had the bigest grin on his face he crashed me in a huge horan hug and gave me a kiss. I pulled alway to see everybody there i mean everybody there harry jumped up and gave me a hug before saying congrat's to me and niall zayn and laim jumped up and did the same thing then i moved onto louis who was with his girlfriend eleanor he did not look happy. "Lou ?" i asked he snapped his head up it looked like he had been crying "What ragen ? " he asked then i relised what was going on, he was mad. "Louis i-im sorry " i cried as i ran into his chest and broke down. He rubbed small circals into my back when i looked back up he had a piece of paper he handed it to me and to my shock it was a adoption paper. "I was gonna wait but ragen lee sunkiss you and noah light sunkiss are now ragen lee tomlinson and noah light tomlinson im your new father" I looked up at him in shock and i broke down again "louis im so sorry i disapointed you i will give the baby up and break up with the man i love if i have to just please dont leave me please ..." i cried he lifted my head and said " Ragen No! i mean yes you did disapoint  me but you are gonna raise this baby with niall you two are ment to be the only thing i want to know is why did you tell us that you were gonna wait to have sex till you were marryed then you went off and got it on with little nialler ?" "because i know nialls my prince charming one day im gonna marry him " louis just nodded  "thats a good enough reason now lets go home and get ready for the next 6 months" ....

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