The life of me.

Hi!! So I have been meaning to do this and I think this will be neat. So I have a weird life, I'm gonna tell you about it. As chapters I will put the dates. If this sounds boring but, give it a chance... Please?


3. 12-4-12

Sorry I didn't post yesterday but I have some stuff to say from yesterday!! So, I just got my YMCA membership, right? Right. So, I go and this obnoxious asshole is like,"MISS!! MISS!! MI- See? I told you!!" I'm like shut the hell up bro. Then this dude, Dyllon{that's not how you spell it but when I have a son I'm naming him Dyllon James Layne ____. Yeah. I'm adding Layne to it. -u mite think its like lin but it's like lane- I bet is spelled like Dillon...}, so he's like,"Don't listen to him. He's a weirdo." and later we play like 15 games of basketball and I caught his drift tht he likes me. I mean. That way. I don't have anythn against him but I'm already dating Harold, Liam, Zayn, Louie, and Ni. I can't have a Dyllon{yeah. I spelled it that way. Again.}. I'm so badass. I lost my jacket today. Yesterday my friend was out of school all day and we have 5th together and I sat in her seat. My stalker sits behind her. Yeah. I do have a stalker. And he's like,"Hey,(my name), do you have a boyfriend?" then I'm like,"No," then he like,"Will you go out with me?" I'm like,"No." then he says,"Will you go out with Shane?" I like Shane a lot. Guess what I said,"No." I was stupid but if I'm gonna be asked out its bye the dude who wants to go out with me. I know it was fake. I'm not admitting to having a crush on fucking Shane Grindstaff. He's a damn babe. He's not knowing I like him though. HE SHALL NOT KNOW. U guys and my friends are the only ones who know. An only selected friends. So today, my stalker touches my damn ass. And my 5th period teacher passed out during the fire drill. Yes. Passed out. In the art room. Next to the door. Today I have basketball practice. And I'm sore like hell. I wadding stretch yesterday and I was playing volleyball and basketball. I swear I'm fucking obsessed with The A Team. I'm listening to it right now. While I'm writing. I wish I could meet Ed Shereen.{I am not a super fan tho. I'd rather have a super fan go than me. :|} SHE DON'T WAAANA GOOOO OUTSIDE... TONITE!!!! IN A PIPE SHE'LL FLY TO THE MOTHERLAND!! OR SELL LOVE TO ANOTHERMAN!! IT'S TO COOOOOOOOLD OUTSIIIIDE, FOR ANNNNDGELS TO FLY. FOR ANGELS TO FLY. AN ANGEL WILL DIE. COVERED IN WHITE, CLOTHES I'LL LOOK FOR A BETTER LIFE... Yeah. I know the whole song by heart. I LOVE THIS SONG. Yeah, well, bye public diary.

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