Picture Perfect

Sixteen year old Echo Heart has always been the ugly duckling, she always wanted to be like her popular and beautiful cousin Mary Heart:guys worship and are at her feet wishing to be her cousin unlike Echo she gets ignored and brushed off like dust. When Echo gets into an has freak accident she soon has the life she ever wanted on top of that she is in honors and has a scholarship, but Mary now isn't in spotlight anymore. When Echo's best friend David shes had feelings for since forever starts to date Mary what will Echo do?


2. Forgive Me?...

        I was in the hospital for a few weeks still. I was happy when David came everyday to visit me and hand me my work form school, which I tend to finish each day to catch up. When David first saw me he looked like he was starstruck, "Am I in the right room?" I couldn't help but laugh because David didn't recognize me at all "Don't remember your own best friend gosh i'm hurt" that totally brought a huge grin  playfully to his lips he put me on a wheelchair and we rode around the hospital that was until Mary came "Echo c'mon look at me i'm sorry" she looked at me with pleading eyes. I just turned my head and walked off and headed toward my room, this time i'm not forgiving her yes I must admit I look amazing better then I did before really, but besides the point it's her fault I went threw a living hell since 6th grade because of her. She stole every guy I like(except David) and never cared about me, she let her friends spite on me like dirt and they made rumors for several years. The only way to escape her is by my work, skateboarding, photography, and being with David. "Words can't be taken back, it can't be forgotten I don't think I have forgiven you either, you may be my cousin but you've made my life a living hell just don't even bother any more" I look  down at my shoes and then open the door to walk in my room David not following but staying with  Mary. 

... (It's a holiday Just so if your wondering^.^)

It's been a few days since they let me out and a few days since I haven't talked to David nor Mary like I'd want to talk to her anyway, but since she's been staying at my house she seems to be going out almost every day now. Mary and everyone else tries to talk to me but I just block everyone away. I haven't eaten I know the doctor said I should eat I haven't i'm just tired sad and lonely I have no friends other than David, but now i'm alone I walk down the stairs I see my mum she sees me and her face brightens up "I see your alive" she says and chuckles "ya I guess I am" I say to her looking down at my feet. Just then Mary burst into the house "great" I mumble to myself, her face looks like she won a million dollars "Isn't today just great... Echo!". Great I think to myself, I kiss my mums cheek "hey I'm going out i'll be back in a few i'll call when i'm coming home" I tell my mum, "OK" my mum tells me and I dash before hearing what Mary has to say I pull my keys out of my pocket and head to my very designed colorful and  vintage volts wagon my camera in there and my sketch pad and drawing pencils in the back seat. When I reach this condo I bolt inside to the elevator and hit a button up to the penthouse where David lives, I take a deep breathe and walk out of the elevator and toward Davids place. I knock on the door and his mother greets me and gives me a welcoming hug "Echo!! David told me what happened, must I say you look wonderful lets hope that they haven't changed everything of that pretty face of your", she tells me as she taps the tip of my nose I giggle and then David pops his head out of the kitchen with a sudden look as if he didn't want me here. "Echo what are you doing here?", he ask me I look down at my shoes "I wanted to talk to you but never mind" and I just run out of the penthouse. I keep running why did I even come? I think to myself.

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