Happily Ever After...

Kendall has lived in England for all of her life. She absoultley loves One Direction. When she gets to meet them, she jumps at the opportunity. But she starts to fall for one or more of the boys. But since she is only 15 its forbidden love. Will he break her heart or will they live Happily Ever After?
Comment, Like, Favorite? * It's my first movella so any comments on plot or how to make it better I would love to get some feedback!


3. The Signing

Kendall's POV 

One BORING school day later....

Hannah and I sprinted to the car. Of coarse I beat her there but it was the time. We are going to meet our husbands. Of coarse I knew that One Direction would never like me but who knows? 

We arrived at the signing. Hannah could barley stand. ( I was pretty sure once we got there she was going to faint.)  I tried to see over all the people but since I short I couldnt see anything. Once we got to the front of the line Paul said that it was over and the boys had to leave. My heart broken into a million pieces.

Harry's POV

We are at another signing today. I wasn't looking forward to it cause its the same thing everytime. Hi, Whats your name? Oh nice to meet you. That's all that happens every time. We got to our seats and (I was pretty sure I'm going to go deaf from these screaming girls.) Then I saw the most beautiful girl. She was at the end of the line and I had no idea who she was or if she was a psychopath or something but I just felt this way like I had to protect her from everything. Now this was not going to be a boring signing today.  

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