Love Is Not Always Perfect

This story is going to be sexual,exciting,and suspencful
5 girls go to Palmer High where they meet 5 other boys and they fall deeply in love....then everything falls apart when the girls become pregant....


4. First Day of School Pt.2

Nicki P.O.V

  So my first day of school is OK i guess but right now im on my way to third period.I walk in the class 5 minutes late and the teacher gives me a attitude shittt she lucky i didn't tell her something........but that's besides the point.The point is i seen him.He sat by me i almost died literally.

    "Whats your name." he says

    Nicki i replied."Oh what i beatiful name." he says

   Your name is____Louis he interrupted me

    The he asked for my number.At first i was like i just meet you like WHOO wait but i said yes anyways.

  719-698-7096 did you get all that Lousi

   Yeah!Can i call you tonight Nicki

   Sure that's why i gave you my number duhhh we both laughed after that.

      Lousi P.O.V

      Damn Nicki is really pretty i have to get know her better.Maybe i should ask her out to the movies.I like a girl that has confidence and she had a lot of confidence about herself.We had a long conversation we even got in trouble for talking through the whole call period.I don't care at least i was talking to her.

     Right in the middle our conversation the the bell rang...BULLSHIT i thought but on to myself.

         Briana P.O.V

          Im so happy i have fourth period with Diamond and we got luch after im finna grub.We walked in class and saw a table with four chairs around it so we sat down hoping those two boys standing talking to the teacher would come sit next to us and they did.Right when they came to sit by us they said thier names and we said ours.One was Laim that was the one i liked and the other waas Naill the one Diamond like i could tell jus by they way the flirted the whole class period.

   Laim P.O.V

     I whisper to Naill that Briana is sexy he laughs but im serouis.I know you like Diamond don't lie.

   "I sure do" he says

     I knew it

 Diamond P.O.V

    Dang class just go interesting Naill is super cute.The teachers tells us that we will be sitting in the same spots for the rest of the year.I'm happy that means i could look at Naills face all year hahahaha that sounds wierd right.See now i have to stop talking to myself  i'm starting to go crazy.

   Nail P.O.V

     Her eyes are beautiful.The way she dresses her lips.Right when i thought of that i started singing Just They Way You Are by Bruno Mars.....Im such a dork but i really like this girl.Diamond looks really familar.Then it hit me i think she lives in my neighborhood.

   Hey Diamond do live in Plamer Way Village.

 "Yeah how do you know" she replied

    Remember 3 months ago you acciedentally bump into me while jogging.

        "OMG thats was you.....I am so sorry"she said

  No its ok

   We all exchanged numbers after that.




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