Picture Perfect

Sixteen year old Echo Heart has always been the ugly duckling, she always wanted to be like her popular and beautiful cousin Mary Heart:guys worship and are at her feet wishing to be her cousin unlike Echo she gets ignored and brushed off like dust. When Echo gets into an has freak accident she soon has the life she ever wanted on top of that she is in honors and has a scholarship, but Mary now isn't in spotlight anymore. When Echo's best friend David shes had feelings for since forever starts to date Mary what will Echo do?


1. New Looks

"Ugh Echo look at you, you look like trash I don't even know how i'm related to you", Mary laughs when she's done making fun of me in front of the whole school, they all laugh like always, some kids don't like my best friend David he just gives Mary a death glare and he says nothing like always. This time i'm on the urge of crying I just sprint out of the cafeteria with their laughs following me. I just run out of the school and keep going I hear David screaming and chasing after me and my teachers calling me to come back but I don't care I just keep running till everything goes black.



I hear voices they sound like my mum and dad, I open my eyes slightly but I feel pain rushing into my head instantly when I do my mum rushes over to me bawling her eyes out squeezing my hand my dad wiping his tears and Mary looking so guilty her eyes puffy and red she looks like a disaster, I can't even stand to look at her so I look at my mum she lets go of my hand finally kisses my forehead and they both walk out to go talk to the doctor. I'm then alone with that dog of a cousin, Mary looks at me and her eyes are pleading for forgiveness  then it hits me I had to have surgery I touch my face my nose feels soft and smaller my cheek bones are risen and my lips feel fuller. Mary is now by my side and has some tears in her eyes which I don't even give two shits about cause it's her fault i'm in this stupid mess at the hospital not even remembering what happened to me. I used to adore my cousin for her looks even if she was rude to me, but now I TRULY DESPISE MY COUSIN MARY HEART.

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