Only You

Maya is a girl. She has long,straight, dark brown hair. Brown eyes, 5'5. Perfect girl. She's dating Liam Payne. Perfect life right? Wrong. There is a story to how they met. And it all started when she was about to die.


6. Confession to the guys (Liam's POV)

"So what do you guys think about Maya?" I ask them when they come down for breakfast. Maya's still sleeping. God bless her.

"I think she'd be pefect for you mate," Niall says.

"I agree," says Harry.

"ME TOO!!" Louis yells, only to get a slap on the head and a Shhhh.

"Mate, "Zayn tells me,"You obviously like her as much as I like Perrie or Louis likes El," he says, then going back to his mirror. I walk into the living room and sit on the couch. I put in Toy Story and just sit there, thinking about Maya. I sighed. Other girls are cute, but Maya is the only one I want. I wonder if she likes me to. And I don't even want to think what would've happened if I didn't save her. God, I know her dad abused her, but thats not enough to commit suicide. I was in deep thought. And then I heard her scream.

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