Only You

Maya is a girl. She has long,straight, dark brown hair. Brown eyes, 5'5. Perfect girl. She's dating Liam Payne. Perfect life right? Wrong. There is a story to how they met. And it all started when she was about to die.


3. The Gas Station (Maya's POV)

I walk through the doors of my house to get slapped by my dad. "WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?" he yells at me.

"Out," I grumble. I tried to walk  past him but he pushed me to the room and starts beating me. Then he gets a knife and I tried getting up, but he puts a small cut in my head and tells me to get to my room. I run up to my room, feeling bruised. I dug out my backpack and filled it with my most valuable items. I locked my door and put my cell phone in my pocket and charger in my backpack. I jump out of my second story window and land on my feet, but fall to my knees. I get up shakily and run to the gas station four miles away. Once I get there I call the only person that may care for me. Liam.

Liam: "Hello who is this?"

Me: "Maya,"

Liam: "Maya, what's wrong?"

Me: "Liam, please come get me. I'm at the Grand Tiger Gas Station,"

Liam: "I'm on my way,"

I start to cry. And put my head in my arms and just cry. I feel someone come to me, pulling me into their chest.

"Maya, its ok, it's Liam," He picks me up and puts me into his car. And a few minutes later we are at the house he shares with the boys. I grab my bag. Thank God he didn't see my bloodied face.We get inside of the house. My hair is covering the side of my face that is bloodied.

"WHERE THE HELL-!!" I hear and get really scared and hide behind him.

"Mate chill I was getting a friend," he points to me. "Come on Maya, let's meet the rest of the boys.

When we get in there I ask, "Do you have a first aid kit?"

"Yea, why?" The curly haired one, which I think is Harry, asks. I remove the hair that is covering the bloody side of my face. I hear the gasps and look with a sad face at the boys. Then I fall. Liam catches me. "GET THE FIRST AID KIT!" The boys yell. And Liam puts me on the couch. And a few seconds later, I pass out

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