They Don't Know About Us

In the state known as New York, a girl named Alyssa has moved here from her hometown Kentucky. She didn't know if she was going to fit in or not until one day she bumped into a boy known as Niall Horan!!! Will they find love?? You will have to read to find out!! :)


6. Bradley..

Bradley P.O.V


                   "I can't believe she moved away from me!!" She needs to learn that I am just right for her and deal with it... "I see you have a new boyfriend??" " No I don't, he is just a friend," she made me really angry because she wouldn't confess that she was dating that irish dude. "Then why are you always talking to him??" She looked at me with total fear.. " Because at least he won't beat me all the time, unlike other people!" Thats it!! I have had it, she is dead now!!


Alyssa's P.O.V 


                   I know I shouldn't have told him that because now he looking at me with total anger... All the sudden he came over to me and grabbed me by the hair and slammed me down to the ground. I winced in pain as I hit the floor. "Think about what you say before you say it!" he told me with total anger. He gave me one last kick to my side and then he ran out of the house. I sat there curled up in a ball in the middle of the floor crying hoping Niall would come... All the sudden my phone buzzed and it was a text from Niall. I read the text which said "Hey its Niall!! :)" I texted him back and said that Bradley has came over and beat me and I asked if he can come over. He said " OMG, I am on my way!" Niall showed up at my house 10 minutes later and I was glad he came because I feel so safe with him...


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