You Break My Heart, I Break You

"I didn't tell you to go out there and get drunk! So, technically, it's your fault." Harry yells at me, pointing directly at me from time to time.
Right as he's about to speak and his finger is pointing at me again, I grab his finger and smack it down. "Harry, I told you that if you ever and I mean ever break my heart that I would hurt you. Well, guess what Harold? You broke it."
He seemed confused. "How did I-"
"You slept with that stupid model from Italy! You told me that you would never break my heart and that you would never cheat. Guess you decided to break that promise, eh?"
Britanny Edwards isn't your average teenager. Yeah, she looks like one, acts like one, and all that other stuff, but when you meet her, she's completely different. Her parents taught her self defense, meaning she knew how to kick ass. If someone hurt her, she would use her skills to hurt them also. Harry Styles seemed different to her, until one day he changed.


1. Prologue

"Get off me, Harry!" I scream, yanking my arm away from his grasp. As he lets go, I grab onto his shirt collar and pull him down to my level. "Listen closely, Styles. If you ever try to break my heart, I will break you. Got that?"

He nodded his head quickly, showing that he was slightly scared by the way I was talking to him. "Y-Yes, I do."

"Good." I let him go and put on a fake smile. "Then I'll go out with you."

He sighs in relief. "Great. See you tomorrow." and with that he left, walking a bit quickly. 

I sighed and watched him walk away. Why did I do that? I accepted a date with Harry Styles, or as I like to call him, the flirt. He's just trouble, I know it. I won't fall in love with the idiot though, I'm sure of that. I got nothing to worry about. 

Folding my arms, I begin to walk home. My phone beeps and vibrates in my pocket. I groan and take it out. 

'Just wanted to tell u where the date is. :) come to my place at 7 tomorrow. -Harry xx'

I smiled slightly and texted back with a simple, 'K, see you then. -Brit xx'  Maybe the date won't be that bad. I mean, yeah he's a jerk and total player, but he can be a great guy. What if I am falling for him? Nah, I can never fall for Styles. It's not possible. 

I kept walking home and as I got to the front porch, my phone buzzed again. 

'see you soon. ;) -Harry xx

I smile again and put my phone back in my pocket. I look out to the road, smiling, before opening the front door and stepping inside. Maybe Styles isn't a bad guy. 

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