Don't Forget

Liam's little sister Sarah, has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor shortly before he auditions a second time on the X-Factor. In fear of being forgotten in the swirl of the fame now surrounding her brother, she flees to New York City in hopes of finding herself.


1. Diagnosesis

God, I hate the doctor's. And mom. But mostly mom. Liam and I have both tried to convince her I'm fine, but she won't listen. People (teenage girls especially) have hormones, and with hormones come headaches. But she won't listen. She says 'Three weeks is much too long for a consecutive headache Sarah.'
Okay, maybe I can see her point there. But I still don't understand why we're here of all places. And where am I exactly? The brain doctor. Okay, there's probably a more scientificy name for that. But I honestly do not give a living shit. My doctor, Dr. Newson, recommended us to this guy, Dr. Pepper. Just kidding, but seriously. The guy's a creep. To put it quite simply, there's a been a headache I've been having for, as mom mentioned, three weeks. It can get excruciating at time, other times it's barely noticeable. I personally don't understand what everyone's so worried about. But that's for later.
My head snaps up when a nurse calls my name "Sarah Payne?"
Mom pats my hand "I'll wait here, okay?"
I nod "Kay mom"
As soon as the words are out of my mouth, she's pulling her laptop out, no doubt to do her work. As usual. I stride toward the nurse, and flash a smile "I'm Sarah, where do I go?"
The nurse returns the smile, and points down the hall "Second door on the left, Dr. Boone will be in there shortly"
I nod, and head down the hall, into the room. I slide onto the bed, and start absent-mindly fiddling with my bracelet. After about five minutes, Dr. Boone comes in. Holy shit. Does that name tag say NICKI BOONE?! As in, female?! Wow, idiot alert..
"Hello Sarah!" God, she's way too perky
"Hey Doc" I wave lightly
She glances down at her clip board, as she sits in the spiny chair. "So, I see here you've been having frequent headaches?"
"Yep" I reply, popping the P
"Do you mind if I do a few Catscans of your brain?"
What the fuck is that?! I mentally scream, but I manage to stay calm "Sure."
"Great! Now come with me." She holds open the door, allowing me to follow her. Down at the end off the hall is this big white room, with this badass machine in the middle, kind of resembling a copier.
"Um, is this the copy room?" I sputter out, my curiousity getting the best of me
She laughs "No, that's the catscan"
"Oh.." I mental slap myself. Dumbshit, of course it's not the copier!
Dr. What's-her-name hits a few buttons on a laptop, and the machine starts lighting up.
"Now, Sarah, I need you to lay down" She motions toward the flat piece of..mentally plastic? sticking out of the machine.
"O-Okay" I stutter, lieing down. I put my arms down at my sides, and close my eyes. Then, it starts moving into the catscan. There's lots of lights on the roof of that thing, let me tell you! My eyes were closed, but even I could tell. Fifteen minutes later, I'm back in the waiting room with mom.
"The results should be available in about a week" Says Dr. Boone, as she looks at her clipboard. Again.
"Thank you" Mom replies with a smile "But we really should get going"
Doctor lady nods "Of course! I'll let you know when the results are in!"
"Thank you!" Mom calls, already halfway out the door.

*One week later*
I'm on the couch, like anything other Saturday. Liam's in his room, singing. What else? Maybe football, you know, like a normal human being? 'Course not. According to mom, 'He's got real talent!'..well so do I! Kind of..I mean I like to sing too, but it's his thing. I won't take his spotlight. The phone rings.
"I got it!" I call, grabbing the phone "Hello?"
"Hello, this is Renee Barnes from DXC Neurologic specialists. Is Mrs. Payne home?"
"Yea..I'll grab her"
"Thank you"
I cover the ear piece "MOM! It's for you!"
Mom appears, literally out of fucking nowhere "Thank you!" She grabs the phone
"Yes....oh they are? That's great!...Oh..I see.." Mom's voice lowers "Is it fatal?" Tears cloud her eyes "I understand. Thank you"
By this point, Liam's already down stairs with me, gazing intently at mom
"Mom? Are you alright?" Liam's the first to speak
"What'd the doctor want?" I follow up
Mom seems to just notice we're there. She walks towards me slowly. She takes my head into her hands "Sarah..that was the results. You have a brain tumor. And it's fatal"
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