Only Time Can Tell

"Ragen lee sunkiss get your arse down here now, and change you sisters diper !" i heard my dad scream. Me and my baby sister Noah have been living in this hell hole ever sense my mum died, well my adopted mum she and my 'dad' adopted me when i was 2 years old im now 15 and about to turn 16 my baby sister 2 about to turn 3. Our mum died when she was giving birth to noah and ever sense i have had to step up and act like a mum for her. Our dad just goes to the pub and gets drunk or high, and when he does he beats us not just me but my helpless sister to. He takes all his anger out on us for no reason. This has to stop and tonight is the night! My tears may continue to fall, but my strength will continue to rise and i will not give up Sometimes when we're in the darkest places, we find the brightest light.The harder the knocks we go through in life, the more we learn and put them to use in the future! we must not be put down by failures....! They make us stronger! this is my story.


1. Escapeing hell

"Ragen get down here now !" i herd my dad scream from the down stairs, "I'm coming "i yelled back down before running down the flight of stairs and nearly falling down on my face. "um w-what can i do ?" i asked in a shakey voice i could tell he was drunk again and when he gets drunk its not a pretty sight . " take care of your little brat then make dinner " he yelled while throwing noah at me by what little hair she had, She was screaming in pain and i could see bruse marks on her arms. "come here baby lets go get ready for dinner ok ? " i said in a calm tone "R i got a boo boo " she cried while running into my chest "i know lets go make it better " i said while picking up the fraigle baby girl. I walked up stairs to our room and put her in her crib, i changed her clothing and made her lay down while i went down stairs to make dinner. I locked our door before walking down the stairs again i walked to the kitchen to see my 'dad ' sitting in the living room half asleep. I knew what i had to do, we had to get out of this bloody house before one of us got killed. I remebered where he had once put the spare key to get out of the house, it was on the tall cupbored, i quitly climbed onto the counter and stood up to the cupbored it was kinda hard considering i am only 5 foot 2 . I reached for the cold metal intel i hit it with the pads of my fingurs i quickly grasped the key in  my right hand while climbing down off the counter with my left hand i was almost off the counter when my foot slip sending me to fall straight on my bum and for the key to fall out of my tight grasp and conect with the cold hard wood floor. I was in for it now, i quickly got up and started to run for my room but it was to late i felt my long brown slightly curly hair being pulled out of my pony tail i winced at the pain but knew it would get worse. "Where do you think your going darling ?" he asked with the smell of achole rolling off his breath. "I uh was uh " before i could respond i felt something cold and hard come at my face i let out a slite whimper and a tear fell down my face he went to a drawer in the kitchen and came back with the rolling pin, before i could run he struck me in the stomach causeing me to fall to my knees. He kicked me a few times before running out the door with his keys and locking the door. I quickly ran to the bathroom to clean up my badly beaten body and grabed and backpack, i threw mine and noahs tooth brushes in it and a brush. then i ran back down stairs and threw a bunch of crackers, bread, and water bottles in it i grabed noahs blanket and some of her toys i grabed her winter coat and a couple pairs of gloves and hats i ran back up stairs packed her a few warm outfits and me a few, then i grabed the thickest jumper i had and threw it on considering i don't have a coat. i put noahs winter stuff on her then wraped her in a blanket. She was still half asleep so i just carryed her down stairs with the back pack on my back. We were all ready to go , this was our chance we were finally getting out of here i was about to brake the window open when i rembered my stach of money. I had about 100 pounds under my pillows for when this day would come. I ran back upstairs and grabed the money i then walked down stairs and grabed a pan i hit the glass window with the pan and watched the glass shadder into a million pieces i crawled through the window being careful not to cut noah on the way out. When we got out side i started runing i don't know where i was planing on going it just had to be far away from him i ran for what had to be at least 2 hours before we came upon a small town it was now snowing and cold i walked into the brightly lit town and came upon a store called toys-r-us i walked in the warm building and set noah in one of ther carts i walked around the store for awhile before noah woke up. When she woke up we were by the teddy bear section and she demanded to get out of the cart. she saw this one avarage sixed one with brown fur and a blue dot pattern on it she fell in love with it i looked at the price and was sad to see how much it was i was sad to see the look on her face when we had to put it back i looked around and saw this one blonde boy looking at us he had bright blue eyes just like noahs and was kinsa cute we walked to anothe section in the store and saw that he was following us. I started to panic and decided it was time to go find a warm bench or sheltered place to sleep in tonight i walked out of the store and saw a small park across the street i walked into the park to see a small cave kinda thing i walked in and started to take out the crakers and water for noah she ate it all and started to doze off she was almost asleep when she looked up at me and said " R, is dadda gone ? no more boo boo's ? " this brought tears to my eyes considering that i knew we were safe from that evil man. " Yes babe we are no more boo boo's are eyou cold ? " i asked she nodded her head and smiled i took my jumper off and wraped it around her leaveing my arms as bare and cold as the tempature outside. i started to sing her to sleep when i heared someone start to sing to it was a beautiful voice i looked over my sholder to see the boy from the store he kneeled down infront of us and smiled. He had one hand behind his back noah started to tremblie, He must of noticed because he brought his other hand out from behind his back to reviel the teddy bear she wanted so bad. she jumped out of my arms and grabed it from him then crashing him into a hug. "tank you " she said in her beautiful calm voice "no problem kido how old are you ?" the boy asked, she held up 2 finguers indacateing she was two years old . "And who might this lovly girl be ?" he asked her while picking her up "that is R my big swister " she replied while pointing at me " hello love how old are you ? " he asked " im ragen and im turning 16 in two days, thats noah shes two " i said "um who are you ?" i asked with a shaking voice . "You don't know hwo i am ? " he asked i shook my head no "im Niall Horan from the famous band One Direction. But enough about me why are you guys out here ? do you ave a place to stay ? " "we are out here because we ran away from our abuseive dad and no we have nothing " i said while holding my hand to my face so he cound'nt see the bruse on my cheek . "Come on lets go to my hotel you are cmeing with me !" niall said while walking off with noah he was singing to her and she slowly fell asleep on his sholder i walked with him intel we got to a big hotel he took me to the elavater and pushed the botten on leval 2 when it opened we arrived at a big hotel room with it cconectiong to two doors that were open he lead me to the couch before seting noah on the couch next to me he walked out of the living room and into the bed room he was in there for awhile before walking back out and throughing a long shirt at me and a pair of boxers . "Were those and i will go get noah a crib the bathroom is right there" he said while pointing to a door and walking out of the room i changed into the clothes and walked back out to see him seating up a travel crib there was 4 other boys in the room to. The one with curly hair was holding noah and the others were singing to her, i walked out just as niall picked noah up and put her in the crib i sat down on the floor by the crib and smiled. Niall introduced me to every body and i said my hello's and we began talking. I got to know alot about them and i was starting to fall for niall ? we started talking about my birthday and then niall brought up that i had no one to stay with and that they were leaving to doncaster in the morning . I felt a single tear fall from my eye when i relised i had no where to go. "Love why are you cry ? "kiam asked while geting uo from next to me and hugging me "you do relise now that your with us we have fallen in love with you and noah and we are not going to leave you in the dust right ? you are comeing with us "

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