A Broken Promise

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  • Published: 3 Dec 12
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Blurb When Kayla's brother Louis Tomlinson brings her to meet his band she's afraid of falling for one of the boys.Why,because she doesn't want to get hurt again.To find out what happens you gotta read the story

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1. Meeting

         Kayla P.O.V.

My brother Louis Tomlinson was bringing me to meet the rest of the boys today I was just waiting for him to come pick me up,I was a MAJOR directioner,but I was really nervous to meet them.I'm really shy.Anyway I was wearing dark blue skinny jeans,and an 'I love haters' tank top.I heard a car horn so that meant Louis was here,I grabbed my jacket and put on my sparkly black TOMS,and got in the car."Hey baby sis" Louis siad turning the music down "I'm not a baby" I whined "Okay what's up" Louis asked me "The sky" I smiled,Louis playfully hit my arm "Owwww" I said fake hurt,"Well let's go" I yelled in Lou's ear.So he turned the music back up.'She's not afraid' came on and Lou went to turn it off but I smacked his hand away and turned the music up more singing along with it.When the song was over I seen Louis looking at me like a just murdered someone "What" I said "I'm a directioner" I added.

*5 minutes later*

It wasn't a long drive to Louis house.When I walked in I heard the Toy Story movie playing,but when I walked into the living room their eyes were on me not the movie.I felt really uncomfortable with all their eyes on me so I akwardly sat down.


Sorry I was to lazy to type anymore so sorry for the short chapter

~Alyssa xx

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