You Break My Heart, I Break You

"I didn't tell you to go out there and get drunk! So, technically, it's your fault." Harry yells at me, pointing directly at me from time to time.
Right as he's about to speak and his finger is pointing at me again, I grab his finger and smack it down. "Harry, I told you that if you ever and I mean ever break my heart that I would hurt you. Well, guess what Harold? You broke it."
He seemed confused. "How did I-"
"You slept with that stupid model from Italy! You told me that you would never break my heart and that you would never cheat. Guess you decided to break that promise, eh?"
Britanny Edwards isn't your average teenager. Yeah, she looks like one, acts like one, and all that other stuff, but when you meet her, she's completely different. Her parents taught her self defense, meaning she knew how to kick ass. If someone hurt her, she would use her skills to hurt them also. Harry Styles seemed different to her, until one day he changed.


2. How This All Started - Chapter 1

Okay, let's just begin with the part that I, Brittany Edwards, got mobbed with my sister, Perrie Edwards, because she happens to be in a girl-band named Little Mix. Isn't my life just great?

                                                            *Two Months Ago*

For a normal teenaged girl, they would probably kill to be me. Their sister be a pop sensation who happens to be dating Zayn Malik from One Direction, and be mobbed everyday. Well, get this girls! It's not fun. Like, right now, I'm being mobbed by a couple hundred screaming girls and paparazzi. Not fun, right?

"Brittany, where's your sister?" one of the girls screamed at me. I just ignored it and looked away. I mean, who wants to have a girl scream at you when their right next to you? No one. I began walking away from the girls and they all said 'bye' to me. Great, maybe they'll leave me alone. I thought. And of course, I'm wrong. A bunch of paparazzi ran at me, screaming things like, "Where's Perrie?" or "Brittany, Brittany, over here!" I ignored it and kept walking. 

While trying to ignore the paps, I hear something that I wanted to never hear in my life. "Are you dating Harry Styles?" I stopped walking. Me? Date Harry? I don't think so! That dude is a total creeper, player, and stalker (maybe). I snapped out of it and walked to the coffee shop. Perrie was waiting for me there. I saw her waving at me from a far. I picked up my pace and began running to her. 

"Hey, babe, what took you so long?" she asked me, sounding quite worried. 

I just pointed to the paparazzi, who were still behind me, taking pictures. Perrie nodded, understanding what I meant. "Well, how about let's go to Zayn's? I miss him."

I roll my eyes. Of course she does. She always misses Zayn even if she talked to him the day before. I swear, it gets really annoying.  

                                                                   *   *   *  

"Brittany!" the boys yell as they see me walk in the door. I just smile and wave at them. I'm not much of a talker. 

"Perrie!" Zayn cried, jumping out of his seat. He headed to Perrie and gave her a big hug. I roll my eyes. Couples can be annoying. 

Harry kept staring at me. As I look over at him, he turns away. I put on a small smirk and walk up to him. A little tease won't hurt him, right? "I saw you staring at me," I whisper in the sexiest voice I can make. 

He froze like a statue. I smirk even more. "It's okay, Styles." I pecked his cheek. "I'm fine with it." I walk away from him and look back at him. He was biting his lip and looking down at his hands. Oh, how I love messing with that boy. 

"Who wants to go eat?" Niall shouted. Of course he would ask that. The kid's a pig when it comes to food. 

"Me!" Everyone said but me. 

I just stood there, thinking for a while. "Nah, I'm not hungry."

Niall shrugged. "Okay. I guess you can stay here and-"

Harry stood up. "I'll stay with her!"

Niall and I both look at him. My eyes were bigger than Niall's. "Alright, you can stay too." Niall said.

Why? Why do I have to stay at the boys' place with Harry? My life sucks! 

"Bye, guys!" me and Harry both shout as they all leave. When the door slams shut, we look at each other.

"So, why did you want to stay with me, huh Styles?" I asked, my eyebrows raised. 

He bit his lip. God, he looks sexy like that. WHAT AM I SAYING? "Brit, we need to talk."

I shrugged slightly and put my hands in my pockets. "About?"


Us? What does that mean? This boy makes no sense. "Us? What do you mean u-" Before I could finish my question, Harry ran to me and crashed his lips to mine, making me stumble backwards a bit.  I raise my hand to slap him, but I end up closing my eyes and kissing back. He smiles and pulls away, biting my bottom lip. 

"Does that answer your question?"

I stumble over my words. No, that doesn't answer my question, you jackass. I don't like you that way, doofus. What do I say? "No, it doesn't."

"Really?" he says, putting his hand on my cheek. 

I take a step backward. "Yes, really. Harry I don't like you that way," he put his finger up so I put mine up too. "even if I did kiss back, I don't like you."

He frowned. "Okay."

I bit the inside of my cheek. "Harry.."

He looks up at me and nods. "Yeah?"

"Thanks for that, uh, kiss."

He chuckles. "Why thank me if you don't like me?"

I shrug. "I dunno. I guess I liked the kiss." I smile slightly, looking down. 

"You did?"

I look up at him. "I did."

(A/N; Okay. I wanted to have this first chapter show that Brittany might have some feelings for Harry, so I made her act different. So, maybe she does have feelings that she doesn't want to show? What do you think?  ~TakeMeHomex)


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