Happily Ever After...

Kendall has lived in England for all of her life. She absoultley loves One Direction. When she gets to meet them, she jumps at the opportunity. But she starts to fall for one or more of the boys. But since she is only 15 its forbidden love. Will he break her heart or will they live Happily Ever After?
Comment, Like, Favorite? * It's my first movella so any comments on plot or how to make it better I would love to get some feedback!


4. Thanks Paul

Kendall's POV

Paul just told us that we couldn't meet the boys cause they had to leave. Thanks Paul, your so nice today. But then I heard the boys talking and the yelled at Paul "Wait can we please just do one more? PLEASE?" Paul wasn't happy. But they were the boss of him (I guess) so he let them. Liam was the last one there. My heart was pounding and I couldn't wait to meet him. I met Harry first, then Louis, then Zayn, then Niall. Finally Liam. He was so gorgeous I couldn't believe I was finally meeting him. God I love him like crazy.  

Liam's POV

God Kendall was the most amazing girl I have ever met. But Harry was in my way from loving her. He made us tell Paul to let us meet her. I could just tell that he was going to fall for her. But I'm tired of Harry ( "the flirt") always got all the girls. I mean couldn't a nice guy like me get the girl for once? Well, I guess not. 

Kendall's POV

Hannah and I left the signing on Cloud 9. I couldn't believe I just met them. They are so amazing. God! Wait oh my god what did I say in there? Oh god! I hope I wasn't speaking gibberish or something! Hannah drove me home, god I would have awesome dreams tonight.  

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