Happily Ever After...

Kendall has lived in England for all of her life. She absoultley loves One Direction. When she gets to meet them, she jumps at the opportunity. But she starts to fall for one or more of the boys. But since she is only 15 its forbidden love. Will he break her heart or will they live Happily Ever After?
Comment, Like, Favorite? * It's my first movella so any comments on plot or how to make it better I would love to get some feedback!


1. Prologue

Kendall's POV I pulled his shirt off. I was gonna go futher than I ever had tonight. I had experimented with guys but never gone all the way. He ripped at my shirt, popping the buttons open. He began to pull mine off. He thrusted  as I trailed his dick. He was hard-on pressing into me. I undid his pants and pulled them down... 


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