They Don't Know About Us

In the state known as New York, a girl named Alyssa has moved here from her hometown Kentucky. She didn't know if she was going to fit in or not until one day she bumped into a boy known as Niall Horan!!! Will they find love?? You will have to read to find out!! :)


3. First Day of School

    Alyssa's P.O.V


                      " Well today is the first day of school" I thought to myself. When I finally decided to get out of bed, I went to my closet and got a plain purple shirt and some grey skinny jeans. Went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and headed downstairs to see that dad has cooked breakfast (which wasn't that very often)

                       "You cooked breakfast?" I asked him. " Yea, I thought that since today was your first day of school I would cook you breakfast" Thanks dad! After I got done eating breakfast, we went and got in the car and drove to school. When we got there,  there were kids standing in front of the school talking to their friends. "I'll see you later, okay?" I told my dad. "Okay, Have fun!" dad yelled.


                      I walked into the school and made my way to the office. There was a woman at the front desk and asked me " How may I help you?" "I am a new student" I told her with my name. She handed me a paper with my schedule on it. I made my way out of the office when I ran into a boy with blonde hair. "I am so sorry" I told the boy. "Oh, its fine. Whats your name? he asked me "Alyssa Purdon" I told him "Thats a pretty name, my name is Niall Horan!" That name seemed very familiar to me until I realized that he was in the band One Direction. "Are you in the band One Direction" I asked him "Yea, are you a fan?" "YEA!" he giggled and took a look at my schedule. "You have the same classes as me" he told me. "Oh thats good, maybe you can show me around to all my classes!" I asked him "Yea I can be your "Handy Helper" he told me. We both laughed and he took me around the school.


                      I think I have made my first friend!! I thought to myself


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