You Break My Heart, I Break You

"I didn't tell you to go out there and get drunk! So, technically, it's your fault." Harry yells at me, pointing directly at me from time to time.
Right as he's about to speak and his finger is pointing at me again, I grab his finger and smack it down. "Harry, I told you that if you ever and I mean ever break my heart that I would hurt you. Well, guess what Harold? You broke it."
He seemed confused. "How did I-"
"You slept with that stupid model from Italy! You told me that you would never break my heart and that you would never cheat. Guess you decided to break that promise, eh?"
Britanny Edwards isn't your average teenager. Yeah, she looks like one, acts like one, and all that other stuff, but when you meet her, she's completely different. Her parents taught her self defense, meaning she knew how to kick ass. If someone hurt her, she would use her skills to hurt them also. Harry Styles seemed different to her, until one day he changed.


5. He Loves Me? - Chapter 4

                                                                 Brittany's POV

"I love you." he says before grabbing my waist, pressing his lips to mine. Why is he kissing me? Oh my god, he's kissing me! Shake him off, shake him off! He's your ex Brittany, you never go back to one of your exes. 

I quickly grab his arm and push him off me. "Get off me, Louis!" I step back a bit, making his face turn into a confused one. "I don't love you, Louis. We broke up long ago and I moved on to someone else, even if he can be a jerk and player, I still love him." 

"Oh, Harry?" he scoffs. 

I roll my eyes. "Why do you even care if it's him?"

"I don't care, I just know that Harry's not right for you. The boy's a huge jackass! Yes, I just called my best mate a jackass. It's because he is. I can deal with it, but I know you can't."

I growl. "How do you know that? I could beat that jackass down if I have to. I'm stronger than you think, Louis," I begin walking away, but stop and turn around. "See you around, LouLou," I scoff before walking away completely. LouLou was the nickname I gave him when we were dating. Gosh, I hate that name now. 

My phone vibrates. "Oh my- who's texting me?" I groan. I grab it out of my pocket and check it. 

"hey, it's Harry. hope you forgive me for what i did earlier. i'm REALLY sorry.. :("

I smile slightly and quickly reply. 

"i'm fine with it now. it was just you being your asshole self. hahaha >:)"

I love messing with this boy. Before I put my phone back in my pocket, it vibrates again. Assuming it's from Harry, I check it quickly. Turns out it's from Louis. I scoff but read it anyways. 

"Do you hate me?"

I groan. Of course I hate him. The jerk just kissed me, his ex, infront of the flat where Harry and everyone else can see. Not cool! I don't reply and notice that Harry replied. 

"oh, shut up! hey, think you can hang out with just me tomorrow? starbucks? please?"

I smile and reply fast.

"of course, i'll love to go to Starbucks with you. coffee and you together? my two favorite things combined. ;)"

I put my phone back in my pocket and begin running home. Tomorrow better come fast. 

                                                                     Next Day..

I wake up to the sun shining in from the window. Stupid bright sun, waking me up. I stand up and look at my phone to check the time. 10 o'clock. Nice, I slept in. That's not sarcasm, I love sleeping in. I saw that I got a new text from Harry. 

"hey, babe. coffee at 12? i know it's late but i know you love sleeping in so.. yeah. see ya then? :)"

I smile and reply back. 

"of course! see ya then, babe."

I quickly shuffle my way to the bathroom, tripping over many things. I finally get there, grab my toothbrush and toothpaste, put some on the toothbrush, and start brushing my teeth. My phone starts ringing, playing my ringtone, Troublemaker by Olly Murs. What? I like his music. 

I quickly run to my phone and look at the caller ID. HarryBoo. He put that in, not me. I promise. I quickly grab it and answer. "Hello?" I say, my mouth full of toothpaste. 

I hear him laugh from the other end. "Hey, love. You still coming right?"

I nod, even though I know he can't see me. "Yep!"

"Okay. I'm leaving right now. You almost ready? I'm picking you up."

I begin to freak out. I'm in my pajamas and I'm barely done brushing my teeth! Plus, I have no make-up! "You're picking me up? Harry, I'm barely ready. I don't want you walking inside my house when I'm still in my underwear and bra, looking for something to wear!"

He laughs again. "Oh, come on. It's not going to hurt you if I see you almost naked. I'll surely love it," he jokes. 

I growl slightly. "Oh, whatever, Styles. See you when you get here."

"Okay, bye!"

I hang up, put my phone down, and sigh. "Harry Styles might see me naked. This will be so fun," I say to myself sarcastically. 

I finally get done brushing my teeth and start getting changed. I close the door before stripping to my bra and underwear. I don't want Harry to come in right now. I start looking into the closet to find something cute to wear.

"Brittany, I'm here!" I hear Harry's voice say from the living room. 

I groan. "I'm in my room. You better stay where you are," I keep looking for something when I hear the door crack open. I look over to the door and see Harry peeking in. "Harry, get out!" I scream, covering myself up a bit.

He chuckles, biting his lip. "Why?" he whines. 

I groan. "I don't want you seeing me like this. Get out!"

"It won't hurt if I see you naked."

I stamp my foot slightly. "Yes, it is. You'll see me naked and we aren't even a couple."

He frowns and begins stepping out of the room. "Fine." 

I smirk slightly while I see him leave. I now go and look for my clothes again. Hope he doesn't sneak a peek again. That little pervert.

((A/N; A little Barry action! Haha. Seems like Brittany's starting to be nicer to Harry, huh? Maybe giving him a chance to change his acts. Will Harry stop acting mean to her and start showing his good side? I'll make the next chapter soon to answer the question. :D ~TakeMeHomex))

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