Happily Ever After...

Kendall has lived in England for all of her life. She absoultley loves One Direction. When she gets to meet them, she jumps at the opportunity. But she starts to fall for one or more of the boys. But since she is only 15 its forbidden love. Will he break her heart or will they live Happily Ever After?
Comment, Like, Favorite? * It's my first movella so any comments on plot or how to make it better I would love to get some feedback!


5. The CD

Kendall's POV 

When I got home I couldn't help but stare at the CD. It had all their signatures on it. It was amazing! I need to frame this before my stupid sister steals it. I open up the CD case and a little piece of paper falls out. I was going to read it but then I decide eh I'll do it tommorw and I crashed into my bed and fell asleep instantaneously.

Harry's POV

We were driving back to our hotel and I couldn't stop thinking of her. She was wonderful and beautiful. All I wanted to do was love and protect her. Hopefully she would get the note I gave her. Well it wasn't a note it was my phone number. I couldn't wait till she called/texted me. The boys were talking and then they bring Kendall up.  "So mate, What did you do?" Zayn asked. I said " A gentlemen never tells," I replied wittily. Today was officially the best day ever.  

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