Only You

Maya is a girl. She has long,straight, dark brown hair. Brown eyes, 5'5. Perfect girl. She's dating Liam Payne. Perfect life right? Wrong. There is a story to how they met. And it all started when she was about to die.


11. Shopping with a fashionista ( Maya's POV)

Louis stops running and turns around to look at us. The only creepy thing about it is that he did it in one of those slow turns with a creepy smile on his face.

"Now you've done it" says Liam. And I start laughing as Louis runs around the house collecting money, his phone, and his car keys.

"What did you get us into May?!?!?!" Says Catherine.

"I have no clue" I tell her.

Louis is rushing us out the door when I turn around and say,"If were not back by 9pm call the cops."

The car ride was a short one but it felt like forever. We shopped in all of the stores that we could: Forever 21, Marshalls, Kohls, JCPenny, etc.

It felt like my arms were going to fall off when we got home. By myself I had a total of 38 bags. In those 38 bags were: 14 pairs of shirts, 6 over shirts, 17 skinny  jeans, 18 tank tops, 3 pairs of shoes (one pair of black toms, a pair of converse, and black heels) 2 dresses, and acessories. 

Together both me and Cat had 87 bags. We were done when we got back we put our stuff in our rooms, changed into sweats and a tank, and went downstairs.

When I sat next to Liam I told him,"Never, ever go shopping with Louis."

"Told ya not to!" he tells me giving me a half grin, half smirk, that made me turn to jelly.

God, help me! I won't survive in this house with him there. I learned he liked me, My best friend is going out with Harry Freakin Styles, and for the fact that I'm in love with a boy and he's in love with me but were both to afraid to admit it.


How could my life get any weirder?    





 Oh yea, did I ever tell you my dad is looking for me?


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