The life of me.

Hi!! So I have been meaning to do this and I think this will be neat. So I have a weird life, I'm gonna tell you about it. As chapters I will put the dates. If this sounds boring but, give it a chance... Please?


1. 12-2-12

So over the weekend I was with my granny and well, yesterday, I ate all day, literally. First for breakfast, 2 bowls of Fruity Pebbles, then carrots, then pickles(damn, I love them), then goldfish, then a Milky Way bar, then Rolo's, then Goldfish, then strawberries with whipped cream, then more Goldfish, then more strawberries, then I ate cheesecake, then I ate popcorn while I watched 2 movies, then I fell asleep. Man, was I hungry!! All say I was like- what would be a better nickname for Harry and Taylor Swift if they ever dated? Tarry? Or Haylor? Tarry sounds like a Tuscan Burrito. Haylor, on the other side, sounds like a Mexican Lady Farmer. (No offence.) N have you wondered why on "Fairly Odd Parents" are big enough for them to slip out, BUT THEY NEVER DO!!! Morons!!! I like Foop better than Poof for some reason... My friend is like,"Owen! Get your fat-ass over here!!!" the other day and he didn't come so she's like,"Fine, jackass. Be a bitch."She wants what she wants when she wants it. But she's real redneck. So a country diva. So, Christmas is coming up and all I want for Christmas is 1D tickets. Fucking sold out bitches. So. I'm tired n I wanna watch Vampire Diaries. I missed Thursday's.
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