Love Is Not Always Perfect

This story is going to be sexual,exciting,and suspencful
5 girls go to Palmer High where they meet 5 other boys and they fall deeply in love....then everything falls apart when the girls become pregant....


2. Back Ground Stories

 Now before i continue with this mysterious story lets go back a few steps starting with the girls Samantha,Mera,Briana,Diamond,Nicki,and Leah

 Samantha lives in a house with a abusive brother that is kinda crazy if you ask her and her best friend which is her brother had to move away because of drama.She has a single mother that she very direspectful to because so many things have gone wrong in her life that she wants her mom to feel the way she she has been feeling for years.Now her father is completely out the picture.

 On the other hand Meras family is well put together.She has a big house,fancy cars,her mom and dad are together and she gets along with all her family member.The only problem is cutting herself on her thigh.

 Briana is the only child...oh but how she craves a little sister.Her mother is a crack but her farther is a doctor and he stills stand by her mom and trys to get her help but it doesn't work.Briana tends to miss many days of School to help around the house and to make sure her mom doesn't do anything crazy.

Diamond is bisexual and niether of her parents agree with it.So she runs away a lot to Brianas house because Brianas mom doesn't even know about her surroundings and her dad is never home.Other than that everythings good i guess.

Nicki has a ok type life.She has both parents,2 brother and everybody gets along.She has no background to talk about truley.Maybe she got in trouble only like twice but she thinks she knows everything and better than everybody.

 Leah is a lebain so she won't have many parts in the story she just gives advice on the guys will soon understand why she is really friends with the girls and learn her background very soon.It will take up a whole chapter so stay soon to unlock the mysteries behind Leah

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