Only You

Maya is a girl. She has long,straight, dark brown hair. Brown eyes, 5'5. Perfect girl. She's dating Liam Payne. Perfect life right? Wrong. There is a story to how they met. And it all started when she was about to die.


10. The explanation and the meeting (Maya's POV)

He likes me! Ughh I can't admit it, I mean he's offered me a home. Suddenly there is a knock on the door.

"Come in," I say. And when Harry walks through the door with Cat, my heart skipped a beat. "Catherine,"

"Maya," Cat walks over to me and hugs me.

"How do you guys know each other?" he asks.

"Long story," we say at the same time. Harry leads us downstairs and the boys look at us.

"They know each other," the boys stare at us like we're on fire. I take a deep breath and begin the story that's going to change everything.

"We're best friends, and I haven't seen her since I ran away. She gets abused by her dad too. We were the only two girls who kept quiet in our school. We drew close and became a team. People would tease us and whenever we could we would go to this park. And then just talk laugh and play games. Stuff that normal teens do. I do know that I left her. And I've regretted it since I moved in with you guys and I worried about her everyday. Now she's here and away from our dads," 

"What exactly have your dads done to you?" asked Liam. I look over at Cat and she gives me an encouraging nod.

"They've beat us with bats, belts, sticks, pots, pans, phones, anything you could reach really. And they- " I break off by Catherine and me showing them our wrists. I heard gasps as they look at our wrists. 

 "Didn't feel a thing," she says. Harry and Liam get up from couch and walk over to us. Liam hugs me and Harry hugs Catherine. I could hear her sobbing into Harry's chest. I start to cry. The rest of the boys walk over and join in a group hug.

"That's why we're so thankful that you guys took us in when you did. Otherwise I hate to think what would've happened to us," says Catherine. Harry's arm is just lying across her shoulder.

"I don't like this mood in the room!!" Screams Louis and we all laugh. Suddenly a bird flies and hits one of the glass windows. I gasp and Louis runs to the window screaming,"KEVIN!" I guess the bird might have been shocked back in life because it was up on its feet and flying in an instant.

Well I got my best friend back. The boy I like likes me as said from Lou. I told the boys I've known-for, like, a week-what our life story is. Showed them our scars. I realized at that moment that we had no more clothes from the ones we had that I've brought with me. I then asked the stupidest question I could have asked with Louis 'The Fashionable' in the room.

"Can we go shopping?"



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