Love Is Not Always Perfect

This story is going to be sexual,exciting,and suspencful
5 girls go to Palmer High where they meet 5 other boys and they fall deeply in love....then everything falls apart when the girls become pregant....


3. First Day of School

Nicki P.O.V

As we pull up to Palmer High my stomach gets all twisted up.....and i start screaming and yelling i can't do this.Knowing my friends they were all confident looking good.

  When we walked in all the boys were staring at us but this one group of boys really caught our attention.Right when we were going to up to talk to them it was to late the bell rang.I thought to myself at that very moment dang that bell is a bitch..but i headed to first period.

  Samantha P.O.V

     Walking to my first period i see him walking in my class.When i find a seat he comes and sits by me he looks over and smiles at me with his dimples and curly hair and don't forget his gorgeous eyes.I swear to god i was about to melt.Finally i got the courage to ask him his name

"Harry,Harry Styles and yours"he said.

I'm suturing S-SSSamantha Mattehew thanks for asking i say covering my smile.

Then he giggles and says don't hide your smile its cute hell your cute.Omg he thinks i'm cute.

Class is starting and i can already tell that it is going to be boring.When class start its Math i hate math ughhh.So were doing something that i can't understand.Shit i mumbledbut Harry heard me as i knew he would.So he starts helping me and he touches my thigh.At this point he says i can go over to his house to study i say ok if its ok with his parents.Then class is over and i go to my other periods.

 Mera P.O.V

  See now it 2nd period first period was boring as fuck i hope this one is better.To come to my surprise it was i seen him my crush looking so sexy with his hair and his swagg.Me being myself went up to talk to him,his name is Zanye Malik.OH my lord he not the smartest though.after class the teacher asked me if i would be his tutor.I was like hell yeah even though i didn't say that so he is coming to the library to study after lunch.


 Oh the first day of school is not over WAIT for part 2 coming in the next day or so......Become A Fan plzzz


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