You Break My Heart, I Break You

"I didn't tell you to go out there and get drunk! So, technically, it's your fault." Harry yells at me, pointing directly at me from time to time.
Right as he's about to speak and his finger is pointing at me again, I grab his finger and smack it down. "Harry, I told you that if you ever and I mean ever break my heart that I would hurt you. Well, guess what Harold? You broke it."
He seemed confused. "How did I-"
"You slept with that stupid model from Italy! You told me that you would never break my heart and that you would never cheat. Guess you decided to break that promise, eh?"
Britanny Edwards isn't your average teenager. Yeah, she looks like one, acts like one, and all that other stuff, but when you meet her, she's completely different. Her parents taught her self defense, meaning she knew how to kick ass. If someone hurt her, she would use her skills to hurt them also. Harry Styles seemed different to her, until one day he changed.


4. 'We're Back!' - Chapter 3E

                                                                   Louis' POV

I was gripping the steering wheel pretty hard while heading back to the flat. The boys and Perrie kept asking me questions about how me and Brittany got together. I didn't feel like speaking, so I didn't answer any of them. As they began shouting my name and asking the questions louder, I completely lost it.

"You wanna know how we got together? Do you?" they all nod. "Well, here it is! We were best friends in elementary school and middle. Things got different in igh school since we didn't talk much. I got into the X Factor, got pulled into the group with you boys and Harry, and so on. She called me one day, asking if I wanted to hang out. I accepted, went to Starbucks with her, fell in love with her, and got in a relationship with her."

Niall looks at me with a confused look. "How come paparazzi and 'TMZ' not make a big ass story about it?"

"We kept our relationship a secret. It didn't work out after a couple of weeks, we ended things, and now we're just friends. Then Harry introduced me to Eleanor and I forgot all about me and Brittany's relationship at that point."

They all nod, understanding, except for Perrie who seemed to not care about the whole thing. "Do you still love her?"

My eyes shot wide open. "Do I still love her?"

She nods. "Yeah. Do you still love her?"

I scoff, shrugging my shoulders. "Of course not, I love Eleanor."

She rolls her eyes, giving me a yeah, right face. "Whatever, Lou."

I stare down the road, thinking. Do I still love her? No, I can't! Harry has a huge crush on her and I can't do that to the poor guy. I mean, what if she does like me but she doesn't want to show it? Holy crap, can she? I snap out of my thinking as I see that we're at the flat. I pull up to the garage and park. Everyone steps out, closing the door behind them. 

"Harry, get off me!" I hear Brittany's high pitched voice scream from inside the house. What's going on in there?

"But, you said you liked the kiss, doesn't that mean you like me back?" Harry's raspy voice yells after. He kissed her?! 

"No, it doesn't! I just liked the kiss. It was a compliment. Now, get your hands off me!' 

We all ran to the door. I unlocked it and we all ran in. Harry was grabbing her wrist, not letting go. Brittany was yelping, screaming, and whimpering. 

"Harry, get off her!" I scream. "You're hurting her wrist!"

He looked at me. His eyes looked different. Scary is the only word I can use to describe them. "What are you going to do about it, Louis?"

I bit down on my lower lip before pouncing on him, making him fall to the ground. "I said, get off of her!" I scream in his face.

He groaned as he hit the ground and when he looked at me, they were normal. "I-I-I'm sorry. Get off me, Lou."

I jumped up and stepped back. He stood up. "I'm sorry, Brittany. I lost all of my control there." he says, looking down. 

She walks over to him and stares at him. "Harry, you hurt me. Bad. And you expect me to accept that? No, okay? No! I'll never forgive you for this. I knew you were trouble from the start, Styles. I knew it." and with that she grabs her coat and runs out the front door. 

I look at Harry, make a disgusted face, and ran after her. "Brittany!" 

She stopped running and turned to me. "Louis? Why are you running after me?"

I bit my lower lip and got closer to her. "Brittany, I-I still love you."

"You what now?"

"I love you." I lean my head in, grabbing her waist gently, and press my lips to hers. I've been wanting to do this for a long time. 

((A/N; Uh-oh, a little bit of a love triangle happening, huh? Since there is one, who do you want together so far? Harry and Brittany, aka Barry. Or Louis and Brittany, aka Bouis? Funny names, I know. xD Comment the ones you want together! I'll make the next chapter soon. c: ~TakeMeHomex))



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