Love Is Not Always Perfect

This story is going to be sexual,exciting,and suspencful
5 girls go to Palmer High where they meet 5 other boys and they fall deeply in love....then everything falls apart when the girls become pregant....


1. Getting OurSelves Together

Samantha P.O.V

  KNOCK KNOCK..."Samantha darling get up its the first day of your 10th grade year you should be very excited" my mom says ughhh i hate when she knocks at my door but i got up anyways because it was the day i had my plans set out on being POPLUAR...

 As i was finishing up on doing my hair i got a phone call for my friend Mera she was yelling all loud but i didn't mine.... 

    "Are you ready because i'm on my way to your house with Briana,Diamond,Nicki, and Leah"

I was shocked it was only like 7:00 in the morning but i said yeah any ways even though i still needed to brush my teeth

  Mera P.O.V

 Ok guys hurry! We need to do a mirro check lets remember what our plans are don't get it twisted we have to look perfect..Briana your hair is a mess what did you do.......went to sleep and woke up and walked out the house looking like that you need i straightner but don't worry i gotchu i know Samantha got a curling iron..

  "Mera shut up you don't look all that good plus your hair look nappy anyways." she replied

  Hahaha you're funny Briana but today is not the day to be arguing lets make this a wonderful day

   "Why do you guys insist on arguing today everybody looks great calm down...dang i should not have rode with you two"

 Nicki nobody is talking to you this is between me and Briana.."Wait"No Leah be quiet

 Lets just get Samantha and go to school O.K

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