Happily Ever After...

Kendall has lived in England for all of her life. She absoultley loves One Direction. When she gets to meet them, she jumps at the opportunity. But she starts to fall for one or more of the boys. But since she is only 15 its forbidden love. Will he break her heart or will they live Happily Ever After?
Comment, Like, Favorite? * It's my first movella so any comments on plot or how to make it better I would love to get some feedback!


2. School

Kendall's POV 

6 months earlier....

Today was the day! I woke up at 5 in the morning getting ready for school. My best friend Hannah called me and she basically screamed at the top of her lungs. "Guess what?!?" Hannah sang. "What?" I replied sarcastically. "WE ARE GOING TO MEET OUR HUSBANDS TODAY!!!!" she screamed. By husbands she means One Direction. She was so obsessed with them! Well I am too... But anyway we were going to a CD signing and I was going to meet them. THEM! The boys! Well personally I absolutely love Liam. He is my favorite! But Hannah yelled "LOUIS!!!" waking me up from my daydream. 

Hannah arrived at my house at 7 AM so we could go to school. Yay.. school. Just this year we started highschool. I'm 15 and Hannah is 16. Yes Hannah was held back, just in case you were wondering. We were half way through the school year and we already couldn't wait till we were Sophomores.


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