You Break My Heart, I Break You

"I didn't tell you to go out there and get drunk! So, technically, it's your fault." Harry yells at me, pointing directly at me from time to time.
Right as he's about to speak and his finger is pointing at me again, I grab his finger and smack it down. "Harry, I told you that if you ever and I mean ever break my heart that I would hurt you. Well, guess what Harold? You broke it."
He seemed confused. "How did I-"
"You slept with that stupid model from Italy! You told me that you would never break my heart and that you would never cheat. Guess you decided to break that promise, eh?"
Britanny Edwards isn't your average teenager. Yeah, she looks like one, acts like one, and all that other stuff, but when you meet her, she's completely different. Her parents taught her self defense, meaning she knew how to kick ass. If someone hurt her, she would use her skills to hurt them also. Harry Styles seemed different to her, until one day he changed.


3. Nando's - Chapter 2

                                                                  Perrie's POV

Me and the boys decided to go to Nando's for lunch since Niall was getting hungry. I was worried about Brittany and Harry. I hope she doesn't hurt the poor boy. 

"You okay?" 

I turned over to Zayn and gave him a smile. "Yeah, I am, sweetie."

He smiles back and nods, turning back to Liam. I sigh and look out the window. I know about Brittany's feelings for Harry and I can't tell anyone. Why can't I? It's not going to hurt any of the boys if they knew.

"Hey, guys?" I say, trying to get their attention. They all look at me. "Do you know if Harry likes Brittany?"

They all give each other funny looks and start laughing. "Of course, we know! It's obvious that he does," Louis explains. "I mean, he did volunteer to stay with her."

I smile. "Good."

Their faces change from amused to confused. "Good?" Niall asks. 

I nod. "Yeah. Brittany has some feelings for him also."

Louis' mouth dropped open and he hits his left thigh. "I knew it!"

Everyone laughs at Louis before we all notice he was serious. "It was obvious from the start," he starts saying. "The way she acts around him is cruel, yes, but that's how she shows her feelings." 

"How do you know that, Lou?" I ask. 

He bites his lower lip. "Me and Brittany used to date."

"What?" everyone yells in unison. 

"Yeah," he says, looking down. "but it's in the past. I'm with Eleanor now. Just forget that I told you."

My mouth was hung low. Lou and Brit? She never told me of this! Why didn't she tell me? Holy crap, this is surprising. I'm never going to forget this.

(A/N; Little twist, eh? Haha, I hope you liked this chapter. It's a quick one, I know. I'm sick and I can't get on the computer, but I got on today just for you guys. :D -TakeMeHomex)


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